Washington Ties: Doppelgangers on Capitol Hill

My previous two posts dealt with bare bones crime solving using a numerical form of communication that I have termed here as the “Illuminati Code,” which the U.S. government has been using to signal their manipulations within society. 

Over the past few posts, using the Illuminati Code, I have presented an abundance of circumstantial evidence suggesting that the U.S. government conspired to murder Kent State football player Jason Bitsko, drummer Nick Menza, and guitarist Dimebag Darrell.  

To a lesser extent I have presented suggestive evidence that the government is implicated in the deaths of actor Heath Ledger, and rocker Tom Petty. 

That’s a lot of crime solving for no pay, and when I say I’m solving crime, I do not mean that I’ve provided a few spooky coincidences for you to have a stoner moment with.  I mean, quite literally, by a preponderance of evidence, more likely than not, the U.S. Government, acting through law enforcement, killed these people with satellite dish based weapons.

While the idea of an ‘Illuminati Code’ may sound like a hokey marketing strategy, what I am showing you is a legitimate method for inferring the existence of a conspiratorial agreement. 

The statutory definition of conspiracy entails an agreement by two or more people to commit some crime in the future, and at least one act in furtherance of that conspiratorial agreement.  The existence of an agreement need not be proved by direct evidence, but may include “circumstantial evidence from which the agreement may be inferred” and “evidence suggesting unity of purpose or common design.” 

This form of inferential evidence is exactly what we saw with the number synchronicities between the deaths of Jason Bitsko and Dimebag Darrell, and the unity between these numbers and my apartment address and date of birth.  The Illuminati Code was present across all these circumstances, suggesting a latent party was behind the scenes manipulating all these events.

The evidence implicates the involvement of a large number of different parties, including the U.S. government, Kent State, the media, the cable company, the nightclub, and even the booking agents within music industry who scheduled the concerts on the dates and in the locations they did to manufacture the synchronicities with the deaths of the celebrities.

All the coincidences seen in my previous two posts suggest that the U.S. government, acting most likely through an FBI badge, has their hands in all the above organizations, and in fact, controls the behavior of these organizations, most likely using an extortion strategy that involves recruiting the power brokers within these institutions into their corrupt blood pact through their joint engagement in criminal activity. 

By this point, I have no doubt established as real the satellite dish weapons they are using to perpetrate these homicides and manipulate individual behavior to manufacture the synchronicities that are suggestive of conspiracy.  

I have shown you that these weapons were pursued as early as Subproject 119 of the MK Ultra project in the 1960’s.  Kent State admits to using the weapons to perpetrate electronic harassment on victims of sexual assault, stalking, and discrimination.  President Obama’s commission on bio-ethics tacitly legitimized the testimony of a large number of targeted individuals claiming to be victims of electronic harassment in an official government forum.

Do you actually think these weapons are sitting around in the cops’ hands getting no use?  They made these weapons because they wanted to find ways to covertly murder people and manipulate their behavior and get away with it.  The reason the government is loathe to admit their existence is because they want to keep depriving you of your rights without due process in order to maliciously prevent you from exercising your rights to the fullest extent guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The reason the courts refuse to recognize the weapons are real is because law enforcement and the intelligence community have the courts in their back pocket.  This includes both judges and juries.  Look back at that score of the OSU football game in my first post, and read my explanation for how that was manipulated.  Now ask yourself, what do you think they could do to a jury’s verdict? 

The cops also have the legal profession in their back pocket.  That lawyer you dropped a $10,000 dollar retainer on?  He could be taking orders from a government official to make you lose your case all to keep his protection arrangement with the state intact, to keep the business funneling into his practice, and to keep himself from being arrested on whatever dirt the state is using to ensure his cooperation. 

That’s right, the outcome of court cases is pre-determined and manipulated by the government.  The courts are a fraud.  The police are frauds.  The whole system’s a fraud.

I, however, speak only the truth.  And In this post I want to further convince you as to why I am an authority on these matters and you can trust what I tell you is true. 

I understand that people will be naturally resistant to the sorts of allegations I’m making; for instance, that the government has top-secret satellite dish weapons that they use to deprive people of the rights without due process.  That case of depression?  That heart attack?  That case of cancer?  It could have all been the government retaliating against you with a satellite dish for exercising a right secured by the U.S. constitution.  No one wants to admit these scary realities, but I have already provided ample evidence in my previous two posts to suggest that these allegations are true.  And this is just a small fraction of the evidence I will present (and the best evidence I can't even show you on the web). 

The Current Post

But that’s beside the point.  The evidence I have shown you is convincing, but in this post I want to show you something more concrete, that confirms, without a doubt, that I am indeed being stalked by the federal government and that I am a figure of some importance within the Illuminati cabal that is orchestrating the socio-cultural and political landscape for the Trump presidency.

The goal is to prove that I have indeed been victim to an extraordinary “Project Monarch” style trafficking victimization and that this is no garden variety case of retaliation.  While retaliation occurred within the context of the broader trafficking offense, this is not a Title IX or Title VII situation, but a full-fledged and highly criminal case of government mind control and sex trafficking traceable to Washington D.C., and featuring the involvement of a large number of celebrities and politicians.

I want you to keep in mind that my primary intention is to prove my victimization is occurring and to render my allegations credible enough to force the DOJ and/or Congress to intervene, arrest my perpetrators, and return me to a state of liberty.

In the last post, we discussed how the U.S. government is using modus operandi’s inspired by the D.C. Comic book villains to signal their manipulations in society.  This last post focused primarily on the 'Joker' as one modus operandi that the government is using.  The current post is going to deal with another modus operandi: Doppelganger (I realize doppelganger is a Marvel character but the predominant tendency has been to use villains from D.C. comics).

In the current post, I present evidence that the stalking situation to which I have been victim is linked to the upper echelons of government, as evidenced by the presence of a number of different lookalikes, or “Doppelgangers” linked to Washington D.C. level political figures.  These figures resembling me appear to have been accorded their roles in society at least partially to signal my importance as an Illuminati figurehead.

In this post, I use the term “doppelganger” very loosely.  Typically the word is used to refer to physical resemblances that rise to the level of the uncanny, and indeed, throughout the stalking campaign there have been a number of these observed.  Most of these, however, I cannot display due to privacy reasons.  I thus use the term doppelganger to refer to anyone showing a moderate similarity in physical features, status attributes, or in name (that is, the ‘mirroring’ technique the government uses to signal they are targeting someone).

I’ve also kept the list of doppelgangers reviewed in this post confined to those with 'Washington Ties,' or people linked to both myself and D.C., establishing my trafficking victimization as being sanctioned by high-level D.C. authorities, or people with ties to the high-level politicians.

Factual Background

After returning home from Kent State University in August 2014, I was still undergoing the experimental mind control medical procedure I was forced to undergo as part of the Project Monarch related program that I was being trafficked in while a student at Kent State. 

The medical procedure involved feloniously assaulting me using a female police snitch, and later aggravating the injury with satellite dish weapons, and then correcting the injury with an experimental program that involved elaborate thought planting techniques to be administered through organized stalking methods.  

The government, acting through state and federal law enforcement, planted thoughts in my head using street theater on the ground, as well as coded messages and references in the media in order to coach me on the cure.

While the details of the procedure will remain unnamed, it relates to a previous post in which I talk about filling my body with endogenous muscle in order to attain full physiological symmetry which subsequently led to rapid improvements in my guitar playing technique.

Doppelganger 1: Karlie Kloss

The experimental procedure involved extensive observation of pornography and scantily clad images of women.  Naturally, at the beginning of the procedure, I turned to lingerie models to begin carrying out the orders related to the procedure.  

It was when I was sifting through the available models that I stumbled upon Karlie Kloss who I immediately noticed shared a striking physical resemblance to me in the presence of two small freckle-like moles on her face in a similar pattern to my own.  

It took me awhile to discover, but I eventually determined that the physical resemblance between me and her was not a mere coincidence.  It appears that she had most likely been selected for fame based on this resemblance, and that the government was using her to bait me into continuing to view supermodels’ social media and web content in order to participate in the mind control medical procedure. 

Karlie also shows some resemblance to me in her personal attributes.  She tends to be brainier than your typical supermodel.  I have a PhD in sociology.  Karlie’s currently working towards a degree in coding and has even started her own non-profit summer camp, “Kode with Klossy,” which provides computer programming courses to girls aged 13 to 18, teaching them basic app and website building skills using languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby.  Another similarity is thus evident in the fact that both of us are teaching some form of  'code.'  Karlie is teaching computer code and I am am here claiming to be teaching the 'Illuminati Code'.

Karlie has a notable tie to Washington D.C. in her partner, Josh Kushner, a Jewish American businessman and investor, who is the brother of Jared Kushner, the spouse of Ivanka Trump, who is of course, the a daughter of Donald Trump, the 45th president (re: Bar 145, jersey #54) of the United States.

How do we know that I am the cause of Karlie’s fame?  Simple, she’s 25. I’m now 33, which makes me about 8 years her senior.  I’ve been trafficked in this program nearly my whole life and the use of mirroring has been a stalking strategy used by the government to influence me from afar.   While the exact details of the arrangement remain unclear, the facts suggest that someone identified the pattern of moles on Karlie’s face, observed that it was similar to mine, then at some point sent an agent along to make an offer to Kloss that she could not refuse: the opportunity to become a high paid supermodel due to this resemblance.  Government actors then went and pulled all the strings behind the scenes to elevate Kloss to her current standing.  

Just like Cindy Crawford, Karlie Kloss would be nothing if not for her moles (that look like mine).

It was not just Karlie that was being used to stalk me (and I use this term loosely).  I discovered that other prominent supermodels and celebrities also appeared to mirror me in some respects (although in ways less prominent than Kloss) and even appeared to be making references to me in their work and communicating messages through innuendo.  Some of these exhibits will be shown in a future post.  Be sure to tune in for more great stalking footage.

Doppelganger 2: Steven Mnuchin

Eventually, the Obama presidency ended and Donald Trump took office.  Having been on the receiving end of organized stalking for years, and being one of the largest, if not the largest gang stalking target in the nation, much of what happens in the media targets me through mirroring and with the Trump presidency it was no different.  

With the Trump presidency out rolled the Mueller’s, the Millers, the Mnuchen’s and everyone that seemed to have a last name that was ‘pretty much the same last name’ as Mullet, or my own last name.  This idea of one last name being 'pretty much the same last name' as another was introduced with a stalking ruse I was administered at Kent State, a description of which is beyond the scope of this article.  

In addition to having similar last names, I also noticed that many of the people  involved in the Trump presidency had the first name 'Steve,' whether spelled as 'Stephen,' as my own name is spelled, or as 'Steven.'  

Somehow people with first and last names similar to mine seemed to be in Trump's inner circle or closely entwined in the issues surrounding the Trump presidency.  Another Capitol Hill 'doppelganger' is thus present in Trump cabinet member and Secretary of the Treasury  Steven Mnuchin. 

As observed with Karlie Kloss, smoking gun evidence of conspiracy was evident in the patterning and location of moles.  Steven Mnuchin features a mole on his left temple similar to a significant mole I have on my right temple.  

Of course, Mnuchin also has the first name “Steve” although spelled differently, and also has a last name that begins with ‘M.’ His last name further contains roughly the same number of letters as my last name and our initials are both "SM."  

Like Josh Kushner, Karlie Kloss’s partner, Steven Mnuchin is Jewish.

If you still aren't convinced that Mnuchin was accorded his role to stalk me, be aware that the true money shot I cannot even show you here for privacy concerns.  Aside from the mole coincidence and the name similar to my own, Mnuchin is a near irrefutable physical doppelganger, or lookalike, to someone significant in the stalking campaign against me.  This person is also Jewish, like Mnuchin, making Mnuchin -- the Secretary of the Treasury -- one of the best 'money shots' I have proving my organized stalking and mind control allegations.

Doppelganger 3: Stephen Miller

Another Capitol Hill doppelganger is present in high level Trump adviser and speech writer, Stephen Miller.  Miller is roughly the same age as myself, and features the same first name (with the same spelling) as myself.  Further, his last name, 'Miller,' is roughly equivalent to the last name 'Mullet.'
Miller is noted to get in heated debates in his interviews, which led to him being escorted off set by security in a CNN interview with Jake Tapper.  I too am notorious for never losing a debate and my intellectual battles are known to frequently get quite intense and heated, with hard feelings often emerging in the opposing party who nearly always loses.

The last name 'Miller' was flagged as significant during a stalking ruse in Kent (not described) involving a girl and a bottle of Miller Light.  The incident was a seduction ruse intended to get me to think the girl's last name was Miller and that this name was 'pretty much the same last name' as my own last name Mullet.  This incident signaled that the government was going to be stalking me with similar names and from then on out similar last names served as a marker of conspiracy.

Stephen Miller is a Jew like Josh Kushner, and Steven Mnuchin.  

Doppelganger 4: Robert Mueller

Another high-level political figure with a last name resembling myself is former FBI director Robert Mueller, who was appointed to investigate collusion with Russia and the Trump administration to tamper with the election results.  Knowing what I know about how this country works, this was a staged political spectacle that was intended to set the stage for the brief 'Cold War' with Russia.  If there actually was Russian involvement and actual 'tampering' it would have been a controlled breach of security involving our own intelligence forces (i.e., the CIA, NSA, DOD, and FBI).

The similarity between Mueller and myself is obviously most evident in our last names: Mueller and Mullet, with both names resembling the word ‘mule’ (the animal) and the word ‘mull’ (to contemplate or ponder).  This latter etymological observation leads to my next point of continuity --

Another similarity between Mueller and myself is that both of us are doing a ‘probe’ or 'investigation.'  Upon graduation, Kent State and the FBI compelled me to inquire into my victimization with a new discrete manipulation, which made my life impossible to live, and gave me no choice but to pursue litigation.  In the process of violating my rights, they compelled me to investigate the government, the results of which are being presented on this blog. 

The final conclusion of my 'probe' is that the government controls everything that happens in society through clever manipulation of events.  Virtually every high profile criminal case, every terrorist attack, every movie that comes out, every major political scandal, is all controlled by the government in order to shape the socio-cultural narrative and the unfolding of history.  

In short, what this CIA whistle blower states on infowars.com is indeed correct --

"Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services.  In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant, pushed on by the FBI.  In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism.  We've become a lunatic asylum."

And I have the evidence to prove this statement true.  Without my evidence this could have just been some guy making something up, or fake news intended to get attention.  In this blog, I am going to prove this statement correct with reference to an abundance of clear and convincing evidence.

I am going to prove that the government is behind nearly every terrorist attack on U.S. soil, with all these attacks being best conceptualized as 'false flags.'  

Doppelganger 5: Steven M. Dettelbach

Another doppelganger with D.C. ties can be seen in a former U.S. Attorney for the Cleveland branch of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.  This is Steven M. Dettelbach. He appears to have enough information about him on the web that he can rightly be considered a public figure. 

The first thing you’ll note is that Dettelbach and I both have the same first name, “Steven," although his is spelled differently.  The second thing you’ll notice is that we have the same initials only re-arranged.  His initials are SMD.  My initials are SDM (Stephen D. Mullet).  

Following the pattern established above, Steven M. Dettelbach is also a Jew, like Josh Kushner, Steven Mnuchin, and Stephen Miller.

You may notice that Dettelbach resembles Mnuchin physically.  As I noted above, Steven Mnuchin resembles a significant figure in the gang stalking campaign who I can't name for privacy reasons.  As stated, this figure is also a Jew and he also resembles Dettelbach, in addition to Mnuchin.  This figure was a state-sponsored gang stalker that was appointed to serve as my 'rival figure' in the mind control program to help create a compelling life narrative.

Now this next coincidence is extremely smoking gun -- 

Steven M. Dettelbach, who resembles the rival figure, is the attorney who prosecuted Sam Mullet, the purported ‘cult leader’ behind the bizarre Amish beard cutting case that received substantial press coverage in late 2011 through 2012.

You may also notice that Sam Mullet, the perpetrator, has the same last name as myself, and also the same initials.  This is no coincidence, this synchronicity was manufactured.  Sam Mullet is intended as a metaphorical parallel to myself, and he was prosecuted by Steven Dettelbach, the male resembling my intended 'rival' figure.  That's right, the government intimidated me vicariously through Sam Mullet as a targeted news story, and they used a lookalike, or doppelganger, of my intended 'rival' figure to do it (this is Dettelbach, the prosecutor). 

The Sam Mullet story hit the news around the time I was released from an extended 3.5 – 4 year relationship with an ugly overweight police informant that sexually assaulted me 1,000 plus times or more.  The Sam Mullet story was part of the retaliatory harassment campaign I was subjected to upon termination of the relationship.

Law enforcement forced me into the relationship and they refused to let me out of it, despite the fact that I was screaming bloody murder at this girl on a near weekly basis telling her I did not want to be with her and that we needed to break up.  But the police isolated me, told every other girl in town to stay away from me, and intimidated me with entrapment harassment and threats of calumny whenever I tried to break up with her.  They further had her stalk me to force interaction on me.  I could not go to the police because she was working for the police and they had previously intimidated me with threats of false arrest if I ever reported their informants.  Even more force than that was used, which I won’t describe here.  Either way, it was made impossible to exit.

After the break-up, the police, acting in ‘protect the institution’ mode went after me hard core, and were trying to entrap me on crimes they could use to arrest me, bring me in, and try to use to neutralize me as a legal threat.  They failed miserably to entrap me, much to their dismay. 

While I was being terrorized with entrapment harassment intended to protect their informant, the Sam Mullet news story (intended as a metaphor referring to me) was plastered up on the news, and I’m thinking, in terror, ‘Is that referring to me? When’s it going to turn into Steve Mullet…’ 

And the real kicker -- Sam Mullet resembles Uncle Sam, the 'true' perpetrator...

In short, the Sam Mullet prosecution, whether justified or not, appears to have been done to stalk me.   And here’s the truly shocking part: the Sam Mullet prosecution was planned.  That’s right, they had it planned all along.  They were scheming against this guy for years, and how ironic that they had a crime ready to charge him with shortly after I was released from the relationship with their informant.

In an email with the police informant, we joke about the idea of her getting an Amish bonnet to wear.  Notice she flags the email as "very important" to signal it as significant.  Also notice the date: 2/19/2009, well before the Sam Mullet prosecution.  I've removed the girls name from the photo. See image below:

Now recall that this relationship was with an FBI informant, which suggests that this was no coincidence.  It further appears the informant was granted inside knowledge about the pending prosecution.  They no doubt had the Sam Mullet prosecution planned years in advance and they had reasons other than justice for doing it.

Doppelganger 6: Cathy O’Brien

The last doppelganger linking me to D.C. is Cathy O’Brien, the most widely recognized victim of slavery in the Monarch Program.  Cathy claims to have been sold into slavery in early childhood by a pedophile father who was seeking a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card on child pornography charges.  Cathy purports to be used as a ‘presidential model’ or a sex slave servicing high-level politicians.  She recounts stories of being passed around sexually to high-level Washington politicians, including Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, and Ronald Reagan. 

Cathy O’Brien features a striking physical resemblance between her and myself in the fact that like Steven Mnuchin, she appears to feature a significant mole over her right temple.  The presence of moles in these same locations suggest that this may have been one of the reasons both me and Cathy were selected for slavery in the program.

On a side note --

Rosemary LaBianca, one of the women murdered by Charles Manson’s followers, also features a mole in this same location, as if the presence of a mole over the temple is a marker of victimization.  Is this the legacy of Rosemary LaBiancha at work?  Does this suggest that Charles Manson was a government puppet?

Back to Cathy -- lastly, Cathy O’Brien recently took a purported mind control victim under her wing when she recruited a girl, Shaela Miller, to be her assistant.  The name Shaela Miller, of course, contains the same initials as my own name, and the last name Miller, is quite similar to Mullet. 

The coincidence suggests Shaela was transported to work for Cathy in order to create a synchronicity with myself.  Is this the girl referred to in the Miller Light bottle stalking ruse described above?

And by this point it should be well established that I am no doubt being trafficked in a mind control program resembling Project Monarch by the U.S. government, and that this victimization is being sanctioned by high-level politicians in Washington, D.C.


Much to the dismay of my persecutors, once again, in yet another blog post, claims that people thought impossible to prove have been demonstrated to be absolutely true.  I have once again proven the extraordinary.  My allegations are not delusion: I am no doubt being trafficked in the mythical “Project Monarch” which many people do not even believe to exist.
The FBI is getting scared.  These cowardly animals are trying to silence me because I have smoking gun proof that they're liars, rapists, and murderers.  These petty little homosexuals at the FBI know my allegations are true and that my readers can see that.  Soon the public will know the truth.
The FBI has already begun obstructing me.  As I was drafting this post they dispatched some members of their snitch ring stationed at my apartment building to seize me with noise torture by having someone slam a door in the hallway all day long, causing alarm, interrupting my thoughts, and making it impossible to think or focus.  Justice will soon come, however.

Once again, this is just a small fraction of my evidence.  Expect future posts to render my allegations even more credible.  I have this scum proven guilty of crimes against humanity beyond a reasonable doubt.  The DOJ needs to man up and face their crimes and grant me the justice I deserve.

‘Till next time.


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