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Digital Voice Recorders: A Must Have Tool for Any Musician

In the first post that really drew some views on this little blog here I run I discussed the drum machine as a must have piece of gear for any guitar player -- serious or otherwise.   I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefitted from having my little $180 drum machine.   The gains in skill that I’ve acquired just through playing along to the Alesis SR-18 on a regular basis have merited every penny of the purchase.   It’s just one of those devices that pays for itself.   In the spirit of this original gear-related post, I’m here today to talk about another nifty little invention that I’ve found to be indispensible to my musical career in so many respects over the years – my digital voice recorder.   It’s one of those “capital goods” – that is, one of those items that serve as a means of production .   Not a mere item to be consumed for personal pleasure, but one that facilitates the acquisition of more pleasure. My voice recorder is the Olympus WS-110.   I purchased it for a