PROOF: U.S. Government Murdered Avicii and Prince

After a short break, I’m back with another post.  I’ll be brief this time.  The Feds recently leveled a major attack at me that obstructed me while I was in the process of working on my legal complaint to submit to the FBI to get the ball rolling on litigating the government and Kent State University for their long pattern of harassment.  I am running lower and lower on energy as a result of their attempts to silence me. As for the current post, I’m here to present some evidence confirming that the U.S. government conspired to murder the pop stars Prince and Avicii. I was planning to write this post on celebrity stalking as a continuation of my previous post, but today I discovered conclusive proof confirming that both Avicii and Prince were murdered by the U.S. government. I had already known that both of them were murdered but did not have enough proof to formally advance the hypothesis. The evidence is extraordinary. Be sure to fully read and appreciate this post. It wi

Celebrity Stalking Vol. 1: Taylor Swift

As mentioned in previous posts, the stalking campaign to which I have been victim has involved the participation of a large number of celebrities.  These celebrities appear to be involved in the government’s mind control apparatus, consistent with much of the literature on the CIA's Project Monarch. This extortion racket , mind control apparatus, or gang stalking apparatus, operates under the euphemism of a " community oriented policing program " (COPS) and is in reality a societal-wide unconstitutional social control program that seeks to unify all sectors of society, including media, private businesses, ordinary civilians, public organizations, interest groups, and more into a single faction representing the 'state.' The goal of the COPS program is to oppress the population through the widespread and all-pervasive practice of mass extortion , operating under the guise of covert investigations or 'entrapment,' but in reality throwing the rules out the

Avril Lavigne and EMF Weapons

In my first conspiracy blog post, I prove that Kent State football player Jason Bistko was murdered remotely using satellite dish weapons.  I proved the murder by identifying a pattern of conduct attributable to the U.S. government through which a conspiratorial agreement could be inferred. The markers of conspiracy were evident in Bitsko’s jersey numbers -- #66 and #54 – which had clear symbolic meaning.  In addition to the jersey numbers, Bitsko’s death occurred on 8/20 /14, which also had clear symbolic meaning, referring to the Pareto theorem, or ‘80:20’ rule.     The date 8/20 was also significant in that it showed pattern and continuity with the death of Dimebag Darrell (who was born on 8/20/66) and the events in the stalking campaign to which I was victim during my time as a student at Kent State University. In the current post, I further elaborate on why 8/20 was a significant date for me.    If you have read my post on Bitsko’s death, you may recall that I menti