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Modern Day Torture –Monarch-Style Mind Control Exposed

I just filed for a protection order against the police with the courts on Wednesday October 3rd 2018, after being forced to pursue one due to a malicious campaign of harassment and stalking so severe as to amount to an abduction.This seizure of the person occurred immediately after I presented irrefutable evidence in a series of emails to the DOJ in late March 2018 proving someone guilty of a major felony crime.
After filing the report with the DOJ, the police once again revealed themselves to be criminals and retaliated by beginning to torture me with a non-stop slamming door that was incapacitating to the point that the distress inflicted amounted to abduction – the stalking caused complete and total incapability and immediately deprived me of conditions suitable for gainful employment.
It was like they were trying to make me brain dead through mind numbing torture.The police then recruited the building residents to stalk me non-stop.It was obvious that the police were the cause – …