Celebrity Stalking Vol. 1: Taylor Swift

As mentioned in previous posts, the stalking campaign to which I have been victim has involved the participation of a large number of celebrities.  These celebrities appear to be involved in the government’s mind control apparatus, consistent with much of the literature on the CIA's Project Monarch.

This extortion racket, mind control apparatus, or gang stalking apparatus, operates under the euphemism of a "community oriented policing program" (COPS) and is in reality a societal-wide unconstitutional social control program that seeks to unify all sectors of society, including media, private businesses, ordinary civilians, public organizations, interest groups, and more into a single faction representing the 'state.'

The goal of the COPS program is to oppress the population through the widespread and all-pervasive practice of mass extortion, operating under the guise of covert investigations or 'entrapment,' but in reality throwing the rules out the window in its ultimate pursuit of rendering the ordinary civilian powerless through the gathering of 'dirt' that can be used to coerce him into servitude to the state.

Through the gathering of dirt, and the ultimate seizure of the liberty rights of the civilian populace, the government then controls the fortunes of the average person by allocating his role within the socio-political landscape, as they carefully engineer the unfolding of history as they carry out their plan for pursuing the New World Order.

Controlling the fortune of society and the world involves mass information control through the strategic selection of content for the mass media, including news stories, movies, music, political events, and other cultural content necessary to shape the thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions of the civilian population.

As one's level of power and influence in society increases, so does the need for dirt to ensure that person's subordination to the government's agenda.  It appears that the wealthy and powerful in society have forged a corrupt blood pact through their joint participation in criminal activity, and celebrities, as person's of great wealth, are recruited into the government's police-operated extortion racket and are required to 'pay their dues' by engaging in criminal activity in order to prove themselves trustworthy with the power they are given.  In return for their dues paid, they are compensated with economic rewards, but must pay a sacrifice in surrendering some of their liberty rights to the state, and that involves allowing the government, acting through their mind control apparatus, to control their respective career trajectories.

The above situation explains the paradox of how celebrities, as people possessing great wealth, could be referred as mind control 'slaves' and, myself, as a Monarch slave could in certain respects be the most free.  It's a very different form of power being used on both.   The higher-order moral power is being used to oppress the people with wealth and status in society (through the dirt the government has on them) and the more primitive form of raw violent oppression is being used to enslave me into servitude to the New World Order agenda.

Celebrity Stalking Vol. 1 -- Taylor Swift

The first major celebrity exhibit that I will be displaying is for Taylor Swift, who was involved in a substantial amount of stalking through the news and through some of her songs and music videos.

Just today, in fact, I noticed an article targeting me in the news.

Get this --

The latest shooter, the “Waffle House Shooter,” had a purported ‘delusion’ that Taylor Swift was stalking him.

Remember -- this story broke on 4/23/18, just a few days after I reported in a blog post on 4/20/18 that Taylor Swift was being used to stalk me.  In this vanity plate post, I claim that the FBI was using Swift to frame me as a delusional erotomanic stalker.  Three days later, a story hits the news about a Waffle House shooter who believed Swift was stalking him, and this belief is being used to paint him as delusional and mentally ill.

Another point suggesting that the Waffle House shooting is a false flag is the date of the shooting itself.  The shooting was carried out on 4/22/18, which is the birthday of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.  The police manipulated me into writing my blog post  around the time Reinking carried out the shooting, and they induced Reinking on the same day as Adam Lanza's birthday.  Synchronicity between the times various events occur is actually the proof of inducement.

Lastly -- and this one clinches it, as we have seen so many other times.  Reinking mirrors me in that he possesses a mole defect, like myself.  As we know, mirroring my mole defect in pop culture, the media, and even politics, has been on of the ways stalking has been signaled (more smoking gun examples of this in the current post).

Reinking had apparent 'mole' mirroring Mullet.  Travis Reinking was induced by the FBI to intimidate Mullet...

Do you believe me now folks?  Do you see how I know the government is stalking me?  

Taylor Swift's Role in the Federal Gang Stalking Apparatus

Now let’s think… Ever notice Taylor Swift has a lot of stalkers?  Why do you think that is?

In this post, I’m going to advance one theory:

She is being used by law enforcement to frame crime victims -- usually one's with major legal cause of action against a large employer-- as delusional and set them up for forced psychiatric confinement. 

Ever notice they’ve been tending towards diagnosing many of Swift’s purported stalkers as mentally ill, rather than going the criminal route?  That’s the cops’ way of admitting the person’s rights were violated, and that they don’t want to arrest them as a matter of conscience, and also want to circumvent the stringent due process requirements of a criminal trial.

So why would a celebrity stalk a commoner?  As I showed you in my vanity plate post, and as discussed above, the police are in control of an extensive and all-pervasive snitching system, which they claim is used to investigate people, but in reality is an extortion racket they use to violate people’s rights, especially those people that pose the greatest threat to society – crime victims with ‘mega-millions’ lawsuits  against big employers. 

Celebrities are part of this protection racket, and we see this in ‘erotomanic stalker phenomena,' or all the people that think celebrities are stalking them and get branded mentally ill all because the police went out and recruited celebrities to harass people.

The cops then try to type-cast the allegations of being stalked by a celebrity as a case of mental illness by (1) lying about their collusion with the celebrities, (2) acting like there is no rational reason for a celebrity to stalk a commoner, and (3) letting status alone win the battle by siding by default with the person who has more economic resources to fight the criminal charge.

The police fundamentally misrepresent who they are, and their role in society.  The police practice organized crime all the time.  It is not the exception, but the rule.  Rather than stop crime, the police engage in the active creation of crime, and bring crime into society as a force used to terrorize and oppress the population, and extract benefits for government officials from ordinary civilians.

The pattern is very simple mass extortion -- the government first orchestrates a false flag terrorist attack, they then blame the attack on the existence of some right held by the citizenry, they then promise to stop the violence (that they themselves secretly caused) if the public surrenders that right.

The police are social trash, and are not worthy of respect.  Police boast about lying to people they claim to investigate.  Yet when they get on the stand, judges and juries trust their word above all others, even though they are the most likely to lie, and lie the most often.  Their job security depends upon them always being right so they need to lie. 

Evidence that Law Enforcement is Using Swift to Stalk Me

I have confirmed that Taylor Swift was being used to stalk me in collusion with the government and trust me, I am not delusional.  

There are an abundance of Taylor Swift stalker stories flooding the news right now, and they appear to be there for no other reason than to give me the evidentiary basis to write this post.  

Something is going on here guys.  Is she attracting all these stalkers with coded messages and innuendo?  That appears to be a highly plausible theory. That's why they induced Travis Reinking to perform that shooting around the time I was getting ready to write my post on Taylor Swift.  They want me to show you the truth: that the stalkers are obsessed with Swift because she codes messages in her videos to seduce them, and the corrupt animals at the FBI use her music to try and frame people up and discredit them.

As we saw in my previous post, and in the coincidences presented above, I have already presented considerable evidence in support of the theory that I was being stalked by the U.S. government in complicity with Taylor Swift, and that they were seeking to frame me as an erotomanic stalker. 

Just to recap:

In Fall 2014, I discovered the supermodel Karlie Kloss, who shared a physical similarity with me in the pattern of small speck-like moles on both our face’s.  I later determined that Kloss was a celebrity deliberately selected for fame based on this physical resemblance to me alone.

Circumstances suggest that Karlie Kloss was accorded her celebrity status based on this physical resemblance:

In late 2014, I graduated college, and was undergoing a reported mind control medical procedure within the modern day Mk Ultra program that was intended to cure me of a felonious assault I suffered at the hands of a female police informant.  The purported cure involved browsing photos of hot chicks on the web.  I naturally turned to lingerie models, and lo and behold, a lookalike that just reached the age of majority was one of the first models I discovered for a prominent lingerie brand.  Perfectly timed.  This was not a mere coincidence, this was planned.

Of course, I had to avoid viewing lingerie photos of Karlie early on.  Since she had only recently just turned legal, I had reason to be concerned that the FBI would try to surreptitiously slip me some underage photos of Karlie and then try to blackmail me.  I don’t really look at photos of Karlie in lingerie for this reason.

After discovering Karlie Kloss in late 2014, around Spring 2015, I discovered Taylor Swift.  I had heard of Swift before, but it was only as a result of the Feds feeding me her musical content on my YouTube homepage that I finally heard her music and found out what she looked like. 

I witnessed targeted statements in her videos, such as talk of bullying, and “frenemies” (which describes the nature of every friend I ever had, all of them were malicious police snitches seeking to ruin me).  I also noticed an obvious reference to a previous blog post I had written on my voice recorder in her "voice memo" bonus tracks for her 1989 album.

Doppelganger References in Taylor's Social Clique

I eventually discovered Swift’s purported best friend at the time was Karlie Kloss, my celebrity doppelganger (‘oh, gee, look who’s she hanging out with…’).  Again things got extremely suspicious.

In addition to the Kloss friendship, I also noticed that Taylor appeared to have a best 'guy friend' in the pop star Ed Sheeran who physically resembled someone of significance in the campaign against me.  Specifically, Sheeran appeared to be a 'doppelganger' resembling the step-brother of a girl I was forced into an extended sexual relationship with, and it appeared that this resemblance was an insinuation that Taylor would be a future sex partner, and that the powers that be were planning an arranged marriage for me and Swift.

Ed Sheeran featuring a 'Mullet' haircut (and Mullet is my last name) signaling that he was being used to target me (photo not illustrative of doppelganger referred to in text).

I cannot publish a photo of the Sheeran doppelganger for privacy reasons, but note that both Taylor's 'best male friend' and 'best female friend' both represent doppelgangers of persons of significance in the campaign against me.  These coincidences suggests deliberateness on part of the authorities in selecting Taylor's squad members.

References to Me In the Taylor Swift News Stories

You probably are still not fully convinced that Taylor Swift is stalking me.  Let's move on and look at some more references in the mass media, her music videos, and her other content.

First, let's examine some apparent references in the news.  The first is a reference to my song Cloud 9 and it's corresponding image that appears to reflect the ideas explored in my Master's thesis, namely, the dualistic notion of contrary elements within the human condition, such as a split between body and soul, masculine and feminine, good and evil, ying and yang, etc.  I was manipulated into creating the photo in late 2011, which later gave the Feds a convenient foundation to begin targeting me more strongly in the mass media.

The infamous Cloud 9 image, which has seen numerous references within pop culture since being posted to YouTube initially in late 2011

 Here is a screenshot of a news article entitled: “Taylor Swift on Cloud 9 with Tom Hiddleston.”

Notice the split down the center with the male (Hiddleston) on the right and the female (Swift) on the left (reflecting the dualistic Cloud 9 image).  Also note the fact that the term “Cloud 9” is used in the title of the news story, making this story a clear reference to my song (originally posted to the web in late 2011).  Notice I even posted a content description of the song on my blog on Taylor Swift's birthday on December 13th 2011, which was years before I had discovered her.

The use of the term Cloud 9, alongside the male-female ‘split’ down the center, confirms that the news article is indeed a reference to my song Cloud 9 and my M.A. thesis.

An additional news article reference was apparent in an article about a London based rapper who goes by 'Professor Green' whose real name is 'Stephen Manderson.'  He claims he would never date Swift, claiming she is too "promiscuous."

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) is a Reference to Stephen Mullet and his Green Cloud 9 Image

This is a news story that is no doubt targeting me.  First, I have a PhD in sociology and Professor Green fancies himself a professor, or a 'doctor.'  Second, his name is Stephen Manderson.  My name is Stephen Mullet.  Both of us have initials 'SM.'  Third, his name is Professor 'Green.'  This is clearly a reference to my green Cloud 9 image, and the fact that I have a PhD and would likely have become a professor, if not for being discriminated against in my degree program.

Notice the coincidences keep racking up (e.g., the doppelganger's in Taylor's clique, the references in the news), and they all converge on me being the exact person targeted.

Reference to Me in Taylor Swift's Music Videos

After discovering Taylor Swift, I eventually noticed references to me in some of her music videos --

One of the first real references I noticed was a reference in her Bad Blood video.  The reference, once again, is to the infamous Cloud 9 image. Notice the split down the center of the face, illustrating the dualistic concept of a mix between masculine and feminine, good and evil, mind and body, etc.

The first signs of a link between my Cloud 9 image and Taylor Swift trace all the way back to late 2011 when I was working on my dissertation in graduate school, long before I was even familiar with Taylor Swift.  

It was during this time that I wrote Cloud 9, which is arguably my best song, and the song that represents the most effective example of my musical style to date.  As discussed above, long before I was a Swift fan, I was mind controlled into writing a blog post describing my musical vision for the song on 12/13/11, which is Taylor Swift’s birthday.  The date of post -- Swift's birthday -- clearly foreshadows the references to the song Cloud 9 that the Feds planned to have Swift make years later in 2013 -- 2015.  These references include the one above in the Bad Blood video.

The implication is that way back in 2011 the Feds were stalking me in preparation for the eventual phase in which I would discover Taylor Swift and observe her making the references to me in pop culture.  My fortune had been planned in advance, and all my behavior and actions were being manipulated deterministically through force administered on me by the government.

Taken together, we can conclude the Bad Blood reference targets me directly when it is viewed in connection with all the other exhibits presented thus far, including the 'Cloud 9' news article with Tom Hiddleston, the Professor Green story, and the doppelgangers Karlie Kloss and Ed Sheeran.

References to Me in Taylor Swift's Sex Partners 

Another thing I noticed when observing Swift's press coverage was that many of her sex partners, or guys she dated, tended to mirror back features of myself and the circumstances surrounding the stalking campaign, including defamatory information (false light) that had been spread about me as part of the harassment I was victim to at Kent State.

It appears that, like myself, Taylor's sex partners are prearranged, in order to create synchronicity with myself (and I suspect she is conscious of this fact).

Let's take a look at some of Taylor's former flames in order to prove that Taylor Swift is indeed stalking me.

First Sex Partner Comparison -- Lucas Till

If you still aren't fully convinced that Taylor is being used to stalk me, this first sex partner comparison should lay your doubts to rest.

Very early in her career, Taylor made a reference to me in her music video for "You Belong with Me," in which she attempts to seduce me by proxy using an ex-boyfriend, Lucas Till, who starred in the video.  The seduction attempt involved Swift attempting to toy with me emotionally using a profession of love.

As seen above with Karlie Kloss, one of the ways the government stalked me was by making references to my mole defect by selecting people for fame and using people with moles in similar locations to myself in politics, pop culture and the mass media.  After directly signaling through these more overt indicators that any given person was 'targeting' me, they would then get my attention and be able to convey messages in a more subtle, indirect fashion.

This practice extended to Taylor Swift --

Quite obviously, Lucas Till was picked to star in her video for "You Belong with Me" because he resembled me in that he featured a mole behind his right jaw line.  Notice the album "Fearless" is also the album featuring the song "Hey Stephen," which also appears to be targeting me, in addition to the other parallel figure she was using as a cover.

The more people doubt me, the more evidence keeps coming to light.  I am indeed the "Stephen" who keeps coming up in pop culture so frequently. . .

Now if you still aren't convinced, further consider the fact that opening scene in the "You Belong with Me" video is a reference to the movie American Beauty.  This movie also features an actress, Thora Birch, who is distinguished by the small speck-like moles on her face, which are similar to mine in character, although in a different pattern.  The indirect link to Birch confirms that it is me specificallly that is being targeted.  Lucas Till, no doubt, is indeed intended to represent me in the video as well.

Notice Taylor even goes so far to insinuate that she is in love with me, likely since she's being so generously rewarded with money and career advancement for stalking me and performing the mind control work for the government.

There is more about Thora's mole pattern that irrefutably confirms that I am being targeted and that Taylor Swift is making a veiled promise of a sexual relationship, but I can't discuss this here for privacy reasons.

Second Sex Partner Comparison -- Jake Gyllenhaal

Let's take a look at one more of Taylor Swift's exes before moving on.  This time, we'll look at one that was a little more significant in her life.  This one is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Now, as seen with Lucas Till, it appears that Gyllenhaal also features a mole, which is suggestive of synchronicity with myself.  While Till's mole was smoking gun, Gyllenhaal's is significant only in the mere fact that a mole is present.

Jake Gyllenhaal featuring a mole above his lip like Cindy Crawford...

Jake Gyllenhaal is further significant in that he is rumored to be a homosexual.  I myself am fully straight, or heterosexual, and have never so much as experimented, or even fantasized about homosexual activity.  Nonetheless, I was maliciously character defamed as a closeted homosexual at my former school for purposes of harassment.

The fact that many of Swift's sex partners are rumored to be gay (and that some, such as Harry Styles may be fully bisexual) appears to reflect the fact that I was character defamed in this respect in college.  Through a practice of making sure all Taylor's boyfriends are 'rumored' to be gay, at minimum, the Feds were able to keep me at least on 'even keel' with the competition.

In fact, since many of the guys she associates with are openly bi-sexual, in many respects, I have an 'advantage' since I have refused to budge in my staunch adherence to pure heterosexuality.  Quite simply, I would sooner die than go gay.

I do feel bad for Taylor for the sacrifice she had to make for her wealth and fame, and hope they release her from this burden.  While I consider myself a liberal and support equal rights, it appears Taylor's pattern of LGBT advocacy is excessive and not entirely authentic for her given her country background.  Her advocacy appears to be rooted in the guys she is being made to date, and she appears to be rationalizing her own oppression.

The rumor that I was a homosexual was fully defamatory and part of an extortion and sex trafficking strategy at Kent State that was intended to induce me to sexual promiscuity, and ultimately force me into an extended sexual relationship with a female police informant below my worth.  The girl subsequently ensnared me in the relationship with a felonious assault that injured me in a way that made it difficult to exit.  The Feds then stretched their ties to the community through the COPS program to force me into isolation and make her my only option, essentially 'locking me in a basement' as a slave for her gratification.

The sextortion strategy was to tell me that I had been institutionally "classified" as a suspected homosexual, and then to enhance my isolation ('stigma plus'), in order to forcibly compel me to go out and try to disprove the classification with sexual promiscuity.  I will not elaborate any more on the situation, but more is written about it in this post and this post.

References to My Previous Blog Postings in Swift's Work

Additional synchronicities between me and Taylor Swift can be seen in her references to some of my blog postings -- 

A Reference to my Voice Recorder Blog Post

One of the first references I noticed was her reference to my blog post entitled: “Digital Voice Recorders: A Must Have Tool for Any Musician.”

In the blog posting, I describe how it is useful to use a voice recorder to record song ideas as they emerge so that one does not lose any ideas or melodies they may come up with.

In apparent reference to the post, Taylor Swift, on an early release of her 1989 album, included “voice memos” as bonus tracks on the album.

In her interviews, Swift describes her voice recorder (her cell phone) as indispensable and claims to use the voice recorder in many of the same ways described in the blog post.

Of course, how do we know it refers to my blog post?  Well in this case it’s subtle.  

The inclusion of voice memos is odd, and it seems like she over-intellectualizes a justification for including the memos.  In one interview, which I do not want to dig up, she claims she included them so that the listener “could see the entire 'process' of writing a song from start to finish” (inexact quote). 

The general point is that it appears she included them to make a reference to me and then slapped a contrived justification on it to try and conceal the true motive – which is exactly what I do with the voice recorder post, and on many of the posts in my former blog.

Further, although a description of this last point is beyond the scope of the current article, I tended to illustrate and discuss the 'process' behind writing and forming a band within much of my former blog, the Everyday Guitarist, and Swift had reported in an interview trying to give her fans a lesson in the song writing 'process' through inclusion of the memos.

A Reference to My 'Circus' Blog Post

Another apparent reference to a blog post can be seen in an apparent reference to my post “Local Music Scene: Quickly Becoming One Big Circus?

Obviously, this one is not conclusive, but consider the fact that there was a great deal of circus metaphor observed in pop culture after I wrote this post on July 9th 2011, which I believe was pre-concocted.  These references included: (1) the closing of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, (2) the Donald Trump documentary, The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Documentary on Earth, (3) Taylor Swift’s circus backdrop for the last song on her Red tour, and (4) the Ohm record “Circus of Sound,” which pre-dated the blog post).

This fourth example above is only of relevance to my own unique experience as a gang stalking target.  The album served as evidence that former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, who died playing drums for former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland's band Ohm, was murdered by remotely induced cardiac arrest.

The point is -- whatever the order of causation, I was induced into writing a blog post using the circus metaphor in order to manufacture a synchronicity with the above 'pop cultural' phenomena in order to facilitate the stalking campaign in the years 2015 and 2016.

References to Household Adornments and Shared Culture

In addition to mirroring my blog posts, there was a series of references that appeared to be mirroring my family’s household adornments, particularly, my mother’s handmade quilts, especially those in the ‘family’ room. 

The Feds appear to have been trying to invoke thoughts of ‘family,’ to convince me that Taylor and I shared a common culture and that we were fit to be arranged as spouses.

Reference to Movie Reel Quilt

The significance of the quilts was signaled in what I believe was late 2012 to early 2013, when my mother showed me a quilt she had recently completed.  It was a quilt depicting a movie reel of my life with photographs imprinted on fabric.

Eventually, I discovered an apparent reference to this quilt in a backdrop on Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, in the opening movie reel scene from her song “22,” my favorite Swift song.

See the comparison above.  Of course, the Taylor Swift reel is done much better justice when seen in actual video.

I’m not sure in this case which came first, the quilt or the movie reel footage but it appears that my mother got inside knowledge about the Red tour from the government and made the quilt to stalk me.  The significant gesture of completing the quilt around the start of the stalking procedure in late 2012 -- early 2013 suggests that the Feds were indeed planning to have Swift make references to the quilts (and I do believe the quilt was completed before the Red Tour started).

Reference to Pyramid Quilt

Another quilt that was mirrored was my mother’s quilt titled “1,000 Pyramids” that appeared to be referenced in a backdrop of Taylor’s song 'State of Grace.'  This reference is less suggestive, but notice the obvious Illuminati reference in the Pyramids (the 'Illuminati pyramid' symbolizing knowledge and enlightenment). 

Reference to Alphabet Quilt

Last but not least is my mother’s alphabet quilt, which was completed in 1989, the year Taylor Swift was born.   

The synchronicity is evident in the fact that Taylor was born in 1989 in a city named “Reading” Pennsylvania.  Of course, Pennsylvania is symbolically, the 'next door neighbor' of Ohio, and the letters of the alphabet, of course, relate to the concept of 'reading.'

So how could the 1989 synchronicity be deliberate?  Taylor Swift was chosen for fame at birth, and like me and Karlie Kloss, I may have been intended as her counterpart.

I had been selected for slavery in the Mk Ultra program since early childhood, minimum, and my entire life has been spent carrying out a pre-conceived script, or life narrative that reflected my purpose within the broader socio-political order.  Taylor Swift (or some other arbitrary figure, had fortune caused it to not work out with Swift) had been planned to have some role in that life from the start.

Notice in the movie reel footage on the Red Tour, Taylor's family had her playing piano and engaging in musical activities from a young age, suggesting her fame was planned.  The government was able to control with high probability that they would be able to instill the precise skill-set necessary to make sure Taylor Swift 'had what it took' to become a pop-star.

Now how do we know the quilt references are deliberate and not all in my head?  You have to consider: ‘why did Steve identify so many quilt references in her web content?  Why are quilts being mirrored?’  The answer is because the references are deliberate.   

The mirroring of quilts was intended to draw a cultural affinity between me and Swift.  Swift was raised Presbyterian, which was the church my family went to in early childhood.  The mirroring of my family’s culture was intended as part of the seduction strategy, and intended to seduce me with a promise of marriage (again, which I was not buying).

Also note that, across the quilt references, we see a reference to the Illuminati pyramid and the concept of 'enlightenment' or 'illumination.'  We also see a quilt about 'reading,' which is a source of knowledge or enlightenment.  Then we see a reference to Protestant culture, which places high value on literacy, education, and 'reading.'

Lastly, and this one clinches it -- the reference to the 'pyramid' quilt was contained in Swift's live performance of the song 'State of Grace' on the Red Tour.  The implied message is 'saved by grace' like the Protestant religious doctrine.  The affinity between the quilts and Swift's live references was indeed intended to be 'religious' in nature and it was indeed intended to target me.

Extracting the latent message, it appears that the references suggest that the 'Illuminati' cult-network is primarily liberal Protestant in nature.  The FBI (one of the more proximal sources of mass media stalking within government) itself is a predominantly liberal Protestant organization, with the legendary J Edgar Hoover himself being Presbyterian and the recent director James Comey reportedly being Methodist.

Targeting in News Stories -- The Dave Mueller False Flag Ass Grab

Lastly, mirroring was evident in a news story: Taylor’s legendary dispute with David Mueller, the guy that allegedly grabbed her “ass” while posing for a photo.  Notice that Mueller and Mullet, as we saw in a previous post, are ‘pretty much the same last name' (and similar last names were one of the ways conspiracy was signaled and the FBI subjected me to targeted communications).

The news story was intended to metaphorically false light me and tried to paint me as an ass-grabber when this is outrageous.  I have never groped a woman before.  This is not my style.  Even if an ass grab seems like a minor delict, this is still way more hard-core than anything I’ve ever done or ever could do.  This is absolute false light -- and the ass grab was a 'false flag.'

Of course, now you see that there is some obvious stalking going on in Taylor Swift’s news and media content. 

FBI Takes Credit for Swift References and Further Attempts to Seduce Me

Now consider this – the Feds actually provide an admission to being behind the Swift references with their campaign of vanity plate stalking, which featured plates priming me on Taylor Swift and her web content.  

The goal was to keep thoughts of Swift running through my mind in order to convince me they were prepping me to marry Taylor Swift, or at the very least, be a sex slave for Swift (i.e., someone she could keep around to have sex with on the side when she was not with the person she was dating publicly).

Here’s a plate that reads “MR TAYLR” that was apparently intended to convince me that me and Taylor Swift would get married:

Here’s one that’s a reference to her birthday on 12/13/89.  No doubt, it is Taylor Swift’s birthday they intended me to see it as.  Eventually, however, I discovered that the Batman shooter, James Holmes has the same birthday (12/13/87).

Then we have a weaker reference in a plate reading TAYS 220, although no doubt, the Feds would have known I’d interpret “Tays” as referring to “Taylor” (trust me, their mind control skills are that good).  Taylor is even reported to have tried to sue Microsoft over use of the name 'Tay,' on which she attempted to claim ownership (probably to 'throw me a bone' and substantiate this evidence point with a news article).


There is still quite a bit more references to me that Taylor Swift (and the media) did, but I am getting tired of writing.  That should be enough to convince you.  There is still a smoking gun doppelganger resembling her best male friend, Ed Sheeran, that I have yet to present.  The doppelganger resemblance is highly suggestive and intended to convince me that me and Taylor would have a sexual relationship.  I can’t show this one, however, for privacy concerns.  

Anyway, the Feds are rushing me to get this one up here.  I made email after email to the FBI and the DOJ today trying to get a cease and desist on them violating my rights and they did not even reply.  I thus have to publish all my evidence to enforce Brady, lest they falsely arrest me and conceal all their crimes.

Anyway, the results are clear -- there are no doubt targeted messages towards me in Taylor Swift’s web content, and they no doubt, tried to seduce me into developing a pathological attachment to her while trying to be stealthy enough to be plausibly deniable.  They failed, and I could see right through the FBI’s dirty tricks. 

The fact that stalking occurred is conclusively evident in the Cloud 9 references, the Kloss friendship, the Waffle House shooter, her sex partners, the Mueller case, the movie reel quilt, the alphabet quilt, the Ed Sheeran doppelganger (not shown), and of course, the vanity plates references.  

The coincidences keep stacking up. And remember, you have to consider the Swift evidence in relation to all the other evidence I’ve presented thus far and have yet to present.  When all it is taken together, any lapses in distinctiveness of the Swift exhibits are offset when you consider these smaller references within the context of the larger pattern, from which we can firmly conclude that stalking has indeed occurred.

‘Till next time…

Now why would Taylor be making references to Arch Enemy an obscure Swedish Death Metal act?  Why?  Because I listen to death metal.  It appears she stalked me with the Arch Enemy lookalike photo (or I was at least one of the intended targets).  'Is she my Arch Enemy too, now that I've made this blog post?'  Notice the simulated lip ring right down the center of Taylor's lip on the far left.  This is no doubt, intended as a reference to Alissa White Gluz, the current lead singer of Arch Enemy.

Notice as soon as they flashed the Swift photo in which she looks like Gluz on my Google+ homepage, there was also a photo of Arch Enemy Singer Alissa White Gluz, which suggests (1) that the Swift photo was intended to look like Gluz, and (2) that it was targeting me.  How'd they get both to show up?  I'm a member of both Taylor Swift communities and metal communities on Google+.  Of course, that's the 'cover' however.  The real reason is because they stalked me to get them to appear at the same time.  

Don't believe me about the Arch Enemy reference above?  Here's another 'metal' reference that only a unique target would notice.

And here's a coded message embedded in the use of the digital root, a method for analyzing numbers seen in the video game 999:

See my first 'conspiracy theory' blog post for evidence on why Jason Bitsko is significant.  Prior to decoding this message I had discovered the Bitsko mileage photo on Google Image Search and immediately made a link to the photo when decoding the 'slot machine' message.

Erin Heatherton, another celebrity that was used to stalk me added into the picture.  Notice her birthday 3/4/89 confirms that the 'halfway there' computation of 3/4 in the Swift and Holmes birthdays is significant, and that it is intended as a reverse of my 4/3 birthday number.  I have more evidence linking Heatherton to Swift but this should suffice for now.


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