Chops from Hell?

As some of my readers may be aware, for these past three years I have been undergoing a transformation of sorts, intended to turn me into one of the "best alternate pickers in the world."  

The following video represents a snapshot of my progress thus far.

The transformation has involved correcting a muscular-skeletal disalignment problem that I have suffered from nearly my entire life.  

The process has entailed having me to play guitar in a ways that work the muscles in my shoulder, hip, and upper back, in order to force my body into alignment.

With each incremental improvement in physiological symmetry, I became a little better at guitar.  

The goal is to achieve full physiological equilibrium, and ultimately, become one of the best alternate pickers in the world.

The progress shown in the above video does not reflect the final results of the process.  There is still some residual overall tension, the left hand pinky needs to stay closer to the finger board, and there is too much motion in the right hand.  

Expect the final product to correct for these deficiencies.

I will be sure to post the results when the time comes.

'Till next time.


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