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Celebrity Stalking Vol. 1: Taylor Swift

As mentioned in previous posts, the stalking campaign to which I have been victim has involved the participation of a large number of celebrities.  These celebrities appear to be involved in the government’s mind control apparatus, consistent with much of the literature on the CIA's Project Monarch. This extortion racket , mind control apparatus, or gang stalking apparatus, operates under the euphemism of a " community oriented policing program " (COPS) and is in reality a societal-wide unconstitutional social control program that seeks to unify all sectors of society, including media, private businesses, ordinary civilians, public organizations, interest groups, and more into a single faction representing the 'state.' The goal of the COPS program is to oppress the population through the widespread and all-pervasive practice of mass extortion , operating under the guise of covert investigations or 'entrapment,' but in reality throwing the rules out the

Avril Lavigne and EMF Weapons

In my first conspiracy blog post, I prove that Kent State football player Jason Bistko was murdered remotely using satellite dish weapons.  I proved the murder by identifying a pattern of conduct attributable to the U.S. government through which a conspiratorial agreement could be inferred. The markers of conspiracy were evident in Bitsko’s jersey numbers -- #66 and #54 – which had clear symbolic meaning.  In addition to the jersey numbers, Bitsko’s death occurred on 8/20 /14, which also had clear symbolic meaning, referring to the Pareto theorem, or ‘80:20’ rule.     The date 8/20 was also significant in that it showed pattern and continuity with the death of Dimebag Darrell (who was born on 8/20/66) and the events in the stalking campaign to which I was victim during my time as a student at Kent State University. In the current post, I further elaborate on why 8/20 was a significant date for me.    If you have read my post on Bitsko’s death, you may recall that I menti