On the Road: Vanity Plate Stalking in Northeast Ohio

If there were still any doubt as to the veracity of my allegations of being stalked by the FBI on command of the U.S. government, any remaining skepticism should be laid to rest with this current post where I prove I was stalked on the road with vanity plates traceable to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. In my previous three posts, I’ve demonstrated a pattern of mass media stalking by the U.S. government that has involved the use of mirroring , the symbolic manipulation of numbers , and the referencing of personal information, social media content , and other life circumstances in order to plant thoughts in my head and take credit for a great deal of events reported on in the mass media. Aside from a select few instances when the deliberate involvement of the U.S. government was signaled (e.g., the DOJ’s $145k ruling in the Kent State emotional distress dog case, the criminal prosecution of Sam Mullet ), other than my testimony, the idea that the government

Washington Ties: Doppelgangers on Capitol Hill

My previous two posts dealt with bare bones crime solving using a numerical form of communication that I have termed here as the “Illuminati Code,” which the U.S. government has been using to signal their manipulations within society.   Over the past few posts, using the Illuminati Code, I have presented an abundance of circumstantial evidence suggesting that the U.S. government conspired to murder Kent State football player Jason Bitsko, drummer Nick Menza , and guitarist Dimebag Darrell.     To a lesser extent I have presented suggestive evidence that the government is implicated in the deaths of actor Heath Ledger , and rocker Tom Petty .   That’s a lot of crime solving for no pay, and when I say I’m solving crime, I do not mean that I’ve provided a few spooky coincidences for you to have a stoner moment with.   I mean, quite literally, by a preponderance of evidence, more likely than not, the U.S. Government, acting through law enforcement, killed these people with