Kent State and FBI Murder Own Football Player Jason Bitsko; Rocker Dimebag Darrell Murdered by U.S. Government Manchurian Candidate Nathan Gale; Kent State May 4th Shooting a False Flag

I’ve been politely asking the FBI and DOJ for months now to stop violating my constitutional rights without adequate response despite presenting clear and convincing evidence proving my allegations.  They seem intent on preventing me from even making it to court to file a legal complaint to enforce my rights, and have even threatened to conspire with the judge to dismiss my case outright.  

As a result, they have given me no other choice but to go public with the dirt on the government I have gathered through the course of being persecuted for over 16 years now.  If you don’t like what you read, blame them, not me.  They have given me no other choice but to expose their crimes in attempt to enforce my rights.

As stated in a previous post, for the past 4 years I have been seized unlawfully by the U.S. government and forced to undergo an experimental procedure.  While developing virtuosity on the guitar was one of the reported goals, the exact details of the primary procedure will go unnamed, although it involves teaching a sexual ability that I was told would be extraordinary, or 'freakish,' in quality.

Factual Background: Compelled into Involuntary Servitude by Kent State Guidance Counselor

The situation began in 2002 at Kent State when a university guidance counselor blackmailed me into an extended sexual relationship with a sloppy female police snitch to whom they wanted to distribute me as a sexual kickback.   This guidance counselor falsely accused me of a crime I never commit and threatened me with life imprisonment.  I can prove the accusation false since it was a status offense.  She told me I could protect myself from charges if I married the female police snitch.

The Kent State guidance counselor told me that as punishment for the crime I never commit the university would run a “program” on me.  The program involved sex trafficking me to female police snitches to whom Kent State and the government were playing favorites. 

After breaking up with the girl in 2004, Kent State and law enforcement began running their program on me.  Through a pattern of forced isolation that involved narrowing my sexual options down to one or a few girls, and through the strategic use of force (extortion, assault, menacing, stalking, unlawful restraint), I was distributed like a commodity to female police informants working for law enforcement.  The program breached state and federal laws on kidnapping, stalkingsex trafficking, aggravated sexual abuse, and more.

After being forced to stay at Kent State for 12 years, I eventually discovered that the program was in fact controlled by the U.S. government and that it fit descriptions of the CIA’s MK Ultra, and it’s subprogram Project Monarch – a program involving mind control, sexual abuse, and the creation of sex slaves and Manchurian candidates to carry out false flag political operations, including high profile news stories, mass shootings, homicides, terrorist attacks, and other politically motivated events.

While my purpose in the program remains unclear, I believe they may be intending to use me as a sex slave or whistle-blower of some sort, or possibly the victim in a high profile criminal or civil legal case.  One hypothesis is that I may be the chief witness in some sort of sex trafficking scandal, or some other lawsuit or criminal prosecution.

Harassed by Professor in 2011-2012; University and Police Retaliate; Stalk and Intimidate Me in Mass Media

As part of the institutional sex trafficking pattern, in the year 2012, I rejected the sexual advances of a closeted homosexual professor (I'm fully straight) and was retaliated against viciously to protect the institution from litigation.  The police, as the criminal protection racket for large social institutions, seized me and began torturing me to give me an extended shake-down for rejecting the professor.  While being retaliated against over the above situation in the year 2012 and onward, I was stalked viciously by the U.S. government in the mass media and in the community at large. 

The retaliation had the goals of punishing me for my protected activity in rejecting the professor, enhancing the government's control over me, furthering my trafficking by running the experimental medical treatment on me, and seizing me for some other false flag agenda, which appears to involve trafficking me as a conspiracy theorist and whistle-blower.

Through the course of stalking me in the mass media, the U.S. government, through course of conduct, demonstrated their ruthless disregard for human life, and took credit, through innuendo, for a number of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, serial killers, and isolated homicides.

Discovering that the U.S. government was behind the murders involved teaching me the “Illuminati” code, or the modus operandi the federal government uses to signal their interventions within the social world.  While the group within government pulling strings are typically referred to as the Illuminati, or shadow government, from all my experience it is not some small, corrupt faction of government behind these major national events, but the government acting as normal.

Throughout the process of being stalked, I discovered that the idea of a “balance of powers,” or “checks and balances” was all a myth, and that the different parts of government, including federal, state, local agencies, and even the courts and private corporations, were all capable of blending seamlessly into a organized and concerted whole. 

The entire socioeconomic and political apparatus in the United States in reality best reflects the Hobbesian notion of a 'leviathan,' or an all powerful centralized authority with near universal control over everything that happens in society.  I have, for instance, evidence suggesting that our government controls the media (now acting through the 'community policing' program) and is actively determining the very unfolding of history itself through the strategic manipulation of events, including major terrorist attacks, in order to push the national agenda forward.

Through the course of being stalked by the government, the idea of liberty and the free market, as promised in the U.S. Constitution, was demonstrated to be a complete and utter lie.  The government, at the snap of their fingers, seized me and erected invisible walls to confine me and had me deterministically discriminated against and deprived of protection at nearly every help-seeking outlet I contacted.  Every bureaucracy indicated, through innuendo, that they had been contacted and were told not to help me, forcing me to return to my previous position and endure more violence and torture.

Depriving me of any direct communication, and isolating me from any form of social contact, the U.S. Government stalked me in the mass media, terrorizing and intimidating me with 'images of death,' which they took credit for using their Illuminati code, which was a set of symbols that they had taught me that had been established through a long pattern of stalking while I was at Kent State and onward.

Graduate in 2014; Mass Media Stalking Continues in Home Town; Begin Unraveling the Mystery

On August 16th 2014, I graduated with a PhD and returned home to live with my family.  When I returned home in August 2014, Kent State, as part of an apparent agreement with the U.S. government, had a sudden wave of stories in the news that appear intended to promote their university -- particularly their recent economic development project that entailed refurbishing their downtown area with the addition of new nightclubs, restaurants, shops, and even a hotel.     

The U.S. government appears to have agreed to facilitate Kent State’s attempts to develop themselves economically in return for trafficking me as a sex slave and mind control experimental guinea pig while I was a Kent State student.  Part of this economic development package appears to have involved an increase in press coverage stemming from the operation being run upon me, which entailed significant stalking in the mass media.   

The U.S. government has long contracted with universities to perform mind control research, with this practice tracing as far back as to the CIA’s MK Ultra program in the 1960’s through early 1970’s.  It appears these arrangements are still in place to the current day and that Kent State is one university that is contracted with the federal government to carry out mind control research on their student body. 

Kent State Football Player Jason Bitsko Dies Unexpectedly; U.S. Government Appears to be Behind the Murder

Upon returning home in August 2014, the first significant targeted news story granting publicity to Kent State was one on the death of their football player, Jason Bitsko.  I eventually confirmed that this death was in fact a murder carried out by the FBI in complicity with Kent State.

The death of Jason Bitsko occurred on 8/20/14, and Kent State tried to exploit the story for their own personal gain by fraudulently painting themselves as the victim of the tragic death of a beloved football player.  

I immediately knew something was up, however, upon first notice of the Bitsko death.  The proof was evident in the numbers on Bitsko’s football jerseys.  Notice at Kent State, Bitsko was assigned Jersey number 54.  This number I immediately recognized as being a reference to a slick new nightclub in town, Bar 145.  I knew the '54' jersey was a reference to Bar 145 because I was gang stalked there as part of the trafficking program being run on me over the course of the 2-year period towards the end of my time as a student.

The stalking at Bar 145 was part of the mind control medical procedure being run on me, and around March 15th 2014 the government had just gotten started upgrading my guitar capabilities.  To signal me to go to the club on any given night (that is 'traffic' me to the club) the authorities had been plugging combinations of the numbers 145 (e.g., 5.14, 4.51, 1.54, etc.) to signal to me to go to Bar 145 on any particular night.  For example, they might send me an email at 5:41 or 1:45 to get me to go there.   I was always on the lookout for combinations of those numbers as a result.

After further inquiry, I discovered that Bitsko’s jersey number at his previous institution, some “Wayne,” was the number 66 – an obvious reference 666, the number of the Devil.  This suggests that Bitsko’s death was planned at some point as far back as when he was at Wayne, and that the government conspired with school officials to assign him this Jersey.

Further inquiry suggested that the date of Bitsko’s death was also significant.  Bitsko died on 8/20/14.  The number 8/20 was a reference to the Pareto theorem or the 80:20 rule, according to which approximately 80 percent of any given output is a product of roughly 20 percent of its inputs.

Further evidence of a conspiracy to murder Bitsko (most likely by satellite dish) is evident in a numerical observation: if you take the number 4/5 (re: Bar 145, and jersey #54) and convert it to a proportion what do you get?  That's right, 80 percent.  And the remaining 1/5?  That's right 20 percent.  That's 80 percent and 20 percent, just like the date he was murdered -- 8/20/14 -- and just like the Pareto theorem, or 80:20 rule.

In addition, the date 8/20/14, the date of Bitsko’s death, was also significant in that it was exactly the one year anniversary of the date I moved out of my first apartment complex at Kent (8/20/13) and into a new apartment complex where I was stalked with a significant address.  The reason I moved out is because I was harassed out due to a criminal victimization on the property (no doubt done to compel the move to the new location). Something significant also happened on 8/20/13, which I will not describe here, but confirms the significance of 8/20 and also highlights the way in which Bitsko was most likely murdered.  

After moving out of my old apartment complex on 8/20/13, days later I moved into my new apartment complex.  The address of my new apartment complex was 6600.  This address 6600 shows continuity with Bitsko’s jersey number from Wayne #66.  Had I not been deliberately harassed out of the old complex, I would not have gathered this piece of highly suggestive evidence.  Notice that both the date I moved out of my old apartment complex and the numerical address of the new apartment showed continuity with the circumstances surrounding Bitsko's death.

Notice in the picture, my address was indeed 6600, which appears to match Bitsko's Wayne jersey number 66.  Also note that the price on my bill is 51.40 -- a reference to numbers in Bar 145 and the Bitsko jersey #54 (they used combinations of the number 145, for example in the times emails were sent, to communicate me to go to that bar where they were running the experimental medical treatment on me).

Further, notice the address is 'Alpha' Drive.  Football player's themselves are known to be alpha male types and it appears that hatred towards 'alphas' is one motive for the violence done to people like myself, football players like Bitsko, celebrities like Prince and Avicii, and more.

These numbers suggest conspiracy between law enforcement, my apartment complexes, and the cable company to manufacture these synchronicities (just as was obviously done when someone conspired with Kent State and Wayne to assign Bitsko those jersey numbers).

Kent State Confirms I Solved the Crime with New Football Jersey Assignment

About two years later, on 8/20/16, Kent State confirmed that I had solved the mystery.  They assigned Bitsko’s jersey number 54 to a new player named Stefano Millin.  This name resembles my own name, Stephen Mullet (and the use of similar names to mirror a targeted individual was one way the government signaled that stalking was occurring).

Speculation as to Cause of Death

So how did they kill Bitsko?  It appears that they used satellite dish weapons capable of remotely inducing cardiac arrest.  They then blamed it on a preexisting medical condition (an enlarged heart) that the authorities knew Bitsko had.

These allegations are not delusional or fanciful.  The U.S. Government has released records that the development of mind control weapons capable of remotely interacting with the human organism was pursued as early as the 1960’s in Subproject 119 of the CIA’s Mk Ultra.

President Obama’s commission on bio-ethics tacitly legitimized the testimony of a large number of targeted individuals claiming to be victims of electromagnetic weapons in an official government forum. 

Further, Kent State admits to the existence of satellite dish weapons by listing “electronic harassment” as a form of "retaliatory harassment" inflicted upon victims of sexual assault, stalking, and discrimination.

The Illuminati Code: Synchronicities with Dimebag Darrell

As we can see from the Bitsko death, the most significant numbers are: 66 and 8/20.  Across my studies of the Illuminati, these numbers represent some of the more significant numbers in the Illuminati code that the U.S. government uses to signal their work.  Tom Petty, for instance, died at age 66, suggesting satellite dish homicide, although I don’t have any additional evidence other than his age and the fact that it was cardiac arrest (a closer look might reveal more).

Even more impressive, however, is the continuity between the death of Jason Bitsko and Dimebag Darrell’s death on December 8th 2004. 

Again, we have extracted the significant numbers of 66 and 8/20 from the Bitsko death.

Recall that Pantera’s former metal guitarist,  Dimebag Darrell, was killed by gunshot while on stage by a former Marine Nathan Gale (which itself is suggestive of U.S. Government intervention).  Nathan Gale himself was born on September 11th 1978, which itself is significant, being the day of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  

Back to Dimebag and Bitsko, however.  If you do some inquiry, you’ll find that Dimebag Darrell was born on 8/20/1966.  This birthday shows continuity with Bitsko’s death on 8/20/14 and Bitsko’s #66 Wayne jersey.  The date also shows continuity with the date I moved out of my first Kent apartment (8/20/13) and the new address I moved into, 6600.  

Further, Dimebag’s date of birth, 8/20/1966 is a reference to the number 666, or Satan.  And to no surprise we find that the Church of Satan was founded on April 30th 1966 -- the year Dimebag Darrell was born!

Now, what about April 30th, or 4/30, the day the church of Satan was founded?  The day 4/30 happens to be my birthday, which is also the European holiday Walpurgisnacht, which is a sort of ‘second Halloween’ in many European countries.

Additional continuity between me and Dimebag is evident in the fact that I too am a metal guitarist that is quite accomplished. 

In short, it appears I was selected as a mind control target, at least partly due to being born on 4/30, which is this Walpugisnacht, the day the Church of Satan was founded in 1966.

Further it appears Dimebag was murdered by a Manchurian candidate that was induced by the U.S. government through mind control methods.  It appears he may have been selected for fame and targeted for no other reason than that they found the numbers in his date of birth significant.

Satellite dish weapons (remote control) and organized stalking were likely the methods used for inducing Gale into carrying out the shooting.  Unfortunately, it appears Dimebag was targeted for representing some of the satanic ideological beliefs of the U.S. Illuminati cult, since he was born in 1966, the year the Church of Satan was founded, and for being born on 8/20, which syncs with the Pareto theorem.  The birthday, 8/20/1966, just seems too significant doesn’t it?

That’s right this is serial killer type stuff I’m uncovering.  And no, I’m not delusional. If the FBI walked into a courthouse with this evidence the judge would be fawning all over it.  This is typical conspiracy theory evidence on steroids.

The Government's Satanic Infatuation

Allegations of Satanic Ritual abuse emerged in the 1980’s with the Franklin Scandal which exposed a CIA-backed child sex trafficking ring called the Finders  that involved mind control experimentation and the sex trafficking of children to wealthy politicians.  The scandal highlighted the ongoing practice of mass societal extortion perpetrated by the FBI and CIA  that involves entrapping and extorting institutional power brokers on major crimes such as child molestation in order to get them in the government’s back pocket and enslave them into service of the New World Order political agenda.  How do you think guys like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein got away with their crimes for so long?  The government was involved in it, knew about it, and did not care about it.

This same pattern of mass extortion of the populace by law enforcement was evident in the trafficking scheme I was victim to at Kent State.  Those that surrendered themselves to the state, commit crimes, and handed the police the dirt they needed to ensure they would render corrupt service in office, were awarded with advancement and promotion.  The people that refused to surrender their liberty to the state with the commission of crimes were harassed and demoted (for the record, I do not condone the commission of any crime).

Kent State's Promotion for Criminal Services Rendered -- an Increase in Press Coverage

Back to the news.  Shortly after Bitsko’s death, Kent State made another appearance in the news.  This time there was a football game the following month on September 13th 2014 in which Kent State took on Ohio State.  The score of the game was significant.  The score was 66 to 0 with Ohio State winning.  Remember that 66 was the number of Jason Bitsko’s jersey at Wayne – with Jason Bitsko being a football player and the 66 to 0 score being in a football game.  Recall that the game occurred in the very month after Bitsko’s death and it was a Kent State football game.  This is no coincidence.  Something is going on here...

The score of the game suggests that the outcome of the event was manipulated by the government using satellite dish based weapons (mind control).  That’s right, it appears even sporting events are rigged!

More Kent State stalking on the news in late 2014 can be seen in a discrimination case involving an emotional distress dog.   In short, some girl with panic disorder was prevented from having an emotional distress dog in her on-campus apartment complex.  She subsequently filed a complaint with the U.S. Government, and the Justice Department obtained for her a $145,000 settlement.  The 145K settlement was significant, being a reference to the new club Bar 145, and Bitsko jersey #54.  Notice that the Justice Department who awarded the settlement is a U.S. government organization and that the settlement is a clear reference to Bar 145, which indirectly links the U.S. government to the Bitsko #54 jersey.  They are clearly indicating their involvement in this series of news stories.

The emotional distress dog case came as a slap in the face to me.  Here I was having been abducted, tortured, and sexually abused for 12 years after being forced to stay in school through a PhD program so Kent State could experiment on me and fulfill an apparent agreement with the U.S. government to traffic me in a mind control program.  It was as if they were saying through the emotional distress dog case --  ‘this is the kind of legal case we can afford to have on the news...’   In the meantime, all my pleas for help were dismissed every time I sought for help for my victimizations at Kent State.

Lastly, shortly after the Bitsko death in 2014, Kent State University appeared in the news once again.  The story was about an Urban Outfitters Sweatshirt with Bloodstains on it – an apparent reference to the May 4th 1970 shootings when the National Guard shot up and killed four Kent State students.   As with the Bitsko death, Kent State played the victim, claiming the shootings were too sensitive to joke about. 

Having just witnessed Jason Bitsko murdered, however, I knew the shirt referred to something else.  The shirt was a suggestion that the Bitsko death was in fact a homicide. 

As with the Bitsko tragedy, Kent State tried to promote themselves by taking the opportunity to publicize the May 4th shooting and their campus  memorial and visitors center.  The Urban Outfitter’s sweatshirt was another victimization that they secretly wanted, or may have even conspired to carry out in order to create a media spectacle.

May 4th Shooting an Inside Job: Kent State Establishes 'Bad Advertising' Promotional Strategy

All this capitalizing on negative publicity, would you think perhaps that the May 4th shooting was an inside job intended to promote the university? 

Some theories of the May 4th tragedy suggest that it was indeed an inside job: 

The shooting, for instance, has been blamed on an FBI informant, Terry Norman, who it is alleged fired some initial gunshots that incited the National Guard to shoot into the crowd of protesters. 

Conspiracy is further suggested by the fact that Terry Norman, the FBI informant, was born on April 30th 1949, which is the same birthday as myself, and Walpurgisnacht, the day the Church of Satan was founded in 1966.

The date April 30th is further significant in relation to May 4th: in addition to being Terry Norman's birthday, Richard Nixon announced the invasion of Cambodia on April 30th 1970.

Remember that the invasion of Cambodia, announced on April 30th 1970, was what the hippies were protesting on May 4th.  And again, the FBI informant, Terry Norman, who is suspected of inciting the National Guard to violence, was born on April 30th.  Sounds like the government had planned for the shooting to happen in advance doesn't it?  The government knew that the hippies would protest the invasion that Nixon announced on April 30th 1970.  Likewise, the government selected someone born on April 30th to cause them to be slaughtered by the National Guard.

As you can see, April 30th is a date of clear historical significance for both the U.S. government and Kent State.  The fact that my birthday is 4/30 thus partially explains why I ended up a Kent State student and why the government selected me for trafficking within the Mk Ultra program.  You can trust that what I tell you is true and that it is no mere coincidence that I am here telling you this stuff now.

One last point of interest-- there is a link between May 4th and the death of Jason Bitsko.  Notice that Bitsko's '54' jersey is also a reference to the date, 5/4, or May 4th 1970, the day the of the Kent State shooting.  This synchronicity appears an admission that not only did Kent State murder Jason Bitsko, but they also conspired to murder their own students on May 4th.

Motive Suggesting the May 4th Shooting was a False Flag

Did the FBI conspire to induce the May 4th attack?  Was Kent State administration involved? 

One sees a clear motive:  Kent State made their name through the May 4th shooting, and without this shooting they would be nowhere near as widely recognized as they are today.  Young idealistic liberals flock to Kent State each year being eager to join a purported radical leftist culture and just to be part of this sacred historical site.  Little do they know, however, that it is quite likely that Kent State themselves conspired to murder their own students just as we saw with Jason Bitsko above. 

In short, it appears quite plausible that the May 4th shootings were a false flag terrorist attack induced in order to ensure the long run historical significance of Kent State University in the public eye.  This conduct is absolutely sick.  It’s as if Kent State has a macro-level case of Munchausen by Proxy.

Check out this article from documenting how a government insider claims:

"Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services.  In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant, pushed on by the FBI.  In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism.  We've become a lunatic asylum."

The facts are clear as day.  Terry Norman was an FBI informant.  The FBI uses their informants to induce and carry out crime.  Don't let their title as informants deceive you, these people are criminal scum.

It is quite likely that May 4th was an inside job being perpetrated by Kent State and the FBI themselves to promote the university and establish a historical legacy for the school.

Very bad advertising indeed:


The solution is simple -- boycott Kent State.  Don't send your kids there, they could be murdered and sexually abused by the corrupt institutional officials that treat their students like property all while charging their parents 15 thousand dollar per year in tuition for a mediocre education.  I heard that there have been some additional deaths in Kent State athletic programs.  I have not inquired into the details surrounding these strange events, but after reading the above do you really think that these deaths happened naturally?  Right.  Honestly, run for the hills.  Transfer.

As for the FBI, do not trust them.  Organization is a pack of sex offending animals that deserve life in prison.  They do not abide by the law, and they will not respect your due process rights or give you a fair trial.  They routinely lie, slander, and extort the civilian population.  They force women down on their knees for their bosses.  They falsely arrest, imprison, and murder innocent civilians all the time in the name of national security, but more often than not, they do it for shear entertainment value and for the sick thrill of satisfying personal vendettas and to play favorites to those with law enforcement ties.  This organization is criminal scum.  Write to congress and tell them you are aware of their misdeeds and will not tolerate corruption in law enforcement.

More revelations to come.  'Till next time.

A reference to Bitsko jersey number 54 years prior to his death in Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend' video. One of my favorite tunes at the time, it is ironic that the video would have all along contained a reference to the first murder by the government that I eventually solved.  There can be no mistake that the jersey in Lavigne's video is a direct reference to Bitsko.

It can all (or at least a lot of it) be linked to Bitsko (and myself)...

And what's the guy in the lower right's first name?

Right there on the left -- the police provide an admission that they are behind the 8/20 phenomena.  See my post titled "On the Road..." for proof that the plates were part of the stalking campaign leveled against me (linking them to Bitsko's death and other events orchestrated by the U.S. government)

A reference to the 80:20 rule by super model Miranda Kerr (who taught me one of the intended meanings of 8/20), and an email sent to me at 8:20 AM from the U.S. government, as an admission of the significance of 8/20.

Alexis Ren signaling participation in stalking cure with reference to Bar 145 (see details in post).  Why else would a strange number be written on her jacket?

A reference to Bitsko's number 54 jersey in 'fortune' magazine from Taylor Swift, who as we know from this post is stalking me... ;)


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