Confirmed: U.S. Government Killed Former Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza by Satellite Dish Weapons; Death Shows Continuity with Deaths of Gar Samuelson and Dimebag Darrell

As discussed in my previous post, I am a targeted individual being trafficked in a government mind control program resembling some combination of the CIA’s Project Monarch and the FBI's Cointelpro.  I was seized and forced into slavery in the year 2002 by a Kent State guidance counselor who informed me the school was going to run a program on me after falsely accusing me of a crime and threatening me with life imprisonment if I ever came forward.  I can prove myself innocent on the crime, and have reported the whole situation to the FBI. 

As part of the program, I have been stalked continuously in the mass media by the U.S. government, acting through what appears to primarily be the FBI.  Through being stalked in the media I discovered that the government was behind a large number of isolated homicides, mass shootings, terrorists attacks, and high profile criminal cases.

The mass media stalking was a continuation of a long, 12 year pattern of stalking that I was victim to at Kent State University while being trafficked as part of an apparent agreement between Kent State and the U.S. Government.  

The government has been contracting with universities to carry out mind control research since as early as the 1950’s and 1960’s with the Mk Ultra Program, which involved participation with at least 80 separate institutions, including major universities.  The practice appears to continue to this day.

Throughout the course of stalking me, the U.S. government, acting through the FBI, Kent State officials, and local law enforcement, taught me the “Illuminati code” or an innuendo communication method that the U.S. Government uses to signal their interventions within the social world, often using the mass media as the means by which they communicate with the population.

Through running their program on me, the government demonstrated that the American news media is an entertainment industry controlled by the government to provide amusement for the population and to serve as an institution of social control intended to shape public attitudes and influence the economic, social, and political behavior of the population.  

A CIA program intended to gain control over the media is the purported “Project Mockingbird” which sought to recruit and organize prominent journalists and media outlets into propaganda networks intended to influence the public towards government ends.  At present, the government appears to be controlling the mass media through the 'community policing' (COPS) program, through which they actively forge ties with the press, private citizens, and other social institutions.

The Government's Modus Operandi's

There are many different ways the government signals their interventions in the mass media and society.  One of their most frequent methods, for example, involves the symbolic manipulation of numbers to code messages in events that find their way to the news.  They also tend to use a technique known as ‘mirroring’  to reflect back the features of ordinary citizens being targeted, such as their name, physical and psychological features, and life circumstances.

Through being stalked in the mass media, I discovered that various modus operandi's the government uses tend to reflect archetypes of D.C. comic book villains.  The practice of using 'D.C.' brand comic book villains is suggestive of an ultimate source in Washington D.C.

The D.C. villains that I have identified thus far are (1) the Joker, the most significant villain, and the one that will be illustrated in this post, (2) Two-Face, a villain reflecting the CIA’s initial interest in ‘multiple personality disorder’ as a mind control tool, and (3) Doppelganger, the villain characterizing a modus operandi of using lookalikes, or ‘doppelgangers' as a means of stalking and signaling conspiracy.

An Early Incidence of the Joker MO -- The Death of Heath Ledger

The first incident of which I’m aware that the Joker MO appeared was with the death of Heath Ledger.   It is alleged that Heath Ledger died of a prescription drug overdose on 01/22/08 while playing the Joker in the movie the Dark Knight. 

While the formal statement is that Ledger died of cardiac arrest due to overdose, it has been alleged that the death was a homicide --   

Activist and former actor Randy Quaid has campaigned against a group of celebrity “star whackers” who he alleges are responsible for the death of Ledger, among others.

Ledger's death occurred on 1/22/08, with 22 being a highly significant number in the Illuminati code.  Also note that Pantera drummer, Vinnie Paul, died on 6/22/18 (about 10 years after Ledger), which serves as another instance of 22.  I will explain in more depth in a future post why 22 is significant number.  For now, however, it should suffice to say that the use of the number 22, of course, implicates Taylor Swift and her catchy song 22.

Swift has been involved in making references to me and her work shows continuity with myself and a great deal of my own media.

Back to the death of Heath Ledger -- 

The link to the Joker (he was playing the character in a movie when he died) and to the number 22 (even long before the Swift song was released) suggests that the Ledger death was a homicide.  He further died young and unexpectedly, which of course, is always reason for suspicion.  

It is likely that Ledger's death was caused by satellite dish induced cardiac arrest while Ledger was high on drugs to frame it as an overdose. This is one of the modus operandi's the FBI uses to provide a cover for their homicides.  They kill people while they are engaged in activity that can cause death so that they can later blame the death on the risky activity (a 'frame up' strategy).

One motive for the Ledger murder appears to be to introduce the Joker on the scene as a modus operandi, with the Joker theme recurring time and again from 2012 and onward over the course of a large number of mass shootings.  While I discovered the Joker MO long after Ledger had died, subsequent inquiry suggested that the Ledger death may have been the first predicate act in a series of crimes showing the Joker modus operandi.

The Joker has somehow been a point of fascination for many mass shooters...  What's the cause?

Uncovering the Joker -- The Murder of Nick Menza 

In my previous post, I present evidence suggesting the government conspired to murder a Kent State football player, Jason Bitsko, and former Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell.  I also prove that they induced the Kent State May 4th shooting and that this attack was a false flag.

In this post I present evidence suggesting that the death of former Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza, was also a government homicide.  Through the course of stalking me with the Menza homicide, the government illustrated their Joker MO.

So who is Nick Menza?  Nick Menza, played drums for the band Megadeth during their golden years when they were a platinum selling metal band.   His death really struck me as a tragedy because Menza always seemed like a good-hearted, down to earth guy, that hardly deserved to be murdered.

Menza died on stage on 05/21/16 while playing live in a band called Ohm, which was a small jazz/fusion ensemble started by another former Megadeth member, guitarist Chris Poland.  The venue was a small local club called the Baked Potato.  Menza is reported to have died of heart failure.

The circumstances are suggestive of conspiracy and the death appears to be a homicide --

The Menza death shows continuity with the death of the first Megadeth drummer, Gar Samuelson, who died years prior of liver failure.  

Menza on right and Samuelson in left in picture below.

If you inquire into the details of both deaths, you’ll notice some patterns.  Samuelson died at 41; Menza died at 51 -- a 10 year age difference, with both ages being one year over the even number. 

Notice that Menza died on 5/21/16 at age 51.  Scoop the 20, from 5/21 and the date is 5/01 -- or '51' -- the age Menza died.  If you’re a metal guitar player you might note that in metal it’s common to ‘scoop the mid’ to get that deep metal tone.  As you see above, another way to put it is that if you just ‘scoop the mid’ from 521 you get 51.  This is no coincidence.  This synchronicity was manufactured.

In Megadeth's Evolver video, Menza foreshadows his own death while joking about the possibility of dying from metal that is too heavy.  He states --

“Why do I want to play in Megadeth? I wanna play in Megadeth, because it’s the most intense music, that I can think of, that I wanna play. I don’t want to play anything heavier than that, because I wanna live to be 60.” ::laughs::

Hmm-- seems suspicious...  The irony is that this man who was so afraid of dying from metal actually died on stage playing arrhythmic jazz.  Apparently, the Joker sees no association between musical heaviness and the likelihood of suffering a heart attack (Joker MO).

Then notice (and this next coincidence is smoking gun as hell) --

The day before Menza’s death on 5/21/16, Megadeth played in Columbus, OH on 5/20/16.

At the Megadeth show in Columbus, the band debuted a new drummer, Dirk Verbeuren.  Megadeth got a new drummer, and the next day, an old drummer died. 

Was the above coincidence somehow manufactured in apparent foreshadowing of Menza’s death the next day?  Was the old saying 'out with the old and in with the new' taken a little to far?

It appears highly plausible, and throughout being stalked by the FBI, I observed their uncanny ability to plan and manipulate events down to the very month, day, and time these events occurred.  They were somehow able to stretch their tentacles and align events all across the country, inducing people to perform actions at the exact times they desired.  The government has proven themselves able to mastermind events with godlike precision.

Further evidence of conspiracy is evident in the fact that the city Columbus, OH, where Megadeth played the day before Menza’s death, is the very same city in which Dimebag Darrel was murdered by Nathan Gale, a former Marine, at the Alrosa Villa!  

I have previously established the high likelihood that Dimebag's killer, Nathan Gale -- who was born on 9/11/1978 -- was a Manchurian Candidate being induced by the government into carrying out the murder. This last coincidence is even more suggestive.  Since Dimebag was murdered by the government, and his death links to the Menza death, does that mean Menza was murdered too?  It appears quite likely.

Solving the Crime: Cause of Death

So how did they murder Menza?  Simple -- they used a satellite dish weapon and induced cardiac arrest when he was on stage.  They then pretended it was a pre-existing heart condition.

Weapons capable of interacting remotely with the human organism were pursued as early as the 1960’s in Mk Ultra Sub-Project 119.  President Obama’s commission on bio-ethics tacitly legitimized the testimony of a large number of targeted individuals claiming to be victims of electromagnetic weapons in an official government forum.  Furthermore, Kent State University admits to the existence of satellite dish based weapons by citing “electronic harassment” (which refers to the use of electromagnetic weapons to harass a target) as a form of retaliatory harassment.

The Megadeth Drummer Role -- A Cursed Position?

I want to point out one last coincidence between Menza and Samuelson.  Samuelson was Megadeth’s first drummer.  If you notice, in the photo, Samuelson's skin appears waxy.  He looks a little bit like a corpse, does he not?  (Joker MO)  To his right in the photo below is Menza in his later years.  As you can see, he appears to be in bad shape, like he’s sitting on death’s doorstep -- almost like a corpse.

It appears the Feds had been working on Menza for some time with the satellite dish weapons to create the corpse look, matching Samuelson, and then executed him on the precise date they wanted him to die.  They then blamed it on the pre-existing condition they themselves had caused. 

And here's the kicker -- do these two strangely aligned deaths suggest that the government is secretly whacking Megadeth drummers, as if it is a 'cursed' role within the band?  After all, what are the odds that there would be two deaths among former members of the band with both of them being drummers?  

Recall that Gar Samuelson -- Megadeth's first drummer -- was infamously ugly, and corpse-like.  Is this the curse of Gar Samuelson?  Are Megadeth drummers at risk?  Based on the modus operandi of targeting people with pre-existing health conditions, it appears that former drummer, Chuck Behler may be at risk due to his body weight.

It's a scary thought.  Let's hope someone gets on the lookout...

Far left -- Chuck Behler, looking like he's had a hamburger or two in his day...

Stalking References to My Own Work in the Death of Nick Menza

Now, you don’t need to be a Project Monarch target like me to notice the above synchronicities.  But no doubt, being stalked by the government for so long and being sensitized the mass media helped me to find them.  So how does my experience as a stalking target add to the evidence?

The circumstances surrounding Nick Menza’s and Dimebag Darrell’s deaths show continuity with a blog post I had previously written on a former blog named The Everyday Guitarist.  I have restored the blog post at its previous publication date on July 9th 2011. 

The post is called: “Local Music Scene: Quickly Becoming one Big Circus.”  I was manipulated into writing the post after I went to a local music concert of an acquaintance’s band.  At the show, I was on the receiving end of some street theater intended to plant the ideas for the content of the blog post in my head.

Prior to the Menza death, I had known the government had been making references to my circus post (the circus theme was quite prominent in pop culture these past 4-5 years) and my first reaction to hearing that Menza died on stage was to exclaim out loud to the FBI through my cell phone: "The Baked Potato!  Was that local?! Was that local?!" (my cell phone is being used as a roving bug).

The Joker MO is apparent in the fact that both Dimebag and Menza -- formerly members of large metal acts -- both died at small, local clubs, which were ironically being converted into slaughtering grounds as if mere 'local' music were too sub-par to be taken seriously on its own. 

Both venues appear to be local.

The plot further thickens –

Unbeknownst to me at the time I wrote the blog post, the band Ohm had an album on the market. It was called “Circus of Sound.”  Of course, this album 'Circus of Sound' shows synchronicity with my blog post “Local Music Scene: Quickly Becoming One Big Circus.”  Recall that Ohm is the band Menza was playing in when he died.

Notice that, based on my testimony, I instantly knew that the circumstances of Menza's death mirrored my blog post, and subsequent inquiry confirmed that the 'circus' reference was indeed deliberate (the discovery of the Circus of Sound album).  The discovery process itself thus served as evidence.

And of course, the Joker is a clown, and clowns are found at the circus.  This synchronicity suggests that the Joker MO was indeed present in the circumstances surrounding Menza's death (which were all manufactured by the government).


So there you have it, a whole bunch of pattern and continuity suggesting that Nick Menza was murdered by the government.  And some additional circumstantial evidence suggesting Dimebag was murdered.

As you can see, this post marks the first time the D.C. comic book villain M.O.’s were introduced in my blog posts.  In this case, it was the Joker MO that appeared through embedded jokes in the stalking. 

This will not be the last you see of the Joker.  He appears over and over again in pop culture and is a central part of the Illuminati code, or the government's calling card they use to mark their work.

More to come.  ‘Till next time.

A clear reference to the current blog post from the media, which was brought to my attention through Facebook news feed by an anonymous source.  Note the use of the word "CONFIRMED" to announce the story, which matches the title of the current blog post.  Also notice the clear reference to the concept of a 'corpse' or 'walking corpse' in the subject of the story.

And the one in the lower right proves them all (trust me, they could have manipulated the green tint to the hair).  Don't worry -- I'm not a shooter; I'm supposed to expose the government's crimes.  That appears to be the false flag I'm supposed to carry out as part of my slavery as  a Manchurian candidate in the Project Monarch type program.


  1. I noticed a new coincidence. It may seem like nothing but it may be significant. If you break the numbers 41 (age Gar Samuelson died) and 51 (age Nick Menza died) down, what numbers do you have? 1, 4, 5, like Bar 145, the bar where I was stalked in Kent, OH, and the numbers (145) that were so significant in proving Bitsko's death a homicide.

    Just a though. Read the post -- it really does prove it.


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