Modern Day Torture –Monarch-Style Mind Control Exposed

I just filed for a protection order against the police with the courts on Wednesday October 3rd 2018, after being forced to pursue one due to a malicious campaign of harassment and stalking so severe as to amount to an abduction.  This seizure of the person occurred immediately after I presented irrefutable evidence in a series of emails to the DOJ in late March 2018 proving someone guilty of a major felony crime. 

After filing the report with the DOJ, the police once again revealed themselves to be criminals and retaliated by beginning to torture me with a non-stop slamming door that was incapacitating to the point that the distress inflicted amounted to abduction – the stalking caused complete and total incapability and immediately deprived me of conditions suitable for gainful employment. 

It was like they were trying to make me brain dead through mind numbing torture.  The police then recruited the building residents to stalk me non-stop.  It was obvious that the police were the cause – the retaliation occurred right after I proved the person guilty in the letter to the DOJ.  It appears that the DOJ then signaled to the FBI and local law enforcement to enhance the severity of the seizure of my liberty rights (although the FBI would have no doubt seen me sending the email as a result of their constant 24/7 surveillance of all my behavior).

After filing the petition for the protection order, I immediately filed a motion to withdraw the petition with intent to re-file, since I discovered through the stalking course of conduct at the courthouse that law enforcement has everyone in the courthouse including the judge and the clerks and staff attorneys in their back pocket.  

I had already known this, as stated in a previous post.  In short, they attempted to sabotage my case through fraud on the courts.  I can’t risk letting a corrupt court staff adjudicate on this matter, and had to withdraw the petition and file reports against the court staff with the relevant authorities.

Basically, the situation reduced to having the court clerk refuse to file my 'true' 155 page typed petition, claiming they did not want my case "public record" and then having her try to misrepresent my case as a couple paragraphs of chicken scratch on a court form summarizing my case.

The court system in America is obviously a complete fraud.  Be very weary of the conduct of any judge presiding over any case you have before the courts.  The government has them all in their back pocket and if it seems the judge is behaving in a prejudicial manner they most likely are so be sure to speak up.  The chances of a fair trial are slim to none in the American judicial system.

That said, it appears once again that I need to do more politicking before I can put a stop to this, and further, that I need to post more evidence onto the web servers to protect myself from possible destruction of my records.  After all, the police could falsely arrest me and separate me from my evidence to take it hostage.  I thus need to respond to try and balance the powers. 

The catalyst for the current post was a veiled communication by Karlie Kloss, one of my celebrity lookalikes who features a pattern of small moles on her face that is similar to my own.  This similarity has been shown in previous posts.  See the picture below.

Similar mole patterns have been one of the ways the government signaled stalking, and the distinctive pattern shown by me and Karlie helped prove that the government conspired to murder Prince and Avicci, with the government stalking me in the course of killing both.  See my blog post proving Prince and Avicii’s death’s homicides.  This is no joke – the U.S. government conspired to murder these people and many others.

And don't forget -- Hitler was an aspiring artist prior to rising to power...

Anyway, Karlie made a shot out in a Youtube video just yesterday -- the first in a while -- where she did a coded metaphor communication, which served as inspiration for the current post.  The coded message is in her response to the question about the status of her friendship with Taylor Swift (no need to view further).  Notice she says "Jennifer Lawrence was interested..."  That was the trigger.

These celebs are quickly becoming my muse when once upon a time it was more the other way around. . .

The reason the statements in the video are significant is because I am intended as the metaphorical equivalent of Jennifer Lawrence, and in this post I'm going to show how I came to discover this.  In the process of showing you why Jennifer Lawrence represents another one of my parallel figures in celebrity land, I'm going to prove the government guilty of inducing at least three different mass shootings  -- that of Eliot Rodger, Steve Kazmierczak, and Nikolas Cruz.

Notice the Karlie statements in the video provide the cognitive 'inducement' compelling me to write this current post.  The court house staff, on the other hand, provided the 'force' compelling me to write the current post (the extortion they commit when they tried to sabotage my case through a procedural due process breach).

This mere fact alone -- that the Karlie video had a goal-oriented function compelling me to write the post, and that this output had substance, proves that Karlie is indeed targeting me in the video, and also, that my allegations that the government induced the Eliot Rodger and Steve Kazmierczak shootings are most likely true as well.

Decoding the Video -- Why I Represent Jennifer Lawrence

As seen in the video above, notice we have Karlie (who mirrors me) speaking about her relationship with Taylor Swift (who I have already shown is being used to stalk me).  Karlie claims that “Jennifer Lawrence” wants to know about the status of their friendship.

Relevance of Taylor Swift in Karlie's Plug

So what’s going on here?  Well first, the status of Taylor and Karlie's friendship was of personal relevance to me because Karlie’s friendship with Taylor was one of the most definitive pieces evidence I had that Taylor Swift was indeed being used to make references to me in her work on apparent command of federal law enforcement or some other party within the U.S. government.  

When they had their falling out in the media, I though it may have been because of me.  I thought that Taylor might have been salty that Karlie gave me the evidence to prove that Taylor was making the references to me in her work, whether knowingly, or unknowingly through the manipulations of some party within government (although both celebs have signaled to me that they are indeed conscious). 

I also thought the friendship might have been over because they may have possibly completed their work stalking me.  It obviously appears to have been an 'arranged friendship' and I thought it was possible that they really weren't friends in the first place, but were just being friends to put on a show for me.

Many of Taylor's sex partners also appear to be prearranged, and tend to mirror back details of me and the campaign against me.  Taylor, for instance, had a brief ex-boyfriend in Lucas Till, who starred in her video for "You Belong with Me."  Quite obviously, Lucas Till was picked to star in her video for "You Belong with Me" because he resembled me in that he featured a mole behind his right jaw line.  Notice the album "Fearless" is also the album featuring the song "Hey Stephen," which no doubt refers to me (in addition to the other parallel figure she was using as a cover).  I am indeed the "Stephen" who keeps coming up in pop culture so frequently.

Taylor Swift Seducing me by Proxy with Lucas Till in the "You Belong with Me" Video.  

And the definitive proof that Lucas Till indeed represents me by proxy?  The opening clip in the "You Belong with Me" video is a reference to a scene in the movie American Beauty, which stars none other than actress Thora Birch, who is distinguished in that she features a number of small speck-like moles on her face similar to my own but in different locations.

Indirect References to Me in Link Between 'You Belong with Me' Video, American Beauty, and Actress Thora Birch...

Relevance of Jennifer Lawrence in Karlie's Plug: Another Celebrity Doppelganger

Anyway, so where does Jennifer Lawrence come into play in the above clip of Karlie?  Why does Karlie say “Jennifer Lawrence was interested…”?  

Well, like Karlie, Jennifer Lawrence is another celebrity that is intended as a metaphorical parallel to me within celebrity-land.  As with Karlie, and Lucas Till above, conspiracy is signaled by the same mole location -- Jennifer Lawrence features one behind her right jaw line, just like myself.

But there are other reason’s Jennifer Lawrence is significant.  She’s best known for her work as the lead protagonist in the Hunger Games movies.

The significance of Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games became apparent during the time I was being stalked by law enforcement after graduation with a PhD from Kent State in 2014.

You see -- the Hunger Games franchise, in which Jennifer Lawrence played lead actress, featured an assistant director named Peter Rodger, who happened to be the father of mass shooter, Eliot Rodger.

From mid-2014 to about mid-2015, I discovered links between myself, Eliot Rodger, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Hunger Games franchise, which led me to discover that the government induced the Eliot Rodger shooting.

The process of discovering that the government induced Eliot Rodger began when I noticed that Rodger tended to 'mirror' me back in some respects, which was one of the MO's the government had been using to signal their work.

My curiosity was further piqued when I learned that Rodger was the son of a movie director of a popular franchise. This was Peter Rodger, who was an assistant director of the Hunger Games movies. 

After getting suspicious my last summer in Kent in 2014, I eventually confirmed that the Rodger shooting was no doubt an inside job and that foul play was involved when I discovered the link between me and Jennifer Lawrence with respect to the mole behind her jaw line.

The above coincidence tipped me off to the fact that I was being mirrored not only by Eliot Rodger, but also in the female protagonist of the Hunger Games movies on which Rodger's father served as assistant director.

The thematic element being addressed across the various links was the concept of an 'alpha male' or 'alpha female,' which refers to a leader or highest status member of a group, and was also an intellectual topic I explored in my graduate studies.  Eliot Rodger also showed a fascination with the alpha male concept, which partially served to induce him to mass violence.

Factual Background and Two False Flag Shootings Solved

Eliot Rodger was the first mass shooter that caused me to truly suspect that the government was behind them.  At Kent State, I was victim to kidnapping with sexual motivation, continuous extortion, fraud, aggravated sexual abuse, felonious assault, trafficking in persons, stalking, and more, all under color of law, and all with sexual motivation.  The crimes are punishable by death under 18 U.S.C. 242 and 18. U.S.C. 241. 

This abuse was part of an apparent “program” I was told was being run on me in 2002 by a Kent State guidance counselor, right after she forced me through threat of false arrest into an ongoing sexual relationship with a police informant.  They tried to force me to marry her.  I rejected her.  The university then retaliated with an extortion campaign that doubled as a victim neutralization and sex trafficking program.  The program resembled the CIA’s Project Monarch and involved thought planting inducements, forced isolation, stalking, selective use of assaults and other force to find clever ways of raping people while leaving as little evidence as possible. 

The pattern was to isolate me through direct orders to avoid contact, backed by coercion, and coupled with character defamation in order abduct and sex starve me.  The school and police, through remote tracking, would then send their snitches along to make their sexual solicitations. 

The goal was to use the force of the abduction (the forced isolation and sex starvation) in order to raise the likelihood that I would sleep with any particular police snitch that was dispatched to make a sexual solicitation.  Within the context of the abduction, the police -- acting through ordinary civilians within the community policing program -- would selectively place me in duress through the more proximal use of assaults, menacing, coercion, and extortion, as needed, to induce me into sleeping with one particular girl or another.

The situation was roughly equivalent to being kidnapped in a locked basement while the captor periodically sent girls down to sleep with the captive.  The general pattern was to get me to sleep with a girl once just to try and maintain a regular sex life, then have an authority figure, the girl herself, and the police (acting through the community policing program) try to 'gross sexually impose' me into an ongoing sexual relationship with the girl in a chattel-like situation where I was to be held in servitude to her as a sex partner for however long they desired, until I was eventually released.

Introduction to Alpha Male Concept through Self-Concept Break-Down

The trafficking involved an initial self-concept break-down where they isolated and abused me with 'reject outright' treatment and sex starvation to break my self-concept down and get me to think there was something fundamentally wrong with me that needed to be corrected.  This self-concept break-down was intended to compel me to the seduction and pick-up literature in order to find ways to be more successful with women.

Through the seduction literature I was introduced to the alpha male concept and the various canned strategies men can use to posture and draw opposite sex partners.  

The alpha male concept, along with personality disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy, was actually part of a strategy to try and create a criminal predisposition from scratch by getting me to mimic the behaviors associated with this personality construct.  

The idea was to render me more vulnerable to extortion with the seduction literature the police were feeding me on the web.   They never managed to entrap me on any crimes other than minor drug use, however, which I showed no predisposition to anyway.  The police, being criminals themselves, did not care about drug use, since they were more interested in sexually exploiting me than arresting me. Arresting me on something trivial like a drug offense would have been risky since it would have compelled discovery into the sex trafficking scheme they were victimizing me with, and drugs were not the kind of crime severe or stigmatizing enough to hold me in slavery, and drugs were simply not what they were trying to get me on from the start. 

So in short, they isolated me, had me maltreated, and tried to break my self-concept down.  They then compelled me to seek a solution through the seduction literature, where they preyed upon me with thought planting inducements and fraudulent advice from gurus and other phony web-pages set up as part of the governments community policing or snitching apparatus (which they treat like a free ‘due process breach’).  By getting me to read the pick-up artist literature they had a field day feeding me inducements and fraudulent advice intended to manipulate me and get me to do one thing or the next.

First Shooting with Blatant Mirroring: Steve Kazmierczak 

In addition to the seduction and pick-up artist literature, they also fed me Nietzsche as a philosopher.  Nietzsche was a philosopher that was a point of fascination for mass shooter Steve Kazmierczak, who also appears to have been induced.  This possibility was signaled through mirroring.   Steve Kazmierczak was a graduate student in sociology, with a fascination with Nietzsche, and with the first name Steve (mine is Stephen, or ‘Steve’ Mullet).   

Steve Kazmierczak's shooting was really the first one I noticed that seemed puzzling, as if something was awry.  This was the first time I read a news story that I thought may have been targeting me specifically.  This was an early example of using mirroring to stalk me. At the time, however, I perceived it as nothing more than a strange coincidence, thinking that the implications of what I saw were impossible.  

I was wrong.  They mind control induced this guy down to the day and most likely the time he carried out the attack.  The date was Valentines Day, February 14th 2008.

Continuity with Cruz: Another Valentine's Day Massacre

Exactly ten years after the Steve Kazmierczak shooting, on February 14th 2018,  Nikolas Cruz carried out the Parkland shooting at Marjory High School.  Both, no doubt, are false flag terrorist attacks induced by the FBI, and both of them are linked to me in some respects.

The Nikolas Cruz shooting, like the Kazmierczak shooting, once again showed synchronicity with myself.  Cruz features a distinctive mole on his neck that links him to myself and other apparent Manchurian candidates, including Edward Snowden, who represents another one of my parallel figures, which is signaled not only by the distinctive mole on his neck, but also his identity as a heroic whistle-blower.

All of the above appear to be 'Monarch Slaves' (or whatever the actual program is called these days) induced into carrying out false flag operations (with the exception of Josh of course).

Kent State clearly signaled that they thought the Cruz shooting was an advertisement for the AR-15 or whatever.  While this is a plausible hypothesis, mass shootings can be exploited by any particular political party for various agendas, including various stances on gun control, and also mental health issues.

Nikolas Cruz Shooting Foreshadowed in Lilly Singh YouTube Video

Additional evidence that Parkland was a false flag is contained in a Youtube video featuring Karlie Kloss.  This video also serves to highlight the fact that this blog post was scheduled to be written long ago --

On 11/23/17, well before the Nikolas Cruz shooting, Karlie Kloss did a cameo in a Youtube video of Lilly Singh, also known as llSuperwomanll (note the reference to the Nietzschean 'Superman' or 'Overman', just as discussed in the current blog post).  In the video, Singh carries out a sketch with Karlie Kloss, and also a female featuring a mole in the same location as Nikolas Cruz and the above Manchurian candidates.

This video preceded the Cruz shooting by months and this blog post by just under a year in time.  Further, I had only recalled the Singh video below after I had added the exhibit above with the four Monarch slaves and their similar mole locations.  This synchronicity proves that the Cruz shooting, as well as the content of this blog post was pre-planned and mind control induced (and we see in the first section just how they induced me into writing it).

11/23/17 -- Karlie Kloss and Lilly Singh foreshadowing the Nikolas Cruz shooting and the current blog post in which I prove it a false flag months before the actual shooting...

Linking the Rodger Shooting to My Situation at Kent: 'Alpha Drive'

I have now proven that the Nikolas Cruz and Steve Kazmierczak (doesn't the spelling of his name resemble Nietzsche's by the way?) shootings are false flags induced by the government, and that both shootings link to me in some respects.

Now let’s get back to Rodger and further inquire into how his shooting shows pattern and continuity with my own situation as well as other features of the stalking campaign and other mass shootings.  

As mentioned, as part of the mind control program, I was forcibly compelled by law enforcement and Kent State to read the seduction literature where I was introduced the alpha male concept.  

This was no 'coincidence' that I discovered this body of literature.  It was a result of force used upon me as part of the alleged "program" the guidance counselor said I was in.  

An admission of the authorities' deliberate intention (and use of force) in exposing me to the Alpha male concept was apparent in an address at which I eventually came to reside my last year in Kent --  

In the year 2013, I was forced to relocate to a new apartment complex for my last year in town.  The street name was Alpha Drive and the address served to signal the 'Alpha Male' concept as significant.  It was during my time at Alpha Drive that Eliot Rodger, who was fascinated with the alpha male concept, carried out his attack.  The address served to highlight the string pulling the authorities will do behind the scenes to traffic ordinary civilians around the map, controlling their fortune within society.

The move to Alpha Drive occurred after I was constructively evicted from the apartment complex I had spent some 6-7 years at Kent.  They forced me to move by having me victimized on the property in a manner in which I had to move just to prove that the victimization occurred and also as a matter of principle.  My own mother, who is taking orders from law enforcement, made the suggestion to move to this particular apartment complex.  

The new apartment was on 6600 Alpha Drive and the move served to provide evidence of crime (including the death of a Kent State football player). 

I immediately knew the address was significant since Alpha Drive was blatantly meaningful, and I had explored the concept exhaustively during my time as a graduate student.

It was when I resided at Alpha Drive that I learned that Eliot Rodger had carried out his shooting.  Rodger also happened to have a fascination with the Alpha male concept.  As with Steve Kazscmierzak, aspects of Rodger, like many other mass shooters, mirrored back information about me.  In Rodger’s case, in addition to the Alpha male/Alpha drive coincidence, their were other similarities that were quite conspicuous.

Mirroring of Steve Mullet in Eliot Rodger

When I read about Elliot Rodger, I immediately noticed that he tended to have a similar biographical profile as myself, although his luck with women was far worse.  Nonetheless, he pissed and moaned about not being able to get laid, and that he was a virgin. 

Sex starvation and romantic degradation are a textbook make ‘em go postal’ strategy and Rodger’s misfortunes in this department are obviously due to him being targeted for harassment and ostracism with law enforcement’s organized stalking apparatus.  

This is someone who was forcibly isolated and treated with cruelty, for no other reason than that the police had selected him to carry out a false flag operation and he was being held in servitude to the mind control apparatus.  The torture was intended to help manipulate him to violence.

So me and Rodger were alike in that we both were abused romantically by women, with Rodger having far worse luck than myself.  

In attempt to solve his problems with women, Rodger too, attempted to find success through the pick-up artist and seduction literature.  Rodger had no luck with it.  I had success with it, but the seduction literature was actually being used to sex traffic me into a relationship with a sub-par girl by first breaking my self-concept down with abuse (felonious assault with sexual motivation) then feeding me the seduction literature as the 'cure' (fraud) in order to induce me to sexual promiscuity by getting me to go to nightclubs to try and scientifically test the ideas of the seduction  literature while getting me to drink massive amounts of alcohol to impair my ability to consent (the elaborate and diffuse 'sex trafficking' strategy).

The Police's Sextortion and Sex Trafficking Strategy

After breaking my self-concept down and replacing it with the ideas of the seduction literature, the next step in the sex trafficking campaign was to withdraw female attention around campus entirely to get me out to the nightclubs to test the ideas of the seduction literature.

Cognitive Inducement -- A Scientific Experiment and Self-Help Cure

The idea of going to the bars to experimentally test the ideas of seduction literature was one thought-plant inducement (along with many others) intended to induce me into writing a blog about my 'adventures' at the nightclubs hooking up with the female snitches by framing the work as a piece of pseudo-scientific literature.

Testing the ideas of the seduction literature scientifically is often recommended by the self-help gurus, who, following a Nietzschean philosophical perspective, advise their readers to ‘live by experiment’ and undertake a continuous process of ‘self-overcoming’ – just like the Overman, or the Nietszchean concept of the ubermenche.   Notice that Rodger was presented as a  ‘philosopher’ by the media, with his biography “My Twisted World” being referred to as a ‘manifesto.’

In the exhibit below, the reader can see that Katy Perry stalked me (and false lighted) me as early as 2008 with Nietzsche references in her song "I Kissed a Girl." As soon as I head the line "you're my experimental game," I just knew I was being targeted, but again, how could I have seriously entertained the belief that I was being stalked in the mass media without any explanation.  Nonetheless, this 'experiment' which ultimately involved the creation of a piece of amateur scientific literature was so significant a part of my life at the time that I could no doubt tell I was being targeted.

And no -- I did NOT kiss any boys either. The line at the bottom of the exhibit -- another Katy Perry lyric -- is an apparent admission that the authorities were aware all along I was fully straight.

Force Used as Part of Sextortion and Sex Trafficking Program

The above cognitive inducements corresponded with a number of different units of 'force.'  In addition to the thought plants, the police and university used extortion to blackmail me into writing about the sex encounters with the police snitches by abducting me through forced isolation and telling me that I had been institutionally classified as a homosexual (I'm fully straight) and that my sexuality was under investigation.  Additional force was also used, that I cannot disclose here, but that pretty much amounted to having a gun to my head in order to get me to do something legal, which they could use to merely make me look bad.

In addition to getting me to write about the sex encounters, the above false 'institutional classification' method was an extortion strategy intended to force me to intercourse by compelling me to try and disprove the classification by going out and hooking up indiscriminately with as many girls as possible  --  all of whom were among the select few girls from the community policing program that the police and school had authorized to 'investigate' me.

According to federal definitions, misrepresenting a sexual act as serving a "professional purpose" (in this case a police-backed 'sexuality investigation') constitutes sexual assault, and since I had been led to believe that my eventual freedom was contingent upon participating in the alleged investigation, when a girl signaled her informant status (which doubled as a veiled sexual solicitation) I was often compelled to yield to the request under the diffuse coercion that I was undergoing a legitimate investigation.  The implied promise was that my cooperation was necessary if I was to eventually be released from the program.  The whole thing, of course, was a pretext for sexually exploiting me, and what they were really doing was the color of law equivalent of Larry Nassar or Ariel Castro.

The sex blog and the self-overcoming 'experiment' described was thus an extension of the quest to disprove the bogus 'institutional classification,' which involved defaming me as a homosexual.  The blog was fully legal, with gurus like Tucker Max making their careers off the fratire genre, and even establishing court precedents defining fratire as protected speech.  I had concealed the girls identities anyway, so the only person whose privacy was being invaded was mine.

While the blog itself was legal, the force being used to get me to write it was not.  The sex blog was 'forced labor' that was extorted from me as part of the mind control program, and the female informants played an active role in its production and inducement.  The sex blog recounted a set of pre-scripted 'street theater' sexual encounters that the girls choreographed through the rigid orders they were given by law enforcement.  Giving informants instructions of this nature represents a breach of due process and a breach of law enforcement policy regulating sexual relations between informants and targets of a covert operation or investigation.

As part of the purported 'investigation,' the girls had rigid orders they were instructed to carry out (unlawful restraint), all of which they forced on me against my own agency through the built-in coercion of their informant status, which was often signaled non-verbally with cues tipping me off to the fact that any single girl was a snitch.  Not only was overwhelming force being used to get me into the encounters with the girls in the first place (kidnapping, stalking, extortion, felonious assault), but in most encounters the girls used coercion-level force (and in some cases physical assault and battery) on me during the actual encounters to get their way, and manipulate me physically one way or the next to carry out the pre-scripted street theater encounters in violation of my right to bodily integrity.

The result was that I was victim to a count of aggravated sexual assault within each encounter where the informants were given commands to carry out.  The issuance of such commands to the informants eliminated the 'liberty' inherent in a free-exchange relationship between two actors within a dyadic transactional encounter.  The result was that the orders caused the encounters to be one-sided and subjected me to an oppressive downward force that breached Ohio law, since the orders the girls carried out resulted in me being victim to "constraint physically exerted," which violated the statutory definition of force under Ohio law.

Eliot Rodger and the True Alpha Male

As seen above, the pick-up artist and seduction literature played a central role in my trafficking within the mind control program that was being run upon me, which Kent State officials and law enforcement had been using to seize me and distribute me as a sexual commodity at their institution.

Elliot Rodger too, found his way to the seduction literature, which appears to have partially served to induce him to mass violence through the 'alpha male' concept, an idea the gurus have exploited to sow insecurity in men, and which the police have exploited in ways intended to manipulate men into becoming more aggressive and more criminal.

Rodger had been fascinated with the alpha male concept, which he learned about through his attempt to find success with women through the pick-up artist literature.  After failing to find success with women despite his use of the pickup artist literature, Rodger turned to a mass shooting to prove himself the alpha male.   

Rodger, in fact, prior to the shooting, is reported to have said:

"I'll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you.  You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one.  The true Alpha Male"

It was with the Rodger shooting towards the end of my graduate school years, that I had officially concluded that there was something significant about the shootings and that it related to me.  After graduating in August 2014, I returned home after completion of my degree program.  

Upon returning home, I was further sensitized to stalking in the mass media by a round of news stories featuring Kent State, including one that featured the DOJ (which signaled Kent State and the U.S. government's joint complicity in persecuting me), that were part of the mind control program being run.  

These news stories included an intimidation incident involving the death of a Kent State football player, who I later confirmed to have been murdered.  The implied message was – ‘if we killed this innocent person, why should we care about your plight?’

Eventually, I soon began inquiring further into my victimization.  I searched through all the murky disinformation within the gang stalking literature, hoping I would find some clue as to the meaning and purpose behind the suffering and what my captors plans were for me. 

This is when I discovered a gang stalking target named Matt Barasch who had done an interview on Dr. Phil.  This stalking target claimed he believed he was being forced to partake in some sort of program that he claimed was something like “Hunger Games.”

The comment struck me as significant, because I immediately made a link back to Rodger’s shooting when I was at Kent, and the fact that his father was an assistant Hunger Games Director.

I had never seen Hunger Games, but saw that it was available On Demand through the cable service my parents had bought just so I could participate in the stalking program, which also involved watching soft-core pornography on television (where I eventually discovered I was being stalked by porn stars as well).

After observing the Hunger Games plug on Dr. Phil, I quickly inquired into Hunger Games to follow-up on what seemed like a lead in solving the mystery.  

I searched for Hunger Games on On Demand, and watched the opening scene.  What did I observe?  The lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence features a mole behind her right jaw line in the same location as my own. 

This coincidence -- no doubt deliberately manufactured to stalk me -- was a tip off that I was also in a program like Hunger Games.   The coincidence suggested that I was in some sort of competitive survival match.  The fact that I mirrored Jennifer Lawrence, the lead female protagonist of the actual Hunger Games movies, was comforting.  The fact that she is the protagonist and resembled myself in some way suggested that I would win the real life Hunger Games, that is, whatever ‘survival match’ was at play.  The goal appeared to be to not go postal like Rodger, and then I could survive.

The fact that I resembled Jennifer Lawrence suggested that the coded message was that Elliot Rodger died to show the world the True Alpha Male -- and that this was me, the person who resembled the Alpha Female of Hunger Games, which was directed by Eliot Rodger’s father.   Talk about a conflict of interest on part of Peter Rodger!

More Mirroring in Elliot Rodger 

After observing the link to me and Jennifer Lawrence, more synchronicities linking me to Rodger became apparent --

One might notice that Elliot Rodger was frequently pictured in his car.  

Eventually, as I was partaking in the mind control program, I began being transported out of my house each day onto the road in order to be stalked on the road with Vanity Plates by the FBI.  

I was transported out of the house every day through a pattern of virtual 24/7 following, nuisance offending, menacing, and assault.  This went on for months at a time, day after day, for nearly 5-17 hours a day on many occasions.  

Forcing my compliance with the mind control program was my older brother, who was also victim to police misconduct.  Law enforcement was clearly commanding him to force my cooperation with the mind control program. 

I don’t know how they got Rodger on the road, but here’s how the police got me out driving around in my car all the time --

Notice the abuse is entirely instrumental, and you can tell its ‘street theater’ domestic violence.  Notice I accuse him of exactly what he’s been doing, and he confirms it by immediately threatening me to prove he’s stalking me, in apparent agreement to my accusation.   

The abuse involved force, it was stalking, it was restraining, and impossible to escape, but it was being done largely for instrumental purposes to force my compliance with the mind control program.  There’s more evidence than this that the police are behind the violence, and more evidence confirming the existence of a virtual '24/7' seizure of the person by harassment, but the above should suffice for the purposes of this blog post.  While the reader can see that physical assaults were used, these were administered sparingly to force compliance with the mere 'threat of force' of the stalking, in order to force my compliance with the mind control program.  The predominant pattern was thus 'no touch torture' all done through repeated following, menacing, threats, verbal abuse, nuisance offending, and other offenses.

Vanity Plate Stalking: Thought Plant Inducements by FBI on the Road

After being forced out of the house by the domestic stalking, I was stalked on the road with vanity plates and I managed to capture over two hundred different vanity plate photos.  The plates appear to serve a mind control, or thought planting function.  All these vanity plates appear to be traceable to the FBI, most likely their extensive community policing program or snitching apparatus.

It really isn't 'counterterrorism,' but 'creation of terrorism' ...

I was forced out of the house each day, and spent hours and hours on the road observing these plates, and receiving the ‘mind control’ treatment they were administering.  I collected over two hundred vanity plate photos.

Here are some examples of the types of messages they were trying to plant in my head.

Here's one referring to the concept of the Alpha Male --

Of course, I look like a stereotyped Alpha Male type in many respects, which suggests the violence is envy motivated on part of law enforcement who are maliciously trying to spoil my life.

Here's some more examples of the thoughts they were trying to get to pass through my mind.  An attempt to code God into a number --

More religious imagery in the image I made for my song Cloud 9, which was mind control induced, and appears to be an application of the ideas in my Master's thesis on duality, a philosophical concept that was big in pop culture at the time --

And here's an idea suggesting that this 'hybrid' will win --

And more seduction using Taylor Swift --

Situation Escalates: On Verge of Economic Devastation

After draining me of all my financial resources by forcing me to drive around town all day burning up gasoline and making expenditures I eventually reported my older brother to the police.  

The police responded by trying to kidnap me by harassing me in the police encounters.  They appear to have been trying to get me to assault a police officer, or show enough aggression that they could accuse me of such. 

One cop tried to anger me by refusing to intervene in an abduction situation and telling me that he didn’t think I had the right to earn my own living and refused to put a stop to the violence.  

Another cop lied through his teeth about the law, and tried to pass all the abuse off as a ‘landlord-tenant’ issue and claimed I didn’t have the right to be free of crime because it was my parents' property.  This was another variant on the implied kidnapping threat --  he threatened to keep the abuse, which was causing complete and total functional incapacity, occurring to try and provoke me to aggression in hopes that he could induce cause for arrest.
The weight of the due process breach was enormous – felony level stalking, kidnapping, felonious assault, robbery, torture, fraud, intimidation, extortion, and more, and the police acted like they could use this kind of force to entrap me.  And somehow, all the force they were using was free, all because they were sexually jealous and guilty of over 1500 counts of sexual assault within the context of a 15 year long kidnapping, and their crimes were so severe as to make me a 'national security' risk.

They tried several times to get me to assault police officers, and failed.  They even tried to have some cops intimidate me in a public park at night in apparent attempt to compel a sudden jerky motion when it was dark out and hard to see in apparent attempt compel an excuse to shoot me.  

The police further stalked me around town, popping out of corners at the most inopportune moments, trying to startle me, and acting like they were trying to provoke an excuse to shoot me or arrest me.

The circumstances suggest that if they had managed successfully entrap me on assaulting a police officer they were planning to bust me, and then pretend absolutely no force was used, as if I was acting in a vacuum (that is, Breach the Brady Rule and exclude all exculpatory evidence).   

This is obviously what’s being done when many of the shooters are being put on trial.

Abducted by Police, Forced onto Welfare; Torture Resumes...

Eventually, after spending two years at home with my liberty being tightly restrained by continuous stalking in close quarters, I was abducted by the police (no criminal charges) and forced onto the welfare system, earning cash value of some 13k per year in welfare dollars – roughly the same as I was earning as a graduate assistant.  

I was transported to downtown Cleveland, just at the perimeter of downtown, to live in a public housing complex.  I tried to recover and gain employment, but they then seized me with stalking in my current building, which followed the same pattern as at my parent’s house.  

While the violence is less severe, the goal is to subject me to virtual '24/7' constant harassment and torture administered by building residents and management from a community policing framework. 

The goal is to abduct me by continuous stalking by forcing unwanted contact and communications and torturing me with constant alarming noises to the point that I remain fully seized by the harassment.  

I now have to wear earplugs just like at my parents house years earlier.  Further, just like at my parents house, I now have to stay awake during the nighttime and sleep during the day on most occasions just to be able to get anything productive accomplished.  This, of course, unfortunately makes it impossible to maintain a conventional 9 to 5 employment schedule.

Here are some snippets of the harassment I’m being subjected to at my apartment complex in downtown Cleveland.

The first is a slamming door that was caused by deliberately adjusting a mechanism in the door to cause it to slam.  I was tortured upwards of 4 to 17 hours per day, doing nothing but getting clobbered with a slamming door.

The next pattern of harassment involved near 24/7 stalking, or mobbing behavior intended to restrain me in my liberty through constant disruptions.  Notice the same 'nuisance' offending pattern seen at my parents house is repeated at my current apartment complex.  I'm being tortured to the point that I am kidnapped.

And of course, the Cleveland Police show the same pattern when they respond to my complaints as did South Euclid.  They say some variation on ‘we can’t do anything’ and try to pass it off as all a ‘landlord tenant’ matter even though it is deliberate, intentional, and criminal. 

They also try to provoke me to aggression with lies, failure to intervene, and by acting like they are trying to arrest me, and by degrading me by acting like crime against me is free.  The police, of course, are behind the harassment and that’s why they aren’t doing anything.  The police are animals.

One pattern of police harassment is extremely disturbing.  Every now and again they launch a major stalking attack of such great severity that it compels a 911 call or a call to the police station.  I tell the police they need to apprehend the offender.  They refuse to apprehend the offender and then insist on having to show up and talk to me.  I tell them I don’t want any contact and they force me to let them show up and talk to them anyway.  They then show up and extort, harass, and gaslight me trying to run inducement attempts like they’re trying to get me to assault them so they can violently maim, injure, or shoot me. 

It’s like they say to building management – ‘torture the Mullet guy today so I can make an attempt to kidnap, assault or murder him.’  They then start slamming the door violently then having people mob me by surrounding my room forcing me to listen to their conversations outside my door, causing alarm when I try to work, and prevent me from sleeping.  I pretty much just sit there being seized in my person through unwanted contact and nuisance offending.  Again, it's seriously like they're trying to turn me brain dead from constant alarm to interrupt my thoughts all day when I try to focus.  This really does looks like genocide.  


These animals deserve criminal prosecution.  It’s time that law enforcement be held accountable for their misconduct in society.   They are behind the Eliot Rodger shooting, the Steve Kazmierczak shooting, the Nikolas Cruz shooting, and many others. The police are guilty big time.   More evidence of government induced mass shootings to come.

‘Till next time…

Just to re-confirm – I really do pose no threat.  I own no weapons, am not a 'gun person', and have no desire to acquire a weapon. The police are criminals.  I am exposing the FBI and law enforcement as a pack of terrorists as I pursue my own liberation.  The police are animals that went ‘state of nature’ on me because they’re jealous and thought they had the right to throw the rules out the window and pick a competitive match with an ordinary civilian.  They lost this match.  I'm the true Alpha Male.

Notice the pattern and continuity between the Snowden/Cruz pattern with the previous mole pattern identified in my post 'Washington Ties..."  The interesting point to note is that the patterns suggest that selection into roles based on mole location may have preceded Mullet (born 1984) in time, with Rosemary LaBiancha and Ted Bundy featuring moles in their respective locations well before Mullet was born, and they further appear to have been selected for false flag attacks.  Another interesting point to note is that, across the eight photos, the 'non-deviant' actor (Mnuchin and Hartnett) breaks the pattern in that the mole is on the opposite side of the body as the other persons.  This is no coincidence but the product of careful design -- and it ain't God.  It's the government.

Another innuendo admission of covert stalking.  As you can see it says 'J lays down the Law', which appears a reference to all the legal citations in the current post.  Of course, J Law once again appears a metaphorical parallel to myself.


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