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Celebrity Stalking Vol. 2: The Murder of Skylar Davies

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted last--    My most recent post, 'False Flag Terror...', published on December 31 st 2019, documents most of the significant events in the gang stalking campaign against me spanning the years 2002 through 2018.   It summarizes how I came to discover that the U.S. government routinely practices extrajudicial homicide and false flag terrorism on the civilian population.   The content in 'False Flag Terror...' traces all the way back to 2002 when I started college and was informed by a university guidance counselor that I had been selected for trafficking in an unspecified government program, right after she coerced me into an extended sexual relationship with a female police informant with a demonstrable threat of false arrest (among other threats). I went on to be brutally harassed and tortured for some 12 years at my university, eventually facing vicious retaliation in mid-2012 by law enforcement after I rejected sexual a