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Drum Machine Jams

I have posted a demo of some of the new tunes I’m working on.

The first tune consists mainly of guitar improvisation over a backing track.  I intend to turn this into something more structured, but plan to try and keep the sense of improvised spontaneity on the final track.  The solo mid-way is a good approximation of the final product, and the lick played after the solo section I'm 90 percent sure will be the chorus.  Other than than that, the contents of this little guitar blurb remain highly tentative. 

The second tune is easily the more developed of the two tracks.  This tune is tentatively called "Black Swan" (named after Villa-Lobos's "Song of the Black Swan" or whatever it's called).  The slightly odd sounding verse riff is likely to change in the final recording.  I think I pushed the boundaries of weird a little too far and plan to change the verse lick to a more conventional sounding melody.  The pre-chorus, which consists of an arpeggiated c…