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The Local Music Scene: Quickly Becoming One Big Circus?

So I've been fascinated by this DVD documentary, called Working Class Rockstar .   They make some interesting points about the state of the contemporary music scene/industry. In the clip below Frank Marino is talking about how it always used to be that live music events would be referred to as "concerts" but now they are referred to as "shows".   Apparently, the quality of the music has deteriorated so much that it is no longer about the art, rather image has taken over. It just got me thinking about how these days it seems I never go to a local music show just for the music -- rather, something else seems to draw me out to these events.   The typical event featuring small local artists tends to follow this formula: A large number of acts featured on a single bill, often ranging from 5 to 9; necessary to maximize revenue for venue.   None of the acts present originality to any real degree; current trends reproduced in caricatured form. Ba