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Cloud 9

It has been a while since I last recorded and posted a track, but I am back with what I feel is my finest cut yet. Once again a diversity of influences come together to create a delightful musical experience, that has no precedent on the modern rock guitar. Cloud 9 sees a blend of my trademark classically influenced guitar style with the heavy bottom end of nu metal, the melodicism of Gothenburg death metal scene, the stately drum beats of Lady Gaga, all topped off with blazing shred guitar licks. The song traverses a number of musical modes including the Mixolydian, Phrygian and Ionian modes. Compared to earlier tunes, Club Shred and Into the Night, Cloud 9 showcases the legato technique. After some dreamy atmospheric lines at 3:09, the listener is smashed upside the head with some ripping arpeggios and Final Fantasy-esque melodies, which culminate in a descending scalar passage, splitting at 3:44 into a descending chromatic scale harmonized in diminished intervals.