PROOF: U.S. Government Murdered Avicii and Prince

After a short break, I’m back with another post.  I’ll be brief this time.  The Feds recently leveled a major attack at me that obstructed me while I was in the process of working on my legal complaint to submit to the FBI to get the ball rolling on litigating the government and Kent State University for their long pattern of harassment.  I am running lower and lower on energy as a result of their attempts to silence me.

As for the current post, I’m here to present some evidence confirming that the U.S. government conspired to murder the pop stars Prince and Avicii.

I was planning to write this post on celebrity stalking as a continuation of my previous post, but today I discovered conclusive proof confirming that both Avicii and Prince were murdered by the U.S. government. I had already known that both of them were murdered but did not have enough proof to formally advance the hypothesis. The evidence is extraordinary. Be sure to fully read and appreciate this post. It will once again prove that my allegations and evidence of conspiracy are a force to be reckoned with. I have already proven the FBI a bunch of cowards that did not let me leak this blog to the press because it is so credible that they are afraid.

Stalking Sequence of Events

The process in which I confirmed that both Prince and Avicii were murdered by the U.S. government is presented in the following sequence of events:

In late 2011, I posted my song Cloud 9 to the web, which featured a provocative image of me over a black and green hue with a split down the center of my face.  The image was part of a plan I had to enhance my musical format by including artwork with the songs I released on YouTube.

The Cloud 9 image turned out to be a perfect representation of the dualistic notion that the human condition is characterized by a conflict between two contrary and conflicting elements, e.g., good and evil, body and soul, mind and body.  The philosophical perspective known as dualism was the topic explored in my Master's thesis, and I eventually discovered that both the thesis and the Cloud 9 image were the product of elaborate thought planting tactics the government had been using on me as part of the mind control program I was being trafficked in during my time as a college student.

The song Cloud 9 itself represented an eclectic mix of different musical styles and represented what I believed by that point to be the best example I had yet created of my own signature style of heavy metal that blended my classically-influenced guitar style with typical melodic metal songwriting.

In short, Cloud 9 represented the first song in which I had debuted myself as not just a musician, but an artist.

After posting the song in late-2011, by mid-2012, I was still in my graduate program and was forced to take the song down along with my old YouTube channel and blog empire by my graduate school adviser, who had led me to believe I needed to abandon my blogging and musical pursuits in order to prove my loyalty to my degree program in order to get my degree.

Some four years later, in April 2016, I was sick of having no content on the web to share.  On April 20th 2016, I re-posted my song and image 'Cloud 9' to the web.  It appears re-posting the song on this date was no coincidence, but that somehow the government manipulated me into doing it.

The next day, on 4/21/16, the 'artist' known as Prince died.  Again, recall that Cloud 9 was the first song in which I had debuted myself as not just a musician, but an artist.

I knew instantly that the death was significant.  I had long been sensitized to stalking in the mass media as a result of the retaliation and human trafficking situation I endured at my university, and immediately drew a link between the re-posting of my song and Prince's death.

Further inquiry revealed additional synchronicities that were manufactured by the U.S. government in order to signal to me that they were behind Prince's death --

Prince had a mole on his face, which matched the moles on my face. Like my own, Prince's mole stood out as a significant feature.  Recall that stalking me by mirroring my mole patterns was one of the ways the government signaled conspiracy or that something contained a coded message.

In addition to the use of mirroring, another one of the government's modus operandi's was present in the stalking sequence of events: an embedded joke.  As described in my post on the death of Nick Menza, the government is using the D.C. comic book villain the 'Joker' as one of their modus operandi's for their extrajudicial homicides, and frequently, there will often be an embedded joke in the news stories detailing their various false flag operations.

In this case, the 'Joker' punchline was clear: 'there’s a new prince in town…' or 'the rise of a new prince...'  It was as if I had mortally upstaged the 'artist' known as Prince with my song Cloud 9.

Avicii Dies Two Years Later on Anniversary of Prince's Death: More Mirroring Evident

So on 4/20/16, I re-posted Cloud 9. On 4/21/16, the very next day, Prince died.

And the plot further thickens:

Two years later, on 4/20/18, on the anniversary of the Cloud 9 re-post, and on roughly the same day Prince died, the Swedish pop 'artist' Avicii died.

And just today, I discovered the proof of homicide:

Avicii features moles on his face in roughly the same pattern as mine and Karlie Kloss's (my celebrity lookalike).

The government truly is obsessed with my pretty face.

Some circumstantial evidence of homicide --

Notice the date 4/20 has emerged as a significant date within the 'Illuminati Code,' with both Prince and Avicii dying on roughly this same day.  Also consider the fact that both Prince and Avicii are pretentious 'artist' types known for adding a creative flare to their work.  Further notice that both celebrities mirror me in that they are distinguished for their discernible mole features.  In the case of Avicii, the pattern is far too close a match to mine and Karlie's to have occurred by chance.

In short, just like the death of Prince, the death of Avicii was also intended to stalk me.  Both deaths are no doubt homicides and are linked to the circumstances surrounding my trafficking.

An Unexpected and Uncanny Link:  Adolf Hitler

This next set of coincidences conclusively proves that these artists (and musicians) were murdered.  Specifically, there are a number of synchronicities linking three of the four parties in the above photograph to the tyrannical dictator Adolf Hitler --

First, both Prince and Avicii's dates of death are the same as the day Adolf Hitler was born (that is, 4/20).

Second, my date of birth, April 30th 1984, is the anniversary of the day Adolf Hitler died in 1945.  This day is a European holiday known as Walpurgisnacht, which is also the day the Church of Satan was founded in 1966.

Third, Hitler was an aspiring artist before rising to power.  Both me and Prince outwardly fancy ourselves both artists and musicians.  Further, Avicii's music also takes on an artistic flare.

Fourth, the Mk Ultra program and the derivative program I am being trafficked in are reported to have been continuations of the Nazi mind control research agenda pursued by Hitler and his followers.

Fifth, both Hitler and Prince all to strikingly remind one of Machiavelli's philosophical concept of the Prince, which of course fits Hitler, but served to signal the significance of Prince the pop star.

So -- Hitler died the day I was born.  As we saw with the pop star Prince, did I mortally upstage Hitler as well?  Is there yet again, a New Prince in Town?  Will we soon be witnessing the Rise of a New Prince?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Solving the Mystery: Speculating as to Cause of Death

So how did they cause the deaths?  Well in Prince's case it is obvious --

A drug overdose, when observed alongside the textbook signs of the 'Illuminati Code', is a clear indicator that the government used their stock ‘frame-up’ strategy that typically involves inducing cardiac arrest using satellite dish weapons and then blaming the death on some pre-existing health condition of the victim (they exploit the concept of a ‘spurious’ association). This is what we observed in the deaths of Kent State football player Jason Bitsko and Nick Menza.

In Avicii's case, although the circumstances are less clear, there is definitely cause to be suspicious:

First, no cause of death was initially reported, and while the death was later reported to have been a suicide, there is no clear indication of how the suicide was carried out.  The primary statements from mere "sources" allege "blood loss after cutting himself with broken glass from a wine bottle."

The initial silence on the cause of death, and the lack of a fully confirmed statement, seems suspicious.  The evidence I've presented here suggests foul play --

The government can easily frame murders as a suicide. For example, the Oman authorities (the country where Avicii died) could have conspired with the U.S. government to kill Avicii using the purported 'broken glass' then conspired with the police to falsely investigate the death and rule it as a suicide.

This theory is not inconceivable at all. I know the FBI conspires with local police all around the nation (these organizations form one unified intelligence apparatus) to engage in corrupt activity, including frame ups, false arrests, and homicides, to which they of course never admit.  The death of 'Avicii' was no doubt another extrajudicial homicide performed by the U.S. government in complicity with their international intelligence apparatus and snitching system.

One final point of synchronicity--

The farmhouse in which Avicii died is reported to have been tied to Oman's royal family, with the house itself being owned by a relative of the sultan of Oman.

That's right.  Royal.  Like a Prince.


So there you have it – the government killed Avicii and Prince, with no remorse, for no other reason than to set the stage for the rise of a new prince.

I will end the tyranny. Please join the fight. Write the FBI and DOJ. Tell them you know will not tolerate living in terror.  Tell them that these pansy-ass cowards need to stop harassing Steve Mullet.

‘Till next time.


  1. A note to my readers: Another bit of continuity has been observed. Two days after I posted this article a shooting occurred in a Texas High School perpetrated by a Dimitrios Pagourtzis. They stalk me in the article below. Dimitrios posted on Facebook on April 30th (my birthday) a picture of himself in a T-shirt reading "born to kill." The shooter showed a fascination with Hitler. Hitler commit suicide on 4/30/45. Hitler was born on 4/20/1889. These dates look familiar? Yes- they do. See the 4-way photo above with Avicii and Princes Death dates, and my birth date. These are no coincidences. The government is obviously behind the Pagourtzis shooting as well.


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  2. Lol -- the day Hitler died was the day I was born... "the rise of a new prince..." Rotfl.

  3. The day Prince and Avicii died (about 4/20) was the day Hitler was born, and the day I was born (4/30) was the day Hitler died. Something's definitely up. Note that 4/20 is about .6666 of the way into the month, and the 20th through the 30th is .3333333.

  4. this whole group of people (my bfz friends) made this big deal the first time i met them (2013) about how i look just like Avicii and they cant believe idk who he was. It was creepy bizarre like the fuss they made over it like everyone was in on some joke except but whatever i didn't know who he was so just forgot about it and anyway i have those same spots on my face in the same orientation. and a birthmark on my lower back. anyway life has only been getting weirder, darker over last 5 years im being stalked and attacked with electromagnetic weapons, sonic weapons and many other forms of assault. for some reason your comments about avicii have some significance to me but i am not sure exactly what.

  5. 4/20 is weed day, that means that governments are full of weed bois, everyday

  6. You're a fucking idiot and have serious issues about how important you are. You are nobody and will always be a nobody

  7. You're a fucking idiot and have serious issues about how important you are. You are nobody and will always be a nobody

    1. Lol -- sounds like a jealous little bitch. If you think there is nothing to the above evidence than you are a moron. That it way too improbable to have occurred by chance. I don't have any issues as to how important I am. Read the other posts on this blog, read my testimony. I went through a long process of sensitization that involved a long pattern of stalking, many statements made my officials at my university, meetings with FBI agents, and more. THIS IS REAL YOU FUCKING MORON! Do you actually think Vladimir Putin and Russia are the only country with rigged elections? Do you think Sadam Hussein and Kim Jung Un are the only leaders that kill their own civilians? You need to be a man and stop drinking the Kool Aid you monkey. Notice how Barack Obama's middle name was Hussein? And his last name, "Obama", rhyms with Osama? Our own president's name is suggestive of the two primary enemies Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Guess what? Those leaders were us! We projected our own sins on our enemy! 9/11 was a false flag! The U.S. Government attacked its own country and then blamed it on the enemey to justify that war! That is TEXTBOOK FALSE FLAG POLITICS! Do you actually think it was just mere chance that Bush got to finish what daddy started!? No you monkey! They made sure Bush Jr and Bush Sr could have a dual legacy by toppling Saddam by giving Bush and excuse to do it! Again this is too improbable to be chance.

    2. I have more evidence that 9/11 was a false flag too! But honestly, the above coincidence should be enough. Then consider this -- the FBI failed to investigate Zacarias Moussaoui after receiving a tip that he had been seeking flight lessons in "Eagan" MN (Notice Eagan shares the same name as James Eagan Holmes, a false flag shooter). The tip even suggested he may have been planning to fly a plane into a sky scraper. The FBI did nothing because they were behind the attack and had planned to let it happen (again, we know they were behind it too, because they needed to make sure it happened in the Bush Jr presidency; they did not merely let it happen). See -- the FBI presents is like we are in the stone age -- like they are burdened by all these rules that they need a court order to do this or that, and thank god for that Patriot Act. The truth is that this was never the way it was -- Edward Snowden said it's a surveillance state. This is 2018. This ain't the Wild Wild West. The FBI could have received the tip on Zacarias Moussaoui and simply made a few wire taps -- AT THE CLICK IF A BUTTON -- and then found easily that he WAS planning an attack, and intercepted the attack, and put a stop to it, whether through formal prosecution and arrest, of even by sabotaging the operation without due process on national security grounds. The FBI does not obey the law. THEY KNOWINGLY PLANNED AND LET 9/11 HAPPEN! THESE ARE CRIMINALS!


  8. Here's a URL documenting the failure to adequately investgiate Moussaoui--

  9. I'll present the other evidence of 9/11 as an inside job: Notice above James "Eagan" Holmes (a false flag shooter) has the middle name Eagan. Zaccarias Moussaoui -- the false flag terrorist -- sought flight lessons in "Eagan" MN ( Jame's Eagan Holmes called himself "The Joker" and shot up a batman theater. On July 31st 2012, a man in Eagan MN was arrested, calling himself the Joker and cursing out the cops. It appears his life was in shambles, likely due to being sabotaged by police, who targeted the man for a take-down to manufacture the synchronicity with Eagan MN, James Holemes, and the Joker coincidence ( The man's name was Thomas Michael Casper, with Casper being a reference to the ghost. You see the ghost? The FBI created the synchronicity to take credit for 9/11.

    1. Of course -- I need to still prove first that James Holmes was a false flag shooter (mind control induced, or merely set off through harassment), but this will have to be reserved for another post. They already have the neighbors in the hallway causing alarm to cognitively impair me as I write this (and I have proof of organized stalking and noise torture on command of police in numerous video and audio recordings).

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