On the Road: Vanity Plate Stalking in Northeast Ohio

If there were still any doubt as to the veracity of my allegations of being stalked by the FBI on command of the U.S. government, any remaining skepticism should be laid to rest with this current post where I prove I was stalked on the road with vanity plates traceable to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

In my previous three posts, I’ve demonstrated a pattern of mass media stalking by the U.S. government that has involved the use of mirroring, the symbolic manipulation of numbers, and the referencing of personal information, social media content, and other life circumstances in order to plant thoughts in my head and take credit for a great deal of events reported on in the mass media.

Aside from a select few instances when the deliberate involvement of the U.S. government was signaled (e.g., the DOJ’s $145k ruling in the Kent State emotional distress dog case, the criminal prosecution of Sam Mullet), other than my testimony, the idea that the government was behind the phenomena in question is still largely inferential. 

In the current post, I’m going to provide some clear-cut direct evidence that conclusively proves that the U.S. government is behind the stalking campaign, and that further links the government to the homicides alleged in the previous posts, particularly, that of Jason Bitsko (and by extension all the other deaths, such as that of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell that have been linked to this death by pattern).

Proof of Government Involvement: Vanity Plate Stalking

Clear involvement of the FBI is evident in a campaign of stalking on the road with vanity plates I was subjected to about one year after returning home from college in August 2014. 

The vanity plates appear to have served a thought planting function as part of the purported experimental procedure intended to cure me of a felonious assault injury law enforcement caused me through the use of a female snitch.

The vanity plate stalking campaign proves aspects of organized stalking that leads many victims to be accused of being delusional: namely, that they are being remotely tracked by law enforcement and being followed by massive amounts of stalkers in real time (and if they can do it on the road then they can most certainly do it on foot as well). 

The vanity plate stalking campaign also proves that law enforcement is in control of a highly extensive and all-pervasive snitching system -- namely, the 'community oriented policing' (or, COPS) program -- that involves the cooperation of hundreds of thousands of civilians or more, giving the police complete and total ability to surveil the population on the ground (in addition to the other surveillance methods, e.g., wire-tapping, surveillance cameras, credit card tracking, and web tracking).

The current post provides highly convincing proof for these extraordinary claims by presenting a collection of photos of vanity plates I took while being trafficked in a mind control program resembling some mix between the FBI's Cointelpro and the CIA's Project Monarch and Mk Ultra programs.   

I provide evidence that the plates are targeting me specifically by making comparisons between the content of the vanity plates and my own personal information, and also by linking the plates to stalking in the mass media.  Keep in mind that my most conclusive pieces of evidence I cannot even show you on the internet for privacy reasons.

The links between the mass media stalking and the FBI’s vanity plate stalking suggest that the U.S. government is indeed responsible for the mass media references.  It appears that, as seen in the movie Josie and the Pussycats, the FBI, through the COPS program, is using the entertainment industry for mind control and racketeering purposes – as a means to plant thoughts in the minds of civilians and to commit mass fraud and extortion against the populace.

Factual Background:

After returning home from college in August 2014, I was re-patterned into compliance with a stalking procedure intended to cure me of a felonious assault injury that Kent Sate and law enforcement inflicted upon me with their police informant with whom they forced me into a four year long sexual relationship.

Re-patterning me into compliance with the stalking cure in my home town involved sensitizing me to the mass media with an immediate round of news stories featuring Kent State in the news upon my return home in August 2014.

Showing a high level of coordination across municipal boundaries, the local police in my home town also picked up where Kent State left off, and began stalking me on the road, at local businesses, and within my own household.  

My family had also been recruited and law enforcement used my older brother to force my compliance with the stalking procedure, which involved forcing me out of the house with domestic violence each morning.  After having been abducted and forced onto the road, I would then drive around town observing a campaign of street theater and vanity plate stalking organized by law enforcement at various establishments, in public parks, and on the road.

Proof that the FBI is behind the vanity plate stalking is evident in an admission below, in which the FBI field office changed their web icon to read, “FBI Garage.”

This “FBI Garage” image was posted in the Google search results for the FBI Cleveland Field Office at some point into the vanity plate stalking campaign.  It appears that with the FBI Garage image they were trying to reduce call volume about the plates from alarmed citizens and to also provide an admission that the FBI was responsible for the plates.  

Notice the cartoon agent’s badge says: “we are watching you,” suggesting that the FBI is admitting that the plates were part of their (snitching) surveillance system.  They also describe it as “counterterrorism surveillance” stemming from "activism."

The Plates:

Through the course of being stalked with the plates, I managed to photograph more than 176 plates, with the 176 being just the plates I had time to sift through and tabulate (there are many more). 

As stated above, it is clear that the plates are targeting me: 

First, proof that the plates are targeting me is evident in the fact that I was told at Kent State that I was undergoing the stalking cure procedure (which doubled as a victim neutralization campaign). 

Second, proof that the plates are targeting me is evident in the fact that my older brother’s behavior showed continuity with the situation at Kent, and served to re-pattern me into compliance with the stalking procedure law enforcement was running, which involved forcing me out onto the road each morning to view the plates.

Third, the rate at which I observed the plates suggests I was being swarmed on the road by stalkers and was being remotely tracked in real time by the government.  On the date 9/10/15, for instance, I have photographs timed minutes apart, and this is just the few vanity plates that I was able to photograph (see exhibit below).  I observed numerous plates in front of me, behind me, coming from opposite directions, but I was only able to take photos when stopped at red lights on the road.  I was literally being swarmed.

The shear number of stalkers the FBI was able to mobilize was uncanny and suggestive of a highly extensive and coordinated snitching system (and if they could do this on the road, then certainly they could do this on foot as well).

Coded Messages and References in the Plates:

The plates were obviously intended as coded messages, and the FBI makes an admission of this fact with a number of different plates that contain what appears to be coded messages.

As one can see, the plates contain an assortment of letter and number combinations, such as “R 200 K” and “V 7 B” which ostensibly appear to be coded messages.  

Additional proof that the plates are targeting me is evident in the content of the plates themselves, which make reference to myself and circumstances and events of the stalking campaign.

In the plate below, for instance, we a see a direct reference to my name in the diminutive, with a plate that reads “4 STEVI.”

In the three plates pictured below we see additional evidence that the plates are targeting me.  We see references, for instance, to my birthday on 4/30 in the plates. 

On the far left, we see one that reads “NON 4030” which roughly translates into “no happy birthday.”  In the middle we see one that reads “43 DF” with the 43 being a reference to my birthday on 4/30.  The plate translates into 43 ‘degrees of freedom’ (in reference to the statistical concept). 

References to Mass Shootings and Personal Information

Now let's take a moment to have a look at the plate on the far right.  The plate reads “SM617.”  Notice we see a reference to my initials, “SM,” for Stephen Mullet.  Now notice the number on the plate “617.”  This number immediately struck me as significant.  The date 6/17/15 was the date of the Dylann Roof shooting at the Methodist  Church, which I had by this point established as a false flag.

I have confirmed that the Dylann Roof’s massacre could have only been induced by the government.  The date of the shooting was significant: it’s the date of my older brother’s birthday on 6/17.  Further, Dylann Roof had a middle name that was significant.  His middle name is reported to have been “Storm,” an odd name, which also happened to be the name of my older brother’s childhood cat.  Lastly, Dylann Roof physically resembles my older brother in his formative years when he featured moppy blonde hair and a long face.

Further rendering the coincidences impossible to have occurred by chance is Roof's birthday on 4/03/94, which mirrors my birthday on 4/30/84.  Quite obviously Roof is intended mirror me and my older brother in certain respects.

The length of time between my older brother’s birthday on 6/17/82 and the Roof shooting on 6/17/15 is exactly 33 years.  Roof was charged and convicted on 33 counts of hate crime.  The number 33 was also a significant number, which we had assigned to refer to God (if 2/3=.666, and 666 = the Devil, then the remaining 1/3, or .333 must refer to God).

The circumstances (particularly the middle name “Storm”) suggest that Roof was selected at birth to carry out the false flag, with the mother possibly having contracted with the government to bare a child for slavery.  The child was then named “Storm” at birth to create the synchronicity with my older brother’s cat.  Roof was then raised for the slaughter and groomed for the eventual massacre.

Notice at the trial, where her son was ultimately sentenced to death, Roof’s mother had a heart attack.  Doesn’t this seem a little... theatrical?  Right.  They appear to have induced a heart attack with a satellite dish at the trial to let her know that she was hardly innocent and that they could sentence her to death too right then and there for the same crime if they wanted.  They did a little street theater at the trial. 

Notice they were able to control the date Roof carried out the shooting (6/17/15) to manufacture the synchronicity with my brother’s birthday.  I have evidence that also suggests they were able to control the body count, which was 9 deaths.  These synchronicities, as we will see in future posts, evince a sophistication and determinism to the mind control that suggests these methods are highly developed.

An additional vanity plate reference to Roof is evident in a plate on the left that reads “STORM6” an apparent reference to Roof’s middle name and my older brother’s childhood cat.

I have even more evidence than this that the Roof shooting was a mind control induced shooting, however, this shooting warrants its own post, in which I will go into full detail on the evidence that the Roof shooting was a false flag.

More Death Reference in the Plates: The Government Takes Credit for their own Murders

The government takes credit for additional deaths in the vanity plates.  If you read my post on the death of Jason Bitsko you may recall that the number 8/20 was a significant number in the stalking campaign in a number of ways, including being the day Bitsko died.  When being stalked by the vanity plates, the police affirmed the significance of 8/20 by making references to the date in some of the plates.

If you notice, the plate above that appears to read “RR8200” has an apparent police, or sheriff insignia on it, suggesting that the police are admitting to being behind the events linked to 8/20.  Of course, the second plate, reading "820YPQ" confirms that the 8/20 references are no fluke -- the government really is attaching some significance to this number.

And speaking of 8/20 -- this number appears to refer to a mathematical concept known as the Pareto Theorem, or 80:20 rule, which was taught to me by none other than the beautiful Miranda Kerr (and I have numerous other examples of supermodels being used to make references to me).

And Miranda Kerr and the U.S. Government confirms 8/20 as a significant number in the campaign...

More References to Personal Information: M.A. Thesis

Moving on, an additional plate reading “HYBRID 1” makes reference to my academic work, particularly my M.A. thesis, as well as a piece of artwork I was mind controlled into producing for my song Cloud 9.  

The Cloud 9 image appears to be an application of the ideas in my Master’s Thesis, which describes a chameleon-like personality construct that unifies opposite qualities (e.g., good and evil, God and Satan, introversion and extroversion) in order to fluidly adapt to the needs of the immediate social situation and achieve optimal interpersonal functioning (in theory). This ‘unity of opposites’ reflects a ‘hybrid,’ which is reflected in the Cloud 9 image, and the plate below.

Numerically, the unity of opposite qualities -- or the 'hybrid' -- as described in my M.A. Thesis (which itself is the product of thought planting) is represented by the number 999 and the Cloud 9 image. 

The concept of a 'hybrid' person, or the embodiment of Christ and the Devil in one person, was a belief that inspired followers of Charles Manson to worship him like a God-like deity.  The Manson coincidence suggests that the dual personality construct described in my thesis has been a long-running subject of fascination within the Illuminati lore.

References to Pop Culture: An Admission of My Trafficking Victimization 

Following on the 'hybrid' plate above, the concept of duality, which was the subject of my M.A. thesis, was also present in pop culture around the time the thesis was written.  It can, for instance, be seen in the content of the lyrics for Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ and Slipknot's ‘Duality.’

The number 999 (and the dualist notions it represented) was so significant in the stalking campaign that the concept received a game named after it: 999 – Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.  

The game also received a corresponding vanity plate --

The game 999 now has it's own entertainment business mimicking the 'escape room' scenario in the game 999, and also a forthcoming movie coming out with the same theme. 

The plot of the game 999 provides a hint about the offense being committed against me.  The game is about children who are kidnapped by a pharmaceutical company to be experimented on with intent to cure diseases (trafficking).  The disease “prosopagnosia” is the disease in the game. 

Prosopagnosia is a disease characterized by being unable to recognize the faces of familiar people.  Being able to recognize facial features was necessary to identify doppelgangers, or lookalikes, within the stalking campaign, which links the game to the stalking campaign.

Recall that much of the cure for my felonious assault injury was being administered at a nightclub Bar 145.  Notice in the following Google review someone writes a review of Bar 145, and makes a reference to the disease prosopagnosia.  See below.

Now that is just way too odd to have happened naturally.  The FBI sent a stalker along to provide confirmation in the Google review that indeed I was stalked at the bar and that they were indeed running the experimental cure, which establishes pattern and continuity with the game 999.

Notice that the FBI also presented plates confirming that I was undergoing a cure.  In the image below we see plates that read “I TRAIN U,” “CURE FX” and “CURE JD.”

More References to Video Games and Additional Homicides

In addition to the game 999, another game that contained references to me was Devil Survivor 2, which included characters resembling people I knew from my time in Kent.   The game was about an 'images of death' website that predicts people’s deaths in advance.  The game’s protagonists use the site to get notice of which characters in the game are forecasted to die.  They then attempt to save the person before they die.

The game featured a character that showed an uncanny resemblance a man named Frank Bochard, who is someone who died during my time at Kent. For all practical purposes, the character resembling Bochard dies in the game. The resemblance is so striking that one could conclude that the character was indeed modeled after Bochard.  The game's scenario suggests possible homicide.  This situation deserves its own post, so I won’t go into any more detail.

A vanity plate on the road made reference to another character in this game, one of the purported “demons,” with a vanity plate that reads “GETLOKI,” which refers to the character Loki in the game.  

Outside of the game, Loki is a God in Norse mythology that is an apparent ‘shapeshifter.’ The Loki reference is thus suggestive of the chameleon-like dual-self construct described in my Master’s Thesis.  The reference also relates to the 'Hybrid 1' plate above.

References to Pop Culture and Celebrities

Finally, the vanity plates contained references to the work of a number of celebrities, including Katy Perry, Karlie Kloss, and Taylor Swift (with all three having made references to me in their work and in the media).

A vanity plate reference to Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse is evident in a plate reading “BLK HRSE.”  See below:

Next, we have Karlie Kloss.  Recall from my last post that Karlie Kloss is my celebrity lookalike, with the resemblance being most evident in the pattern of small moles on both our faces.

The FBI acknowledges the Karlie Kloss resemblance with a vanity plate making reference to her character, “Knockout” in Taylor Swifts “Bad Blood” video.  See the plate below that reads “Knocout.”

For those that are unaware, Karlie Kloss, my celebrity lookalike, was for quite a while reported to be best friends with the pop megastar Taylor Swift.  

I had originally discovered the resemblance between me and Karlie Kloss around early 2015.  By Spring 2015, the government began feeding me Taylor Swift content on my YouTube homepage.  I then began noticing what seemed like targeted statements in Taylor Swift's media and references to me in some of her work.  My suspicions further peaked when I discovered that Karlie Kloss was reported to be her best friend.  The Kloss friendship was a key tip off, and I eventually discovered a ton of references to myself in Taylor Swift’s work. 

Vanity Plate Seduction: Reference to Taylor Swift in the Plates

I will present a more extensive array evidence that Swift is being used by the FBI to stalk me in a future post.  For now, however, I want to present some evidence suggesting that Taylor Swift was being referenced in the vanity plates and that the FBI was admitting her involvement with the plates.

The Feds appear to have been trying to use Swift to dupe me into thinking that they were preparing me to be her sex toy, or that we were eventually supposed to get married. 

Outrageous I know, and I wasn’t buying it.  They were no doubt trying to frame me as a delusional erotomanic stalker when it was actually the other way around: the celebrity was actually stalking the commoner.  

Here’s a significant plate, “MR TAYLR,” that was apparently intended to convince me that me and Taylor would get married (lol).

Here’s another one that makes a reference to Taylor Swifts birthday on 12/13/89.  The plate reads “LM 1213” (as we’ve seen birthdays were a significant marker of government intervention).

Here’s another one that reads “TAYS220,” which represents another apparent reference to Taylor Swift.  Now the FBI knew that I would make the link between the word 'Tay' and Taylor Swift.  The link is so readily apparent in fact that Swift herself is reported to have tried to sue Microsoft for ownership of the word.


There you have it.  A whole bunch of evidence proving that I have indeed been victim to a major gang stalking campaign that includes mass media stalking, remote tracking, and following in real time.  In addition, the FBI  has been shown to be the primary organization through which the U.S. government is operating.  Once again, my allegations are shown to be wholly credible and will continue to become even more credible as I present an abundance of additional evidence in the coming posts.  Be sure to keep checking back.

'Till next time...

Note -- the video above is from a 911 call of Travis Reinking who carried out his shooting just two days after I posted the current vanity plate blog post about Taylor Swift being used to stalk me.  In the 911 call, Reinking reports believing that Taylor Swift was stalking him.  The FBI induced Reinking and used the shooting to stalk me (they can time these shootings down to the day and time they occur through mind control).  This is an obvious shooting law enforcement induced through organized stalking.  Right up above I have proof that the FBI tried to seduce me with Taylor Swift and that they used stalking in the mass media and also on the ground using their snitch ring.  They obviously did something similar with Reinking.  Reinking even notes on the 911 call that he thought the police were involved.  Right up above I have proof that the FBI stalked me and tried to get me to develop an infatuation with Swift.  The corrupt police that induced Reinking need to be prosecuted alongside Reinking and sentenced to death.  The date of the Reinking shooting, 4/22/18, is also the birthday of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter.


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