Most terrorists are false flag terrorists or are created by our own security services.  In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.  In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism.  We’ve become a lunatic asylum.
-Robert David Steele

Almost all “terror” plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.  What is the business of the FBI?  Extracting tax.  What does it need to do that?  A stable threat.  Prob?  Real terrorists are sporadic & make the FBI look weak.  Solution?  Make them.  
-Julian Assange 


In the United States we live by our sacred ideological notions of liberty and the American dream.  We are deceived by myths of capitalism and the free market, or the idea that we are in control of our own destinies, that the government is hands off, and that history unfolds in a random direction.  Few people question these cherished beliefs of the American system.  The truth is that they are lies and misrepresentations fed to the public to deceive them into unquestioning servitude to the establishment and obedience to the will of the state and the national agenda. 

The American socio-political order is a fundamentally planned economy, and the very unfolding of history is actively controlled by our government through the strategic manipulation of events as we proceed towards a global economy and unified social order.  There is no free market; there is no free press, and the social order is surely not governed by the invisible hand, or some emergent God-like force resulting from the sum total of choices of independent actors behaving in a state of liberty. 

The centralized planning extends to the individual level.   The government controls the fortune of the average citizen, determining when he is born, marries, reproduces, and even when he dies.  Further, contrary to accepted beliefs, the American political system is fundamentally a one-party system, and further, the world already is a predominantly one world government, even though we have been led to believe this is the end game.  For the most part, the future is already here.

It does not take much reflection to debunk the sacred individualist values of a purely capitalist economic system and see why a free market governed by the invisible hand is untenable from a pragmatic standpoint.  A ship set on sail into an unknown direction is sure to crash, and this possibility seems especially more likely in the case of societies, when the sum total of actions of collective nations would surely lead to chaos and complete unpredictability.  For the sake of security the government needs to be in control.  And this control extends not only to our dealings with rival nations, but also to our nation's internal affairs.  Even these internal affairs are controlled by the government. 

False Flags as a Means of Controlling the Socio-Political Order

One of the ways in which the government exerts control over the socio-political order is through the deliberate creation of false flags.  These false flag operations tend to be induced through mind control methods and are used to shape the thoughts, perceptions, and behavior of populations.  

A false flag political operation may be defined as an “action carried out by a person or group, like a government or cabal, that is blamed on someone else to achieve a subversive goal.”

In contemporary society, this notion applies most obviously to the mass shootings epidemic, but also to major terrorist attacks like 9/11.  It also applies, however, to high profile criminal cases, the success or failure of businesses and corporations, pop culture media, lawsuits, and other issues that tend to serve as talking points for the public.  These stories that make for dinner table conversation are how the government aligns the attitudes of the public with their own plans for society and international affairs at any given point in time.

The media plays a central role in this dynamic.  The unwitting public, operating under the fraudulent impression that we have a free press, thinks the information they receive from the media arises from the spontaneous action of individuals acting in a state of liberty.  However, in reality most of what is presented on the media is carefully controlled to further a socio-political end, and many of the people featured in news stories fit the ‘mind controlled’ Manchurian candidate profile, or someone who has been induced, or coerced into committing a criminal offense or other action so that the press could pick up the story and place that issue within the broader socio-cultural narrative.

The above formula of coercing and/or fraudulently inducing an action or behavior of value from a mind control target, then plastering it on the news to exploit its thematic elements, and then implanting the derivative beliefs and attitudes in the mind of the public to further the national agenda, represents the full ‘micro-macro’ mind control, or 'social control' process.  As a result of the information control resulting from the mind control industry which controls the issues, scandals, and events presented in the news, the public is manipulated cognitively in order to control their actions and behavior for government ends.  

The relevant crimes here are mass fraud and unlawful restraint – the government restrains our liberty to freely acquire information by violating our right to a free press and surreptitiously controls our cognitive inputs to manipulate us mentally and behaviorally while concealing the fact that they have us all on puppet strings through information control.  Through information control, the government manipulates the public en masse by fraud and restraint.

The Discovery Process

My eventual discovery that the government was behind nearly every major mass shooting and terrorist attack in American history began when I was a graduate student in sociology through the course of being trafficked at Kent State University in an unspecified U.S. Government program resembling the CIA’s Mk Ultra and Project Monarch.  As a result of my experience, I eventually confirmed that, consistent with the testimony of government insider Robert David Steele, “every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.”  

Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law

While the ultimate discovery process began in the year 2012, the ‘true’ beginnings of the situation can be traced to the year 2002 when I had been informed that I had been selected for involuntary servitude in an unspecified ‘program’ which Kent State presented as their own operation.

I had been told this news by a Kent State guidance counselor right after she blackmailed and menaced me into an extended sexual relationship with a female community policing informant who had been demanding marriage early on in the relationship.  After making a number of different threats including a threat of false criminal charges she said “we have a program we want to run on you” and indicated that I had no choice, saying “we want to do this to you” and “we’re going to do this to you anyway.”  She claimed that the crime I never commit gave them justification to run the program on me.  The alleged crime was a status offense and I can irrefutably prove my innocence.

She indicated that the program would involve causing me an injury and eventually curing me.  I eventually learned that the 'cure' involved teaching me an extraordinary sexual ability that would mark me as a sex slave in the government's modern day equivalent to the CIA's Project Monarch.

Resisting the program would have caused me injury, and it was unclear if she was even telling the truth or just trying to shake me up.   She rendered me docile with false threats of life imprisonment, threats to retaliate, threats to bar me from the educational system, and additional threats of physical violence of a sensitive nature.

While she made it unclear what the nature of the program was, she hinted that it had to do with behavioral manipulation and 'profiling' and that it would involve having me sleep with female police informants (and I eventually uncovered that every girl I had slept with was a police snitch).  Eventually, the term ‘threat assessment’ began being thrown around, which led me to believe that the university was acting properly and merely wanted to ensure that I posed no threat to their community even though I eventually discovered that the alleged offense was a lie all along.

A Mind Control Program Resembling Mk Ultra and Project Monarch

I eventually uncovered that they were sex trafficking me within a mind control program, and that there was never any legitimate basis for any program, investigation, or threat assessment, and that I was in fact victim to some 500 counts of abduction, sexual battery, or both, by the female snitch and the guidance counselor and that the school was retaliating to try and protect themselves while further trying to seize me through extortion as a commodity for sex trafficking.

The behavioral manipulation or ‘threat assessment’ program was really better defined as a ‘legal threat neutralization’ program (and everything law enforcement claims to do is typically a euphemism for something far more insidious) that was really an extortion racket (or ‘protection' racket) that involved unlawful use of force to extort people through attempts to forcibly induce them to commit crimes, and in many cases, also to sex traffic them by covertly compelling them to engage in intercourse with one person or another.  The goal generally is to render the person powerless and docile to the state while depriving them of their legal rights.

The reason the term ‘mind control’ is being used, is because the behavioral manipulation and thought planting were so sophisticated that the offense needed to be understood in the context of some other paradigm, and it appeared that the thought planting rose to the level of notions invoked by the term ‘mind control.’  Really, however, I am referring to a crime that involves forcing someone to perform one action or another, and in Ohio, the primary crimes here are coercion and extortion, the latter of which is the criminal form of entrapment.

While mind control is supposed to be stealthy, in many cases, the force used on me was very clear and observable in most cases, but just happened to fit the concept in trafficking law of diffuse forcible ‘compulsion,’ or force not 'openly exerted,' but is present behind the scenes to induce the person into behaving in manners favorable to the trafficker.  A threat, for instance, would be made one week, then a week or two later, someone would come along exploiting that threat.

The police failed miserably to entrap me on anything, and I never faced criminal charges.  To my knowledge they never got me to commit any crime other than some minor drug use, which is pretty much minimum dirt in a trafficking situation.  

Further evidence of my innocence is apparent in the fact that there was never any attempt to bring me in and recruit me as an informant as is often the goal in ‘assessment’ situations, which are a form of ‘investigation’ that requires no probable cause or reasonable suspicion, and can be initiated for no good reason.  

While they are easy to open, the assessments allow the FBI to intrusively invade people’s privacy through the use of informants to ‘monitor’ the target, question people about the target, and even search web browsing, organizational databases, and remotely surveil their physical movements.  Obviously, this description is code for ‘harassing’ a target (i.e., legal threat neutralization rather than a genuine assessment or 'threat assessment').  

Law Enforcement as a Criminal Enterprise

Through the course of being sex trafficked under color, I further discovered the institution of law enforcement to be a patent fraud, with the police themselves engaging in widespread misrepresentation of their role in society, which is to act as criminals, hit-men, and pimps for government officials and social institutions. The police regularly practice organized crime, with the institution of law enforcement constituting a state-sponsored extortion racket, ‘protection racket,’ or organized crime enterprise under the guise of legitimate law enforcement pursuing the social good. 

The institution of law enforcement is fundamentally an institution dealing with mass oppression, and mass violence towards the population, and one of the ways this is done is through the gang stalking, or mind control, which operates under the euphemism of ‘community oriented policing’ (COPS), but is really a 'protection' racket engaging in the widespread and all-pervasive practice of mass extortion and mass fraud against the U.S. population in order to manipulate the citizenry for the benefit of government officials, and also to push the New World Agenda forward on an international scale.


Conceptualizing and Defining Mind Control – Covert Extortion Racketeering and Fraud

So where does the mind control come in?  Previous conceptualizations of the term mind control define it as a “vague and nebulous term used to label methods of extreme coercion that result in an individual's involuntary, robotic compliance.” 

In Ohio, coercion is the lesser form of extortion, the latter of which is defined, generally, as the use of force or threat to obtain some valued benefit for the extortionist, including both tangible and intangible benefits – including mere behaviors -- as things of value.  The concept of a valued benefit or ‘thing of value’ is defined liberally, such that a merely forcing someone to take a trip to the supermarket to deliver a letter, inducing them to perform a crime, or nearly anything else the perpetrator finds valuable, constitute intangible benefits.  In cases of mind control the behavior or ‘thing of value’ extorted tends to be intangible; that is, merely a behavior, such as a crime, that is desirable to the mind controller. 

Of course, notions of ‘mind control’ would not be fully invoked if the victim were aware that his behavior was being coerced, or manipulated, by the handler.   The concept of mind control thus fits best when the actions of the handler are concealed from the victim.  It is by keeping the victim unaware of the force used and its source that the sensation of a ‘puppet on puppet strings’ is created.  It is the surreptitious nature of the force used that creates the effect of being ‘mind controlled’ according to the lay conception of unwittingly controlling someone’s behavior.  Without concealing the force used from the target, the mystique of the ‘mind control’ is lost, and it becomes easy to see what is done as a crime involving restraint upon another’s liberty or use of force on that person (and claims of mind control are often used to ‘discredit’ victims and dismiss valid civil rights claims as lunacy all because the target does not know how to define the crime in legalistic terms).

Mind Control Definition

Synthesizing the above discussion, the term ‘mind control’ herein refers to the stealthy, covert, and surreptitious manipulation of behavior and cognition through the use of force, threat, or fraud against an unwitting target to achieve some desired end.
The term ‘force’ refers to many crimes, including kidnapping, stalking, assault, extortion, and more, but in mind control situations the offenses generally to those involving restraint upon the liberty of another, or control over the other persons actions against their own volition (e.g., coercion, extortion, kidnapping, unlawful restraint), although all crimes including stalking and fraud offenses are involved.  To ‘control the mind of another’ requires a broad criminal toolkit.

Coercion and Extortion as Unit of Analysis

The current conceptualization of mind control reduces it to a lowest level unit of a single act of coercion and extortion, or a single behavior extracted through surreptitious use of external force or compulsion. The continuous and repeated surreptitious extraction of desired behaviors through mind control results in the abduction and trafficking of the mind control target since repeated extraction raises the offense to the level of involuntary 'servitude.'

The reason for reducing mind control to single acts of extortion is due to the primary reasons mind control is conducted in the first place: the primary goal is to typically extract the intangible benefits by manipulating behaviors of another for the benefit of the mind controller.  The manipulation of behavior need not be ongoing, but may simply be one behavior induced by covert force or fraud to constitute a 'mind controlled' action.  This fact makes the crimes of extortion, coercion, and fraud the lowest level unit of analysis for framing mind control in criminal terms.   

Nonetheless, cases of government mind control represent huge criminal violations of civil rights and any indictment of a mind control case would involve numerous charges being stacked up.  Indeed, federal RICO laws list a broad array of racketeering offenses, such as kidnapping, intimidation, stalking, trafficking, and more, that tend to be commit by criminal enterprises.  The current conceptualization of mind control – reducing it to single units of coercion and extortion -- further aligns the concept within the extortion racketeering, or RICO paradigm, which is the primary reason mind control is typically pursued: to find stealthy ways of practicing protection racketeering to fund the government criminal enterprise of creating problems for the population, then extracting tax dollars to solve them under the pretense that legitimate governing is being carried out.

The Role of Fraud – Manipulating Cognition

As for the fraud component of the definition -- fraudulent manipulation tends to involves cognition, such as beliefs about reality that are used to influence the behavior of actors.  The mass media enterprise serves to create these fraudulent impressions to manipulate behavior by getting people to rely upon these beliefs about reality and ultimately control their behavior through the information the public receives.
The offense of fraud tends to go hand in hand with the stalking offense, with the stalking tending to focus on the use of innuendo, indirection, and other ways of planting beliefs in the minds of targets covertly while maintaining deception as to the intended meaning, so as to keep the victim unaware that they were subject to an influence attempt.  The stalking also tends to involve socialization of meaningful life experiences to meet the needs of the handler, with the motivations and use of deception, again, being concealed fraudulently from the victim. Other times, the fraud will involve merely making a promise, or statement of fact, then watching the victim rely upon the statement, and act accordingly.  The mind controller (often a law enforcement official) then lies about or conceals the use of fraud when the victim suffers injury, and acts as thought the person was acting on their own volition.

The Police Have a Vested Interest in Mind Control Research

Mind control, as a stealthy way of extracting benefits, such as arrest, sexual favors, theft, or other things of value from citizens, is thus a more crafty way of doing police work, whose job is to oppress the civilian population.  The pursuit of mind control research was a natural extension of the goals of law enforcement, and to no surprise, some of the early Mk Ultra work dealt with ways of extracting confessions out of people through stealthy tactics.

The police simply got good at ways of inducing people to commit crimes so that they can arrest and prosecute, or at the very least control them through blackmail.  The police of course wanted to be able to do this in a manner that let them get away with it, like committing the ‘liberty right' form of murder.    They wanted to be able to induce a crime then arrest that person and conceal that they were behind the crime in order to kidnap that person in violation of their due process rights.

To make matters worse, even judges are involved, yet people are so duped by the ‘mind control’ of the fraudulent belief that there is a genuine 'separation of powers', that no one challenges their authority.  The courts are in the government's back pocket, and the outcome of nearly all legal cases is predetermined.

My Own Experience as a Mind Control Target

While mind control is supposed to be stealthy, when I was undergoing the victimization at Kent, the process in many instances just felt like overwhelming force being used on me constantly, at all times, compelling me to do one thing or the next.  Once the concept is demystified, at its basic elements, mind control reduces to the raw commission of crime.  It would be fair to say that every action I’ve performed for the past 16 year has, in essence, been ‘raped’ out of me by force, to the point nothing I do is purely voluntary.

Further, for the past 6 years, the intensity of the liberty violation was increased, to the point that the experience has been like being a prisoner of war, with someone standing behind me with a bayonette, forcing me to behave in one way or another.  The instructions on what to do just merely tend to be given in what is in many cases not-so-subtle innuendo, which was easy to get me to pay attention to by isolating me completely and making innuendo the only source of communication I had to rely on.  The use of innuendo provides an easy way to be plausibly deniable about the offense, with judges and the police having a tacit understanding to behave dismissively of allegations of innuendo being used as a means of violence and influence.

Despite the use of innuendo, while the police try to be clever, much of what is done is easy to see through, and the experience really reduces to the crude force of all the threats, assaults, fraud and other violence being done to me. The police restrained my liberty through forced isolation, and merely stalked me and controlled my every experience through street theater and pre-scripted experiences, and by these means they were able to manipulate the contents of my mind, and they were able to invoke these thoughts through priming and other psychological tactics. 

Stalking as the Mode of Operation -- Thought Planting

In many respects, it became obvious that all that happened was the police got really good at stalking people and were able to make linkeages between their intel gathered from surveillance, for example, the target's web browsing habits, their academic reading, etc., in order to predict how they would respond to a stimulus.  As they police became more practiced the tactics became more sophisticated.

Law enforcement used tactics that often merely amounted to a game of non-verbal charades to communicate to people what needed to be done or what they should do.   The general offense I was victim to amounted to isolating me (abducting me), then stalking me with innuendo communications intended to plant thoughts in my mind indirectly using tactics in cognitive psychology.  

While menacing, or threats of physical violence were often used, much of the more threatening conduct involved extortion, coercion, and fraud (often through innuendo), which were done within the context of the stalking offense.  Playing this game can get one charged double, with charges for both stalking and these separate offenses over and above the original stalking offense being brought in a criminal indictment.  The mind control offense, or trafficking victimization, when performed by the police, thus, typically entails stalking, but with a whole bunch of separate coercion, extortion, and fraud, or falsification offenses attached to the pattern of conduct.

If they do it with sexual motivation, the offender could theoretically be charged with anything as low as stalking with sexual motivation all the way up to full blown rape.  If the sex if commercial, or if a ‘thing or value’ is received by any party in the course of the sexual transaction (and again, this is defined liberally to include tangibles and intangibles), then trafficking laws apply and the sexual activity is defined as being ‘for hire.’

Theoretical Basis for Mind Control Research

Where does mind control research find its theoretical basis?  There are a number of theoretical paradigms, but the philosophical roots appear to be within the existentialist philosophy and within Freudian psychology.  The existentialists were the 'psychologists' of philosophy and include thinkers such as Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.   Both of these thinkers informed modern psychology, including the work of Freud, who introduced the concept of the subconscious into psychology, which also came to be explored in the Nazi-based mind control research exploring traumatization and multiple personality disorder.

Existentialist Philosophy

The stalking methodology used by law enforcement for thought planting appears directly inspired, and had its origins in the work of the existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who in his Seducer’s Diary, illustrated the process of how to artfully stalk and plant ideas in the mind of his female target, who he seduced into romantic euphoria with a promise of marriage, and then wounded with rejection.  The process is depicted as entirely cognitive with no exploitation of the subconscious being made in the process of carrying out the manipulation, or seduction attempts.

This philosophical work appears to a foundational ‘theoretical’ work informing the ‘research’ conducted by law enforcement in the area of thought planting and ‘mind control’ which relies heavily on innuendo and suggestion as a means to remain stealthy and covert (so as to conceal the force used in trying to induce the criminal behavior and kidnap the target of the stalking offense through false arrest by concealing material facts from record).

The origins in Kierkegaard's key work on seduction appears to further reflect the fact that sex trafficking was one of the police's initial motives when pursuing mind control research in the first place.  The government wanted to control the mate market, and also wanted to be able to drink from the civilian chalice unpunished while concealing the use of force and manipulation in the course of exploiting the citizenry for the gratification of state officials.  They would have thus naturally gravitated towards literature that addressed the question as to how to induce one person to engage in sexual relations with another and Kierkegaard's work was a key work in this area.

In addition to exploiting Kierkegaard's work to conduct research in the area of sexual seduction, his lessons on the issue of thought planting and indirection were then quite obviously generalized to other areas of police work such as merely influencing or manipulating someone in other respects, such as getting them to form a relationship with a police informant, controlling their thoughts covertly, and ultimately, inducing them to commit a crime.

Freudian Theory

Other theories informing the modern day practice of mind control are more Freudian in nature, and tend to exploit the concept of the subconscious (rather than just cognition) whilst still maintaining the use of innuendo and suggestion illustrated by Kierkegaard.  Freud, of course, has a basis in another existentialist philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who is often regarded as a psychologist due to the nature of his theories which tend to see behavior as being rooted in instincts and basic drives.

Theoretical basis of early mind control research exploring traumatization as a way of accessing the subconscious and planting thoughts that could later be invoked as subconscious commands...

Mind Control Origins in Nazi Germany

Mind control research exploiting the Freudian concept of the subconscious and the effect of dissociation appears to have had a key basis in Nazi Germany, with the Nazi researchers exploring the effects of traumatization, and the dissociative states it induces, as a means of accessing the subconscious, and programming people to behave in particular ways through subconscious commands, suggestion, and innuendo.  

American mind control research is reported to have its origins in this research conducted in Nazi Germany, and the CIA’s premiere mind control program, Mk Ultra (or, ‘Mind Kontrolle’ Ultra) is reported to have been a continuation of this research agenda.  The CIA's Mk Ultra program is traced to a purported ‘Operation Paperclip’ and Project Bluebird, which sought to exploit developments in Nazi mind control research by importing these scientists to the United States to continue their research on American soil. 

These researchers sought to exploit the Freudian concept of the subconscious by exploring the mind control potentiality of ‘multiple personality disorder’ as a mind control tool.  A mind control sex slave that was reported to have been inflicted with a case of multiple personality disorder that led to the successful creation of a sex slave was Paul Bonacci, who former FBI head Ted Gunderson reports as having been victim to sex trafficking within a high level child prostitution ring with ties to Washington D.C.

While a thorough overview and analysis of the techniques used is beyond the scope of this article, the purported techniques involve the use of traumatization in order to access the subconscious by causing a dissociative state, during which time the mind is susceptible to external influence.  During the trance-like dissociative state various subconscious commands can be programmed through innuendo, suggestion and direct statements.  The traumatization fractures the mind into various compartments which can be used to create various ‘alters,' or different personalities, which  could be invoked on command in the slave through the use of ‘triggers’ linked with the alter personality. 

The goal of the Manchurian candidate research was to be able to exploit the multiple personality disorder to use the triggers to invoke the alter personalities and also behavioral 'scripts' or commands and then return the person to a normal state, not being consciously aware of the commands they carried out in the alter state, and keeping them blind to their handler’s mission.  Early interest in this 'double blind' Manchurian candidate was based on a desire to create a spy that was impervious to interrogation by enemy government's.

The Goal of Mind Control Research – the Creation of Manchurian Candidates

Project Monarch, as a subprogram, of the CIA’s Mk Ultra program, is a program that initially dealt with the construction of Manchurian Candidates, or top secret intelligence operatives that could carry out a mission while being immune to interrogation by being programmed to self-terminate or forget the very mission they were carrying out.

While the original Manchurian candidate concept referred to an assassin, or someone programmed to murder and be blind to their own actions so as to render them impervious to interrogation, today the concept has been broadened so as to refer to anyone who has “unknowingly been convinced to act toward some interest.”

Examples of modern day Manchurian candidates, or people who appear to have ‘unknowingly’ (or at least concealed any conscious knowledge) carried out or been exploited for a political agenda, include Edward Snowden, Amanda Knox, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, George Zimmerman, Tamir Rice, Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson, Ariel Castro, Ted Bundy, Theodore Kaczynzki, Salman Abedi, as well as nearly every mass shooter in history, the September 11th terrorists, and more.

The common denominator among all is that they served to put a particular social issue on the agenda for public commentary, or served to create a high profile media spectacle that was exploited for some end, even if for mere entertainment to feed the culture industry.

‘Project Monarch Light’ – Parallels between My Situation and the Nazi-Based Methods

It is unclear to me if there is any truth or success to the early traumatization and dissociative methods focused on inducing subconscious commands in a blackout state using the above methods (i.e., the multiple personality disorder).  

While the mind control trafficking I was victim to at Kent showed some similarities to Project Monarch as described above it was less severe.  The blackout style subconscious programming was nowhere to be found, nor was multiple personality disorder.  Instead, what was observed may better be described as ‘Monarch Light’ and merely showed a number of metaphorical parallels to Project Monarch as described in the web literature and in the Nazi research.

Consistent with the theoretical foci in my academic discipline of sociology, ‘multiple personalities’ became ‘multiple selves,’ which is a theoretical idea based on social psychologist William James’s notion  that the self is ‘situational’ and that a person has as many different personalities, or ‘selves,’ as he has people with whom he interacts. 

William James, George Herbert Mead, and Charles Horton Cooley -- three sociological theorists that saw the self as 'situational,' or believed that 'multiple personalities' was a fact of life

The situational self is based entirely on the idea of conscious self-awareness, and rational or pragmatic control of one’s behavior based on the demands of the interaction.   There was no kooky ‘multiple personality disorder’ or subconscious switching between various personalities in a blackout state.  Man is seen as entirely rational, conscious, and self-aware. 

The situational self was combined with traumatization methods throughout my time at Kent.  The process involved erasing my self-concept through traumatization then replacing it with a conglomeration of seduction strategies from the pick-up artist literature.  The goal was to hollow me out and make me more situationally adaptive and therefore a better sex slave, since I had a large repertoire of seductive theory, and could better accommodate to the other person in my interactions.  This was all done in a state of conscious self-awareness.

The various 'alters,' or the multiple personality equivalent in 'Project Monarch light', was thus manifested in the seduction literature.  This body of literature was intended to teach me different ‘characters’ or ‘personas’ that could be activated according to the preferences of the other person in social interaction.  Operating from a Kierkegaardian framework, for instance, the seduction guru Robert Greene writes of various seductive archetypes, such as “the rake,” “the charmer," the “dandy,” etc., and describes the various behaviors exhibited by the archetypes.  Other pick-up gurus advocated raw cockiness and humor, which led to the creation of a comedic ‘funny man’ persona that was useful for seduction. 

There was a parallel to the concept of a Project Monarch concept of a ‘trigger’ at Kent as well.  The police would frequently have the girls engage in 'trigger' behaviors intended to solicit sex by innuendo.   The diffuse forcible compulsion on me would then activate, and I would know to engage in seductive behaviors with her, and act so as to take the encounter to intercourse.  Further, the girl, through her behaviors, would signal the ‘game’ she wanted to play, or the particular seduction ‘script,’ ‘persona,’ or tactic she preferred, which I was supposed to use in my interactions with her.

Further, like a Manchurian candidate, there was a parallel for the concept of being blind to the mission.  I had been led to believe I was under criminal investigation, but I was actually being sex trafficked, and in some respects, I may have been being exploited as bait unwittingly by the police, who managed to entrap the entire town on a collective violation of 18 USC § 241 for conspiring to oppress me.  It appears, however, that in most respects these crimes were being treated as largely free, since, as a mind control 'slave' I was being handled as though I had no rights.

So what was seen at Kent was not the Project Monarch presented in the literature, but a variant that merely showed some parallels with the early Freudian subconscious traumatization methods.  The parallels to the 'real' Project Monarch, however, which I quickly identified when reading about the program in early 2015, signaled to me that it was indeed a Project Monarch related sex trafficking program in which I was being held in servitude, and that this was indeed the program to which the guidance counselor referred way back in 2002. 

When I learned of the concept of Manchurian candidate through the Project Monarch and Mk Ultra literature, I had finally uncovered the explanation for why so many mass shooters tended to mirror back information about myself, and why I appeared to be stalked in the mass media with the shootings.  They were just another form of slave (often referred to as 'deltas') in the Monarch Program whereas I was a sex slave (often referred to as 'betas') in the program.

In short – with the discovery of Project Monarch around Spring 2015, I finally concluded that the government was inducing mass shootings, and that just as described in the literature on Manchurian candidates, many of these shooters appeared to be blind to their missions and had been programmed to self-destruct at the end of the missions.  Further, it appeared as though they were being manipulated with such a determinism as to rise to the level of ‘mind control’ with many of shooters appearing to be timed right down to the day and minute they carried out their attacks.


Throughout my time being targeted,  it became clear that the ‘Mk Ultra’ or ‘Monarch’ program, is not just confined to individuals but is in fact a societal-wide social control program dealing with, as Cathy O’Brien states, the compete “psychological control of the nation.”  Community policing is not just geared towards the control and oppression of ‘undesirables’ but in fact seeks complete control of the total population.  The mind control slaves just happen to play a central role in the dynamic.

Community Policing Program as Mind Control Apparatus and Criminal Enterprise

Operating under euphemisms of a ‘community policing program’ (COPS), the structure of the mind control apparatus involves the careful selection of ‘slaves’ to be targets for unlawful experimentation, behavioral manipulation, or 'community policing,' but the entire community is in fact targeted for this same unlawful experimentation, behavioral manipulation, sex trafficking, and unlawful servitude.

The COPS program is intended to put everyone under the grips of law enforcement.  The community forges bonds of solidarity around committing crime against the target in a manner reminiscent of scapegoating. Through the collective commission of the crime, the police are able to forge social relationships, keep tabs on, gather dirt, entrap, exploit, and oppress the other members of the community with whom they conspired to victimize the target of community policing.

While the targets of mind control (under the various euphemisms of community policing, assessment, threat assessment, covert investigation, etc) are in many respect scapegoats and oppressed, in certain respects they are accorded higher status, since they are at the center of everyone else’s lives, and become the basis for allocation of roles of the other members of the group, who are typically assigned a role or purpose in relation to the target.

Monarch Slaves as Modern Day ‘Ubermensche’

As the basis for structuration of society, the mind control slaves reflect the sacred concept of the ‘great men’ from the ‘great man’ conception of history, according to which history is seen as being advanced by the solitary actions of a number of superior individuals who rise above the crowd and cause social change.   

In modern society, it is the Monarch slaves that make history, advance the socio-political discourse as it is presented in the media, and influence the socio-cultural order (even if this agency is illusory, being in actuality the product of the actions of those holding the puppet strings).

The great man theory of history is Nietzschean in its philosophical origins, and like the Monarch Program, Nietzschean philosophy is fundamentally German in its ideological foundations.  The slaves are the ‘great men’ or 'overmen' that cause social change.  Paradoxically, however, they are puppets under control of the state and possess no actual agency with their influence being entirely spurious, being caused by their 'Illuminati' handlers (and this applies equally well to the President who is often alleged to be subject to the influence of his advisers).  

The slaves, however, are as close as it gets to Nietzsche’s concept of the ubermensche, or ‘Overman,’ in modern society.   The ubermenche concept refers to a a sort of agent of social change – a person that lives beyond good and evil, who creates his own values, lives a constant life of self-overcoming, and rises above the crowd and like dynamite shatters old values and carves a new social order.

The concept of the ubermensche applies equally well to the Hitler’s as it does to the Christ’s and the Ghandi’s, and just as well to criminals like Charles Manson, as it does to celebrities and others that capture the public eye and rise above the crowd due to their superior qualities.

By creating and controlling the great men – or the 'ubermensche' – the government is able to shape the course of history.  The false flag agenda’s pushed by the Overman figures then provide the talking points for politicians, who can put the relevant issues on the agenda, have a story to tell, and craft the unfolding of history.

As you may recall, history, as written in most academic texts, is all based on the fraudulent belief that the theory of reality presented on the news is real.  The reality, however, is that the media conceals the fact that the government is the cause of much that happens in the world.  And in some cases, what we see on the news may be outright “fake news.”  

The revelations you will read here invalidate the theory of the socio-political order advanced by most college history texts.  I have proven the entire discipline of history a fraud.  And as you will see here, this idea of fake news that was introduced with the Trump administration, is in fact, a cover for what I am about to show you here – that the government is behind nearly every major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, including nearly every mass shooting in history.  The fake news issue represents yet another false flag, intended to cover the government's bases, and protect against litigation compelled by the discoveries I am going to share with you in this monograph and as part as my own whistle blowing campaign.

What do James Holmes, Taylor Swift, Erin Heatherton and Stephen Mullet all have in common?  They all fit the Nietzschean definition of the ubermensche.

The COPS Program as a Form of Oppression

Just as the slaves are being oppressed through deprivation of their agency (puppets on puppet strings), the members of the public stalking the slaves too are being oppressed by their participation in the COPS program, which as we have discussed here is really part of the mind control apparatus.  The oppressive nature of the COPS program is evident in the fact that it is a social program catered towards oppressing the population through mass extortion, fraud, and other violent crime, in order to render them docile to the government agenda. 

The goal appears to be mass recruitment of the population into a snitching apparatus, in order to factionate society into a collective whole that can be mobilized for the needs of government officials.  The society then becomes a criminal gang, a tight knit conformist group that flattens individual liberty and subjugates the population to the will of the state.

Once recruited into the snitching apparatus the newly recruited ‘criminals’ get sent out as snitches to recruit other potential converts for the criminal gang by engaging in mass entrapment.  The goal is to oppress the population at large through mass extortion by trying to get everyone involved in crime.  By getting everyone involved in crime, the police use ‘dirt’ as the currency to silence, oppress, and exploit civilians by looming the threat of arrest and incarceration over their heads like a gun in these apparent ‘innovative’ methods of policing.

Arrest of the civilians entrapped is rarely ever the goal, with mere oppression and exploitation being the primary purpose.  The snitches report their intel back to the police who then collect ‘dirt files’ on various members of the community, which in extortionistic fashion the police use to extract benefits from the population, such as sexual favors, forced labor, confessions, intel, and other tangible and intangible benefits from the civilian populace.

The dirt gathered through the entrapment is thus tapped as a currency used for control.  The government, might for instance, use it to securely fire an employee without fear of legal reprisal.  They might also give the person a promotion and use the dirt to ensure their loyalty with the secrets bestowed upon people in power (the corrupt ‘blood pact’). 

The media presents entrapment as a very controlled and legally regulated process involving probable cause or reasonable suspicion, court orders, and other means necessary before pursuing a target.  In reality, this is rarely ever how it works.  Through the Community Policing Program, the lines between ‘real life’ and 'criminal investigation' are blurred.  The police have a significant percentage of the population recruited into the snitching apparatus.  They keep the sting operations going on everyone, as if crime were a way of life, get everyone in on crime, and use the ‘dirt’ to control the person with the threat of arrest if they get out of line.

The people that get arrested are typically ‘fall guys,’ or the people that challenge the status quo, or pose a legal threat to the establishment.  Every now and again, the state prosecutes someone to pretend they are a legitimate social institution acting for the social good.  In reality, however, the police serve as criminals, thugs, and hit men for the government and other social and political powers.  Arrest and criminal prosecution is just another form of violence the police have in their arsenal to oppress populace, and if they can’t arrest someone, they are just as likely to send a criminal after that person to assault or shoot them, or anyone else who poses a threat to the social order, or who they simply don’t like.

Further, contrary to what is presented in the media, the government practices mass surveillance without regard to any rules or regulations, and routinely eavesdrops on anyone and everyone without a court order.   Contrary to what is presented in the media and what the police say about surveillance practices, the situation is really as it was presented by Edward Snowden.  Surveillance can be carried out at the ‘click of a button’ and the police have access to everything – your phone calls, your private in-person conversations, you web browsing, your email, your credit card purchases, your physical motions on the ground – everything.

They know what everyone is doing, and when they want to make an arrest they will conspire with the judge to get the court order after the fact and pretend they followed the appropriate order of operations.  Or, they might conspire with a community policing snitch to file a false report and pretend they were acting on a legitimate tip.  In reality, however, they had cheated all along. 

If you pose a real threat to the establishment, the police might become even more corrupt, and conspire with a community policing snitch to file a false report against someone just to defame and falsely arrest them.  The corrupt judicial system (who are part of the ‘blood pact’) enables this misconduct by playing make-believe and treating surface claims and appearances as reality. 

In truth the juridical system is characterized by insidious corruption.  The police have every judge in their back-pocket and there is no legitimacy to the special esteem accorded the judiciary.  It is the biggest fraud of them all since they hold a pretense of being fair and impartial, but typically serve to put a ‘rubber stamp’ of legitimacy on the corrupt actions of the executive branch. 

Given the all-pervasive nature of the COPS program, or snitching system, the reality is that one may have been entrapped and then have been arrested and may not have even known they were victim to a snitch.  The police may have concealed this fact from record, won a false conviction, and destroyed that person’s life on a complete fraud.   In many cases, entrapment is not even a viable defense, or a defense that is typically successful, so it is often more expedient to rely on alternative defenses and pretend that surface appearances were reality, when in fact the whole ordeal was the result of the provocations of a snitch that may have even been sworn to secrecy as part of his deal to get off on whatever charges were used to recruit him into the police’s informant network in the first place.  Again, judges enable the concealment through their complicity with the executive branch while presenting themselves as fair and impartial moderators.

The truth is – all prisoners in America are ‘political’ prisoners.  It is not criminals that go to prison, but people that pose a threat to those in power and the institutions of society. 

The Unconstitutional Nature of the COPS Program

The COPS program is an abomination and poses an unconscionable threat to liberty as defined in the U.S. Constitution.   It is legally untenable and needs to be eradicated.

The unconstitutional nature of the program becomes evident upon a brief glimpse of official documents released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) which describe it as a program dealing with ‘innovative’ policing strategies.  The COPS program seeks to unify all sectors of society into a single entity known as the state, which takes the form of a modern day lynch mob, and includes, news outlets and the mass media, private businesses, interest groups, ordinary civilians, non-profit organizations, and other government agencies. 

Conceptualizing Liberty: Philosophical Background

In violation of accepted philosophic principles defining the 'solitary' cognitive independence of individuals as a necessary condition for liberty within a free and democratic society, the COPS program serves to factionate society into a single unified mob whose behaviors are interdependent, with the thoughts of each individual within that mob being dictated by the oppressive force of the majority, often at the will of  an oppressive leader who thinks for the other members.  This group-think dynamic serves to factionate the members of society and violate their will to think freely, impartially, and independently.  It is impossible to determine the collective or 'general' will -- or the best state of affairs for the interests of all people -- when society is factionated.

The concept of a ‘private ballot’ reflects this notion that each person needs to come to their own determination as to what person are issue should get their vote without reference to what their neighbor thinks.  The COPS program violates these foundational notions of the conditions necessary for liberty.  When people are able to think independently (free of the tyrannical group-think dynamic) the average of individual interests balances out the contrary and competing interests.  This 'averaging of wills' effectively discerns the will of all whereas factionation undermines this process by creating a zero-sum scenario of clear winners and losers in the game.

John Jacques Rousseau and John Locke: Two philosophers conceptualizing liberty as defined in the U.S. Constitution 

It is not difficult to see how the COPS program is unconstitutional, especially as it relates to the recruitment of the media into the community policing program.  The first amendment guarantees free press, but how can the press be free when the government has its hands on it through the COPS program?  This program is blatantly unconstitutional but no one questions the COPS program.

The Right to a Free Press: Mass Media as a Form of Social Control

The thesis has long been advanced the media serves to control the thought of the public, and in fact serves a mind control function by serving to instill ‘definitions of reality’ favorable to the ruling classes, including both governments and corporations and their intersections.

If you read this work in its entirety, or even just the second half, you will see that my claim that most of what you see in the news is a false flag news story deliberately concocted for entertainment value and to push some issue on the public to further the New World Order agenda is credible. 

The media is a central and perhaps the most important part of the Mk Ultra program as a societal-wide mind control apparatus intended to control the thoughts, values, beliefs, attitudes and ideology of the population and indirectly control their behavior through this cognitive mechanism.

The media is controlled by the government, and though the course of being stalked, it became evident that the government was writing the news, and controlling everything that was presented on the news in order to further the national agenda.  The press is not free.  The government controls the press.

Other Rights Infringed by COPS Program

Now consider the other rights guaranteed by the other amendments, such as the 6th amendment that guarantees the right to a fair and impartial jury, as well as compulsory processes intended to obtain witnesses in one’s favor.  How can any juror be fair and impartial when they are a member of the COPS program?  What if more than one juror was in the COPS program? What about the right to compulsory processes to find witnesses in one’s favor?  How can targets of the community policing program find witnesses in their favor when the community has been prejudiced against them through their stigmatized status as being a target of the COPS program? 

The COPS program is unconstitutional and represents a fundamental breach of the due process clause of the 5th and 14th amendments, and society has a vested interest in its elimination.

The Role of the COPS in Creating the Manchurian Candidates -- Inducing False Flags

The process linking the COPS program to the crimes of the Manchurian candidates is simple --

The police use the COPS program to stalk, harass, and induce a target into committing some crime, or carrying out a false flag mission.  This process of inducing the Manchurian candidates to carry out their actions includes the media, the general population, the police, and other organizations.  Of course, they use all the mind control methods discussed above, such as thought planting through stalking tactics and the raw use of force and threat (menacing, coercion, kidnapping, assault, etc).  In addition, the use of satellite dish weapons is frequently seen, which are capable of interacting remotely with the organism on both cognitive and physiological levels.  

Satellite dish weapons were pursued as early as sub-project 119 of the Mk Ultra program in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  This program pursued the prospect of remotely controlling behavior from afar and specifically sought to find measures of emissions from the organism the could be linked up with from afar to draw correlations with other variables and eventually interact remotely with the organism through wave-based mechanisms.

This is not science fiction.  As of now, Nintendo has a household product in the works that can use radio waves to remotely monitor users’ heart rates and other bio-data, and then upload it into a remote database.  If Nintendo has an affordable household product in the works that can do this, just image what the government is capable of doing to you. 

Obama’s Presidential Commission on bio-ethics legitimized the testimony of a large number of ‘targeted individuals’ (COPS targets) who claim to be victim to remote harassment and experimentation with satellite dish weapons. 

Further, Kent State themselves admits to using ‘electronic harassment,’ or remote wave based technology to retaliate against victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and discrimination (see definition of 'retaliatory harassment' below).

The Media-Industrial Complex as Racketeering Enterprise

After inducing a crime with the above methods, the media, acting under direction of government officials, then picks up the story, and gets the benefit of interesting content (with the creation of sensational crime being one benefit from their participation in the extortion racket).  The issues addressed by the false flag operation then get put on the national agenda for commentary by politicians, and can be used to push for change, or various reforms (e.g., Meghan’s Law). 

The media is fundamentally an entertainment business and social control enterprise, and the media, like the defense industry, serves as an arm of the state contrary to what is promised by the U.S. constitution, particularly the first amendment guaranteeing a free press.

Often times, the government wants to make the reform, but simply needs an excuse to do it, and cooking up a false flag is a convenient way to do that.  They view the frequent loss of human life the false flags entail as a necessary sacrifice in order to achieve the needs of the state.

As you’ll see here and in my previous posts, the police – acting through their informant and snitching system -- are behind nearly every crime that happens in society.  The police don’t care about crime.  The police love crime (that’s what justifies their existence).

The media thus serves as an arm of the state by sowing fear and terror in the population by instilling the threat of crime.  The government commits mass fraud against the population by instilling false beliefs about reality in the populace leading them to believe that the criminal offenses they themselves induce are naturally occurring and the result of some other cause.  The police will blame the existence of the crime on a cherished right, for example, such as the right to privacy, the right to bear arms, or our right to freely express ourselves or behave how we want (for example, as seen in the mental health issue).

After providing a fraudulent definition of the problem through the media, the police then use the threat of crime they themselves created to seize these rights and further the oppression of the population by encroaching upon the citizenry and rendering the common civilian docile to the will government officials.  The government then tyrannizes and begins victimizing the citizenry by extracting sex favors, stealing property and services, falsely arresting individuals, carrying out personal vendettas, and retaliating against people for exercising their constitutional rights. 

This is no joke – and anyone who works for a government funded, or state funded employer and has been victim to sexual harassment, or some other criminal offense by a supervisor has had personal experience in feeling the harmful effects of the above process.  And when a report is filed, the police’s response is the same every time – protect the offender, who they themselves were likely aiding and abetting in the first place.


You may wonder how I came to the above conclusions.  While the literature on Mk Ultra and Project Monarch was helpful, most of my discoveries were formed de novo from the ground up by applying the raw scientific thought process to what I was experiencing during the course of being retaliated against in the year 2012 and onward.

The insights came through the course of being stalked by the government, in response to which I used deductive logic to counter-investigate the police and make inferences about what was occurring behind the scenes.  The literature on the above programs merely helped to synthesize and link the discoveries to an existing body of literature, which was still largely disinformation, but helped establish ties to the accepted discursive frameworks.

The process of making inferences based on observable indicators about unobserved behaviors is a valid logical process that is often necessary to prove claims of criminal conspiracy.  Evidence used to prove a claim of criminal conspiracy need not be direct evidence, but may include indirect and inferential evidence, such as “circumstantial evidence from which the agreement may be inferred” and “evidence suggesting unity of purpose and common design.” 

The evidence I present here to draw my conclusions is of this above type.  When we get to the evidence proving that the government induced the mass shooters, and is responsible for the shootings, you will see quite clearly, that clear inferences can be drawn from the observable facts proving that the government is behind these attacks.

The tactic the government used to tip me off to their false flags was mirroring.  They tended to feature stories in the news that contained people and circumstances that resembled me and my own life circumstances.  The stories further correlated with events that were happening in my life at the time, and often followed a ‘call and response’ dynamic, with me doing one thing and shortly after observing something in the news that appeared related (although the correlations were ultimately illusory). 

The implications of my inquiries were profound.  My evidence suggests that the entire discipline of history, itself written based on what is presented on the news, and under the assumption that what we see on the news is correct, is in fact an incorrect theory of reality.  The entire discipline of history teaches falsehoods – for instance, that Osama Bin Laden alone was behind the September 11th terrorist attacks.  The results of my inquiries highlight the possibility that Bin Laden may have had nothing to do with September 11th and that he was just falsely accused scapegoat presented by are media as national villain.  And just think how many people spend 15k+ a year getting a history degree and don't even know their money is being stolen from them on a fraud!

The same concept of an incorrect theory of reality informing policy decisions applies to the mass shootings: if the government is behind them, then it's not guns and mental health issues that are the concern; it's the government that needs reform!  Do you see how one tiny piece of information can have immense consequences?  The implications of what I will show you in the following sections have earth shattering ramifications for how society should be governed.


As stated, I was told in 2002 that a program was being run on me, but I had not yet discovered the nature of the program.  It was not until around the year 2006-2007 that the situation escalated and the plot substantially thickened. 

Failed Attempts to Entrap Me on Criminal Conspiracy

The first hint came in what appears to be the year 2006 when a friend, who I later discovered to be a police snitch, attempted to entrap me on conspiring to carry out a mass shooting.  I recall speaking with this acquaintance on instant messenger.  

The snitch messaged me, and expressed fascination with the Columbine shooters.  The snitch – who I latter discovered was working for the police – then made a proposition.  He said: “come on Steve! Let’s go on a rampage!”  I was unsure if he was joking or not, but I replied saying, “nah man, I have too much going for me to do something like that…” 

Another entrapment attempt occurred sometime later, when another snitch, one of my best friends in college, said to me, something to the effect of: “you know, have you ever thought about planning a shooting – strictly in the hypothetical – you know, just hypothetically, what would you do?”  The snitch suggested that I plan it in an MS Word document and store in on my hard drive.  

I did not take the bait, and simply said, “nah… nah…” brushing off the idea, thinking something like that was too serious to even turn into an intellectual exercise.

This is scary stuff.  The first thing to note is that both ‘traps’ were way too easy to fail (even though I passed both of them).  In the first scenario, one could easily find themselves joking around without ever being serious.  The Feds could then have come along and blackmailed me, done lord knows what with the dirt, and possibly, arrested me, recruited me as a snitch, or tried to strong-arm me into carrying out some crime under duress, and then enslaved me.  

In the second scenario, it would have been easy enough to create the document under the suggestion that it was all just an intellectual planning exercise and then have it turned around and used against me.  The police could have arrested me or even taken further steps to entrap me or even induce the offense since the elements of a criminal conspiracy to murder would have already been set in motion. 

Of course, at the time, I vaguely suspected that these scenarios might have been entrapment attempts, and that I would have been arrested if I fell for them.  I eventually confirmed, however, that the government let’s just as many people get away with these shootings as they let shootings go off: if not more, since we typically hear more of mass shootings than shooting plots being foiled.  

It is quite obvious that many of the people being entrapped on terrorism are being allowed to carry out the schemes.  This is clearly the case given the evidence I will soon present here and what’s written in this article for The Guardian, which alleges that government agents are involved in most terror plots, and tend to cook up terrorist plots as if they are real, using real weapons, bombs, participants, etc.

Thinking back to the entrapment attempts I was victim to, it is possible that had they completed Step 1 (for example, getting me to conduct the planning exercise) that they might have sent a snitch along to get me interested in guns, for example, by inviting me to a firing range, getting me into guns as a hobby, and eventually getting me to purchase a firearm.  It’s easy to see how the police might then theoretically increase the intensity of the harassment, make me angry, send me into a rage, and then set the satellite dish weapons to full blast, and then induce an attack.

Fortunately, I am not a gun person, and did not take the bait. I own no weapons, have no interest or plans to acquire a weapon, and pose no threat of violence.  I am generally anti-gun, and stand for increases in gun control.  The police really are the people that pose a threat to society, and I am here to expose these corrupt animals for what they are – a pack of liars, rapists, and murderers.

Anything that could even theoretically be used as a weapon, I disposed of years ago when it became evident that the police appeared to be trying to kill me.  It appeared they would turn any weapon I had into an excuse to shoot.  For instance, if I owned a gun, given the legal risk I pose the establishment, it would be feasible that the police might just shoot me dead on the street, then say something like,  ‘well we found a gun on him, served him right.’ 

Make no mistake, the police are guilty of violating my right to bear arms (and this represents another one of my legal claims) but people in my shoes just simply cannot risk acquiring a weapon given what the police have done to them.  It’s degrading to have your rights violated like that, especially when you posed no threat anyway, and had no interest in buying one anyway, but I'll have to settle for stacking a violation of my 2nd amendment rights onto my existing legal claims.  

Situation Escalates at Transition into M.A. Program

The above entrapment scenario in 2006 -2007 marks the start of a number of aggressive entrapment attempts that ultimately failed miserably.  It was in about the year 2006-2007 that the trafficking situation escalated substantially.  

By the completion of my undergraduate degree, the police and Kent State had already subjected me to a number severe criminal victimizations (not described) that they needed dirt to protect themselves on.  Further, they were planning to escalate the trafficking situation substantially at my transition into the M.A. program, and needed to protect themselves.  They had been planning to make an attempt to pimp me to a closeted homosexual academic adviser (which failed miserably since I am fully straight) and also to force me into another extended sexual relationship with a female snitch.

Both the above offenses were major crimes and they were pulling out all the stops trying to neutralize me as a legal threat.  Fortunately, I survived these entrapment attempts, and all subsequent ones, and I am here to tell the story today.  Had I not survived the traps, I would have likely been brought in and forced to sign a contract to formally enslave me as punishment for crime, if not been given a criminal record, or I would have merely been blackmailed into silence.

Project Monarch Style Sex Trafficking and Trauma-Based Personality Modification

While I was informed in 2002 that I was being seized for involuntary servitude within an unspecified government program, it was not until about the year 2006-2007, around my time I was on the verge of completing my B.A. degree, that a process resembling the trauma-based personality modification described in the Mk Ultra and Project Monarch literature began. 

You may recall that early mind control research in the Mk Ultra program explored multiple personality disorder as a mind control tool, and the early research dealt with intentionally causing this disorder with intent to create a sex slave.  In criminal terms this can be defined as felonious assault with sexual motivation.  Under Ohio law, causing a psychological disorder or “mental illness or condition of such gravity as would normally require hospitalization or prolonged psychiatric treatment” constitutes ‘serious physical harm to persons’ and represents a form of felonious assault.  Committing this offense with sexual motivation is a Tier 3 sex offense.

At my transition into the M.A. program at Kent State there was a discrete incident of traumatization inflicted with intent to injure me with the deliberate creation of psychological disorder, although it was not ‘multiple personality’ disorder that was the disorder inflicted, but following the theoretical perspective advanced by my academic discipline of sociology, it was the concept of ‘multiple selves’ that was being exploited to turn me into a better sex slave.

Specifically, the police and Kent State sought to first traumatize me with the creation of PTSD, and erasure of the self-concept, and then implant a pre-disposition to ‘Cluster B’ personality disorders, such as narcissism, sociopathy, histrionic personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

This process involved the erasure of the personality, and reprogramming me from the ground up into something more pliable and easier to sex traffic.  The police wanted to turn me into something more predictable, easier to manipulate, more ingratiating, more dependent, and more outgoing.   Again, this did not involve multiple personality disorder, but exploited cognitive theories within sociological social psychology that see the self as situational.

Due Process Breach Performed in 2006 – Sex Trafficking and Sexual Abuse under Color of Law

The process of traumatization and personality modification began shortly after I exited a relationship with a female community policing snitch in late 2006.  The girl was cute, but during the brief relationship, she was carrying out orders as part of the trafficking campaign.  One of these orders was to subject me to a ‘rape’ that I perceived as trivial and little more than a minor affront.  Kent State, however, used the incident as justification for a subsequent retaliatory sex trafficking and victim neutralization campaign.

The purported “rape” involved an incident in which the girl requested intercourse, but reported not being on the pill.  She claimed to not have condoms either and I also did not have any on me.  Fearing she would get pregnant, I declined intercourse.  She disregarded my will and proceeded to get on top of me and ride me for a while bareback, disregarding my repeated requests to stop. 

Towards the end of the relationship with the snitch, the girl tried to drive her own getaway car with an extortion incident.  The goal was to blackmail me with the threat that some authority figures were stalking me around the community character defaming me as a suspected homosexual, and telling girls that I was under investigation as a closeted homosexual.  The goal was to gross sexually impose me on the next set of girls by leading me to believe I needed to run out and 'disprove' the defamatory institutional 'classification.'

These girls -- who were working for the purported 'investigation' -- were all community policing snitches who were getting the benefit of me being sex trafficked to them while simultaneously getting to attempt to gather dirt on me by pretending to be carrying out an 'investigation' (sexual assault by federal definitions).  As stated above, all subsequent entrapment attempts failed, and had they not, it is unlikely I'd be able to be reporting all this to you now.

There were some other threats the girl made of a more sensitive nature that I cannot divulge here for privacy concerns, but the implication was that given what was said it would be next to impossible to get laid.  The girl further cited some previous crimes the school had commit, and claimed "you're a threat! You're a threat!" to try and place me in fear. The implication was that the school needed to neutralize me as a threat by continuing the dirt gathering campaign.

Shortly after the girl made the above threats, a Kent State official came out of the woodwork, and said “you suffered a rape in the relationship; we need to retaliate.”  The Kent State official was referring to the incident above in which the girl disregarded my requests to stop and refused to respect my desire to refrain from intercourse on that occasion. 

While the girl’s actions may have technically constituted ‘rape,’ I was appalled by the fact that a Kent State official claimed they needed to retaliate for this incident.  I never reported and would not have reported.  It seemed the Kent State official was just looking for an excuse to retaliate against me with a breach of my due process rights, and used the girl’s crime as a justification.  The senselessness of it all was highlighted by the fact that the more they tried to neutralize me (and failed) the greater a threat of litigation I became.

Abducted with Sexual Motivation around Graduation in 2007, Trauma-Based Personality Modification Commences

Consistent with the Kent State official and the snitches threats, shortly after termination of the relationship, I noticed that suddenly all my female attention around the campus area had diminished.  All the flirtatious glances and the seductive behavior around campus seemed to have declined.  I was on the receiving end of continuous 'reject outright' and 'everything you do is wrong’ treatment, apparently on command of some Kent State or some other authority linked to law enforcement.   

The abduction also applied to the online dating scene where I also noticed a marked reduction in my success. One of the most significant changes was that girls no longer approached me first, which forced me to begin making more approaches on girls in order to form sexual relationships.

The end result was that I had to turn to the nightclub seen to supplant the loss of female attention and the increased isolation.  I was thus trafficked, or transported, to the nightclub scene regularly to spend money each night and serve as a bar patron where the police dispatched members of the COPS program to stalk me on the club scene, and funnel businesses into the various clubs in downtown Kent, OH, to conduct their behavioral manipulation experiments.

As a result of the retaliatory abduction, I was victim to increased distress from the isolation, including negative effect, stigmatization, depression, anxiety, suffering, torment, loss of self, cognitive damage, normlessness, loss of confidence and certainty, and more.  It was clear that I had experienced a marked decline in my ability to satisfy basic needs and that my interests in life, liberty, property had been interfered with without due process.  The force was overwhelming.

I had no idea how the seizure had been performed but it was clear that something was done.  It appeared that the school officials had the power to control the feedback one received from their social environment, but at the time, I had no clear theoretical or factual basis for how this could have been done, and did not believe that the authorities had this much power over the course of social relations.
I thus relied on a theory of the environment that seemed explicable to me at the time. I thought to myself, ‘there must be something wrong with me,’ or that ‘I must just be suffering from a life point transition coinciding with graduation.’   While causality had been obscured, the intended goal, no doubt, was to get me to see myself as fundamentally deficient and unacceptable, when the rejection was in fact caused by direct orders as part of the conspiracy against me.

Of course, I later uncovered the explanation for the due process breach.  Law enforcement has extensive ties to the community through the COPS program, and is able to leverage substantial, if not near total control over the community at large (and of course, contacting one’s employer and ordering harassment in the workplace is easily conceivable).  I never thought it would have been possible, however, to exert that much control over the community at large, in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution, but it indeed appears they are able to do this.

Adapting to Restraint: Modification of the Self

The increased isolation and perceived stigma led me to conclude that I would need to be a real charmer to offset the stigma of rejection, which I was led to believe was due to the false and defamatory 'classifications.'  As a result of all my rejection, and interpersonal and romantic failures – all of which were secretly caused by covert actions of law enforcement -- I was compelled into turning to the dating advice and self-help literature for a solution.

As a result of the self-concept break-down of the abuse, I was compelled to replace my former self with a series of characters, persona's, or seduction tactics the gurus claim lead to success with women.  I thus suffered a psychological injury in the form of complete and total elimination of my self-concept, through continuous abuse and maltreatment.

To rebuild my personality, I developed a fake persona based on the pick-up artist literature, specifically gurus advocating a cocky confidence, hard-to-get tactics, teasing and playfulness, and artificially increasing demand through attempts to create ‘social proof.’ 

In addition the web gurus (web magazine columns and other advice guides), I also developed seduction theory from other sources, namely, the literature in personality psychology.  The literature forming the foundation for my self-transformation were the Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, the Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasche, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, a self-help book the Survivor Personality by Al Siebert, and the Protean Self by Robert J. Lifton.

I further read a work by Stephen King, the Stand, which was informative in a number of different respects.  Most significantly, I observed that every character tended to have a psychological disorder, which led me to the conclusion that I could profile the various people I interacted with to better attune myself to their psychology, become more pleasing to them, and seduce them to intercourse.  The idea that everyone could theoretically be diagnosed with a psychological disorder, and these were not discrete entities, but continuous constructs, also informed my academic work.

The above literature was part of the commodified intellectual labor I performed in graduate school, which was a product of the government’s vision for me as a scholar. The apparent goal was to create, through thought planting, a sociologist inspired by the work of Nietzsche, George Simmel, Stephen King, and the self-help and seduction literature.  The philosophical origins were fundamentally German in character.


Now an M.A. student in sociology, and under the influence of the above forces, I began frequenting local nightclubs, often alone, to meet women beginning around late 2006 -- early 2007. 

The daily trek to nightclubs constituted a count of forcible transport (see O.R.C. 2905.32 and 2905.01)  to these clubs by the university and police, who had withdrawn female attention around campus and on online dating sites, which forced me into severe isolation in order to compel me to supplant the withdrawal of attention with regular trips to the nightclubs.

The regular transport to the club scene facilitated sex trafficking me to the police snitches who they planned to have stalk me at nightclubs with sexual motivation while exploiting the diffuse forcible compulsion of threats of calumnies, the false classifications, the abduction, and the investigation. 

As discussed in the introductory section, the strategy, in many instances, was to have the girls use ‘trigger’ statements to signal themselves as snitches working for the investigation in order to signal their sexual motivation, and also to activate the diffuse extortion that I needed to participate in the investigation and sleep with them to free myself from the abduction offense and get to have a life.

Stacked onto the isolation and narrowing of my sexual options was the more proximal use of harassment at the nightclubs, including assault, coercion, unlawful restraint, and general harassment, to distribute me to an additional set of girls that were the primary beneficiaries on my trafficking during my graduate student years.

In addition to the above force, in order to cope with the pressure to interact with strangers and engage in casual sex, I began drinking massive amounts of alcohol each night, typically drinking some 12 to 17 beers or more an evening just to get the confidence to adapt to the restraints imposed by the authorities.  This was not ‘voluntary’ ingestion of alcohol.  The ingestion of alcohol was actually forced by the coerced treks out to the nightclubs and the demands of the forced labor the authorities wanted me to perform, which required that I numb myself emotionally to carry out the authorities' will. 

This ‘forced labor’ included the sex blog, the social experiment, my presence at the clubs where I was stalked, and the sex itself due to the street theater the girls carried out in the encounters (and in most cases the sex was laborious because it was not gratifying due to the coercion used by the girls in the encounters, the restraints of the orders they were given, and their failed attempts to gather dirt on me).   
Nightclubs, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha: Experimental Games

The seduction literature was a major success at the bars and girls responded nearly universally receptively to my advances and I hooked up with and engaged in sexual activity with a number of different females on the club scene.

I eventually discovered, however, that law enforcement merely told the girls to behave receptively, and that, through the COPS program, law enforcement was able to exert what seemed like complete and total control over the club scene in downtown Kent.  While the seduction tactics no doubt work, law enforcement showed me they could just as easily make it so they didn't work by simply telling all the girls to stay away from me or to abuse me with rejection.

The process of testing the ideas of the seduction literature was exhilarating and for a while there I was feeling optimistic about life.  During the process of carrying out the mission, I noticed an interesting coincidence on the radio – a song by an up and coming pop artist named Katy Perry called “I Kissed a Girl.” 

The idea of living by experiment had consumed me, and as soon as I heard the line from the Perry song: “you’re my experimental game, just human nature,” somehow I knew it referred to me, and the Nietzschean philosophy I was reading.  The song lyric was no doubt targeting me (and no I'm not gay).  The idea of treating life as an experiment is expounded upon most explicitly in Nietzsche’s work The Gay Science, which shows continuity with Perry’s song lyrics, which recount a girl-on-girl experience, which she claims she liked.  Nietzsche, of course, is not referring to homosexuality, but the gaity, joy, happiness, and laughter one experiences when treating life as an experiment.

Recall that I had been told I was being defamed as a homosexual.  I’m fully straight, and there has never been any experimentation, or even so much as a gay fantasy, but the ‘kissed a girl’ lyric, no doubt stalks me, and further false lights me through the mere fact I have to describe the song lyrics as a 'reference' to me in the course of re-counting my experience being stalked by the government.

Nonetheless, Katy includes another lyric on the same album in a song called “Ur so Gay” that reads: “you’re so gay and you don’t even like boys.”  The lyric appears to be an admission that the authorities knew I was straight and that the idea of a homosexuality investigation was all a lie to facilitate my trafficking.

About two years after I observed stalking in the Katy Perry album, the pop star Ke$ha was introduced into the pop music world.  While I did not make the Ke$ha discoveries until about the year 2015, Ke$ha too stalked me in her song lyrics.  She also stalked me in her last name.

First – her real name is Ke$ha Sebert.  You may recall that one of the self-help books influencing the social experimenting at the nightclubs was a book by Al Sebert called the Survivor Personality.  This synchronicity is one tip off that Ke$ha was selected due to some correlations with me and my own personal experience within the Monarch program at Kent State.

Second – she also stalks me in some of her song lyrics.  Ke$ha, for instance, has a song named “Stephen,” which of course matches my first name of Stephen.

The story behind the song is the giveaway -- Ke$ha false lights me as a gang stalking target with her song 'Stephen'...

Third -- and here’s the giveaway – if you read the story behind the song, she stalks me and false lights me.  I’m a gang stalking target, and have been so for over 16 years now.  The campaign even went on before that.  In an interview with MTV, Ke$ha says: "I'm really excited for people to hear the song called 'Stephen' that I wrote about this guy that I've been stalking since I was, like, 15, but he's a total loser, so I don't want to glorify him in any way."

If you inquire further, she bullies that target of the song Stephen (who is reported to not have even given her the “time of day”), by alleging that he might be gay, saying that “he came to see my show at this huge gay bar in New York” and that he got “up on stage, takes all his clothes off except his underwear and starts making out with a tranny.”

So – we see a clear pattern by both Ke$ha and Katy Perry of false lighting me with song lyrics and defaming me by innuendo as a homosexual when I’m fully straight.

Now, to foreshadow a future section of this work, you might note that the Ke$ha statement made to MTV was contained in an article titled “Ke$ha would ‘totally’ collaborate with Taylor Swift.”

Like Ke$ha, Taylor Swift also has a fascination with some guy Stephen.  I have confirmed that I am one of the Stephen's being targeted in both songs.  In 2008, as I was finishing up the experiments at the nightclub, Taylor Swift came out with a song called “Hey Stephen” on her fearless album.

While you might tell me I’m out of my gourd, I have confirmed that it is true – I am indeed the Stephen that keeps coming up in pop culture so regularly.  Read on, for more confirmation.

Taylor Swift also tends to feature boyfriends rumored to be gay! While I suspect that some of her boyfriends have at least tried their hand at a little homosexuality, I am fully straight, have never so much as fantasized about homosexuality, and would sooner die than be gay.


So we see that around the time the social experiments at the club were being performed (which was actually forced labor as part of my sex trafficking victimization), correlations with my experience on ground began emerging in the pop culture stratosphere, where I was being stalked by celebrities with coded messages in song lyrics. 

The use of pop stars to stalk me is consistent with the presentation of Mk Ultra mind control experimentation as seen in the movie Josie and the Pussycats, which presents the pop music industry as being involved in the mind control apparatus by placing subliminal messages in music, with the FBI being the primary government agency with ties to the industry representatives.

Much of the mystery can be solved by watching this one simple movie...

During my initial time as a bar patron in mid-to-late 2007, I hooked up with a number of girls, all of who appear to have been working for Kent State and law enforcement officials. 

One of these girls was an older woman reporting to be age 34 (I was 23 at the time).  The 34 year-old female came back seeking follow-up encounters. I rejected the follow-up encounters.
After rejecting the informant’s request for follow-up sexual encounters, within a week later the informant approached me again and invited me to sit down at a table with some people she claimed were her friends.  One of these persons was a female reporting to work for the FBI. 

The female agent cleared me on the encounter with snitch and even admitted that I was coerced into the sexual encounter by the police saying: “we trafficked you to (the snitch)” and asked me “do you want us to charge (snitch’s name)?”  I told her no, that I did not want the female prosecuted.
The agent pointed out that the police were giving them orders to follow in the sexual encounters (and this is unlawful) by saying “as you can see, we have them carrying out some pretty elaborate orders” (as part of the program being run upon me, which required that they control all my sexual ‘sexual experiences’).

The agent tried to coerce me into additional sexual encounters with the snitch, saying something like “I strongly recommend you sleep with (snitch’s name) a few more times,” which was an attempt to foreshadow the eventual take-down.  This same threat, in nearly the exact same words, was uttered by the snitch herself prior to this meeting.

During the conversation, the agent also commented on the mass shooter issue and said: “as you know, we might let you do that, but of course we’ll have to…”  Her voice trailed off, but it appeared that she was suggesting they would have to call the local police in to shoot me down if I attempted one. 
Her statement “as you know, we might let you do that...” suggested that she was referring to the previous conversation with the snitch described above who said to me “come on Steve! Let’s go on a rampage!” to which I replied, “nah man, I have too much going for me to do that...” 

The FBI’s statements at the table confirmed a suspicion I had: that they may have actually been trying to get me carry out a shooting.  I do not believe this was the primary motive, however, and think that they were most likely looking to gather dirt on me they could use to blackmail me, possibly by bringing me in and formalizing my enslavement with a contract as a get-out-of-jail free card.  Nonetheless (and this helps prove the other shootings I prove here they induced) the abuse they were inflicting upon me was injustice-oriented and involved widespread maltreatment by the community at large.  This harassment appears to reflect a prima facie make ‘em go postal’ strategy intended to induce mass violence.  And apparently, there are other instances where they successfully do this to make people go postal.

Of course, and this goes without saying, as I’ve already stated many times, I passed all these traps, and I really do pose no threat of violence to society.  I have always been non-violent, and incapable of any significant violence whatsoever.   I own no weapons, have no plans to acquire a weapon, and pose no threat.  It is in fact law enforcement who poses a threat to society and I who has to set the record straight by exposing law enforcement as a corrupt institution perpetrating mass violence against innocent civilians.  

FBI Disappears; Orders “Creepy” Take Down with COPS Program

Shortly after the meeting with the FBI agents at the club in 2007, I began encountering vicious harassment at the club.  The agents appear to have ordered the nightclub staff and a whole bunch of community members to harass me viciously at the club I was using to meet women. 

The abuse seemed to be initiated for no good reason -- 

One night I was hitting on some girl and she was very receptive to the advance.  Some other girl that was watching on, however, appeared to become jealous and screamed out loud, “No! No! He’s the creepiest guy at the bar!”  This girl and her friend then launched a campaign against me that involved smearing me as “creepy” to all the girls at the bar, who then appeared to mindlessly buy into the label.  See this link for documentation of the harassment. 

From then on out “creepy” became a new word in pop culture --

And even the pop star Ke$ha stalked me once again by naming her band after the ‘creepy’ label and even booked a gig at Kent State shortly after I graduated in 2016 –

This situation at the club eventually progressed to a violent mobbing episode in summer 2007 where a large violent male stalked me around the bars assaulting me and threatening me for weeks on end, began physically intimidating me, getting in my face attempting to pick a fight, throwing cups of beer at me, spilling beer on me, and on one occasion hitting me in the face (a close-fisted slap) outside the bar after I refused to fight him.  The response seemed like an excessive reaction to a mild confrontation that he himself provoked with an aggressive stare-down.  I later discovered he was taking orders from the police which explained the unusually aggressive reaction.  

There was another incident in which a deranged female I had never even spoken to berated me angrily outside the bar one evening, screaming “Why are you still coming here?  You got slapped in the face last night! You’re creepy, you’re creepy!”    I attempted to calm the girl down and smooth things over by trying to talk out the problem. 

While attempting to calm the girl down the police arrived to investigate the incident.  I was dismissed from the scene, although it appeared that the police may have tried to escalate the situation by having a friend of mind (also a snitch) try to make me lose control on the scene to get me arrested on disorderly conduct. 

A few days after the incident, I returned to the nightclub and was approached by a female bartender who said “I was told to tell you that we have received a lot of complaints about you” and said “if we receive one more complaint, you might get booted.”  My instinctive reaction was to think: 'how am I supposed to have any control over whether or not you receive a false complaint from someone that just doesn't like me' since it was clear that a labeling, or status process had taken over that raised the likelihood of a false report being filed.  

Further, I was concerned that, given the previous pattern of harassment, the FBI or police might simply order someone to take arbitrary 'offense' to one of my communication attempts that they would otherwise be fine with in order to deprive me of my right to go to a nightclub by making a false report.  The experience was complete loss of sense of control over my fortune, and the bartenders threat served to place me in extreme fear and duress.

That said, it is unclear if any complaints were actually made, but if so, they would have all been tainted by the motive of coming to the defense of the girl whose disorderly conduct outside the bar was the reason the police arrived on the scene to investigate.  The bartender and bar regulars' reaction appeared part of a clear 'blame the victim to protect the perpetrator' tendency that it typically seen whenever there is legal drama.  Further, the eventual outcome -- me being forced into a sexual relationship with a police snitch -- suggests that coercion was this bartender's motive, and she wanted to place me in duress as part of the sex trafficking program to help induce me into the relationship.  This one statement was significantly causal in forcing me into the relationship, and the next girl was no doubt a snitch, so the statement was most likely intended as coercion with sexual motivation.

Placed in Duress by Police and Bar Staff

While the male’s reaction was excessive, more threatening was the nightclub staff and the police’s reaction to the dispute.  From then on out, I was treated with heightened suspicion and disrespect at my primary club, as if I were the perpetrator.  The bar staff showed no concern for the people harassing me, and treated me like he was the problem, and degrading me by acting like I needed supervision, that I was socially inept, and as if they were just looking for a slip.

The reaction constituted coercion, the bar staff’s reaction suggested they were treating the situation as a popularity contest (and recall I had been unlawfully deprived of status without due process) which put me at an unfair disadvantage, and the police had even been abusing the COPS program by going around telling people to reject me and pick on any fault they could find.   In short – the bar staff’s reaction served to put a gun up to my head – ‘one complaint and you might get booted’ (or even worse, arrested).  Of course, how could I have any control if the police simply told a community policing snitch to file a false report against me?

The police acted in complicity with the bar staff --

After the take-down in the summer 2007, the local police began stalking me around town as if they were scheming to make a bust.  I recall walking across the street at a cross walk (with the right away) and then having a cop car suddenly make a left turn and pop out in front of me, assaulting me with the threat of imminent harmful contact.  The officer snarled at me in a showing of aggression in apparent attempt to provoke an aggressive or startled response in apparent attempt to induce a ‘disorderly’ response.  The ‘entrapment’ attempt failed and I remained calm, talking Nietzsche’s advice to ‘react as seldom as possible’ to provocation in order remain in control.

In addition, to the force used by the police themselves, they further used their community policing ring to remote track and follow me around town.  It seemed that the harassment had spread to other establishments, and that a stalker was always around to surveil me, and that ‘one false move’ and they defame me to the management at a new establishment, and get me banned from that establishment.

The stalking thus included a pattern of conduct with separate coercion offenses attached (in addition to threats of bodily injury).   The goal of was to place me in fear of false arrest using false finger points from their snitch ring if I did not escape the club scene fast (this was part of the duress rape strategy they were planning to victimize me with for the benefit of their next snitch).

As a result of the take-down campaign at the bar, I developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and became hyper vigilant in my daily life, anticipating threats and harassment everywhere I went.  I also developed an excessive sweating problem, and became increasingly damaged cognitively, being even more confused as to how to behave in my social interactions.

Sex Blog Extorted

After the take-down at the club, which appeared to have been launched for no good reason, I was so traumatized that I wrote the sex blog in an attempt to placate the authorities.   It seemed they were forcing me to disappear for a while to give me the opportunity to write the blog, consistent with the purported sexuality investigation.   

Further I perceived the harassment as being due to the purported homosexual classification, or ‘flagging,’ and that the blog could stop the violence if I proved myself straight.  Again, the various flagging’s and the investigation were entirely defamatory.  The blog was thus extorted by the threat that I had been falsely classified as a homosexual and that I needed to disprove the classification.  Even more force was used that I cannot reveal for my personal safety.  Rest assured, however, that the level of force amounted roughly to a gun to my head, to the point that I had no choice but to yield to the will of the authorities. 

Recall from my previous post, that the blog was fully legal from a criminal standpoint, and I had concealed the names of the girls and took reasonable steps to remove any significant identifiers, such that the only person whose privacy was being invaded was mine.

Evidence of Harassment and a Nietzschean Influence on the Experiment

The blog eventually came to be titled the Overman Experiments, although it originally was published on the web as Tales of Conquest, and then re-published on the web as the Pickup Artist Experience.  I eventually planned on re-working the blog, with the title the Overman Experiments, and this is what it ended up being titled on my hard drive in its current form.

Again, the blog was induced by the harassment at the bar (which included additional force not described), which I partially attributed to the false classification of homosexuality.  I document some of the harassment at the bar in a message board post on a free legal advice forum.  In the message board posting, my screen name on the forum is “Overman982.”   Notice this screen name is taken from Nietzsche’s concept of the Overman, proving my interest in the philosopher, his influence on the blog, and the likely fact that the FBI pushed his philosophy on me as part of the program.

You’ll note that at the time, I had not fully discovered that the police were behind the harassment, since I did not believe they possessed the level of control over the population they did.  I had no idea that COPS program was that extensive, and that my rights were being violated to that great an extent.

Forced into Sexual Relationship with Police Snitch, Kidnapped by Continuous Unlawful Restraint and Coercion

It was shortly after the take-down at the club, that the whole purpose of the self-concept break-down, personality modification, homosexuality investigation, and other force was revealed –

The police had done it all to sex traffic me to this next snitch.  They had conspired to traumatize me and place me in duress to carry out a rescuer rape for the benefit of one of their snitches, to whom they planned to distribute me to as a sexual kickback in order to pamper her using my looks for her status as being on the favored track at Kent State. 

Exploiting the fear in which they placed me, Kent State and law enforcement forced me into an extended sexual relationship with their police snitch by sending her in as a rescuer figure that I could use to disappear from the club scene for a while, planning to return after I felt things must have certainly blown over.

The girl was ugly and I planned to date her for a about a week or two just to disappear from the club scene until things cooled off.   The girl and law enforcement, however, managed to obstruct my escape for nearly four years against my active resistance --

First -- she managed to felonious assault me with sexual motivation in a manner that made exiting the relationship risky.  This was the injury the guidance counselor made reference to some 5-6 years prior that they later planned to 'cure' with a superior sexual ability.

Second – I was victim to coercion due to the fact that I was led to believe that the relationship was part of the program and that I needed to stay with her to win my eventual release from an abduction.

Third -- the girl refused to let me break up with her.   Despite the force used to get me to stay in the relationship, I was still screaming bloody murder at this girl on a near weekly basis telling her I did not want to be with her and that we needed to break up.   The girl stalked me to force interaction on me, which was done to communicate that she would not stay away and that I could not leave the relationship.  Since I had been isolated from the rest of the community, merely forcing interaction on me was sufficient to make a break-up impossible.  I would eventually be overcome with helplessness over her refusal to go away and would easily slip back into ‘relationship mode’ and resume going through the motions.   

As relates to this last point, the effect was like being victim to a 'stranger in the bushes' rape, and it became evident that the reason she felt so entitled to a relationship with me, and completely disregarded my will, was because she had made an arrangement with the police to have me distributed to her as a sex partner, as if I were property, and that I had no rights in the matter whatsoever.

The police also used force to aid and abet the girl in her crimes –

First -- I discovered that I had been overwhelmingly isolated from the rest of the community, as evidenced by a seemingly impossible level of reject outright treatment from women, which suggested alternative prospects were being withheld, and that I would be unable to find a rebound partner.

Second – I had been ostracized on the club seen, and was coerced away from downtown where I could find rebound sexual partners.  This escape route had thus been blocked.

Third – the police thwarted my every attempt to find a rebound by blocking these attempts and even threatening me with arrest by having girls act like they would falsely accuse me of crimes or try to get me arrested if I were on a date with them, had sex with them, or were in a relationship with them.

Fourth -- I could not go to the police because she was working for the police and they had previously intimidated me with false arrest if I ever reported their informants (‘dual arrest minimum’ even though I had not done anything wrong, and she was the domestic violence offender).  

In short, it was made impossible to exit the relationship and I lost four years of my life just so the police could pamper this girl with a sex partner above her worth.  As a result of the force used by the girl herself, the police, and Kent State officials I was kidnapped and forced to remain in this relationship for 3.5 – 4 years against my resistance and was victim to some 1,000 counts or more of aggravated sexual assault. 


It was during the relationship with the above snitch that the FBI began encroaching upon me in the mass media by highlighting their wide spread practice of false flag terrorism, and revealing the existence of a highly extensive mind control apparatus that they use to engineer the socio-political order.

Through the course of being stalked in the mass media I discovered that U.S. government is carefully controlling the very unfolding of history through the strategic manipulation of events (false flags) including, mass shootings, celebrity deaths, homicides, high profile new stories, movies, crimes, and major terrorist attacks.  The false flags appear intended to shape public thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and ideology in order to render the population receptive to will the government officials and ensure their docile compliance with the mind control apparatus.

Steve Kaszmierzak Shooting at Northern Illinois

Back to the year 2008 --

Recall that I had just been forced into the extended sexual relationship with the female police snitch.  As stated, the relationship was a ‘rescuer rape’ situation that involved placing me in duress at a nightclub, and then sending the girl in as an escape route through which I could disappear until things blew over.  I ended up being forced into the relationship against my will for approximately 3.5 to 4 years against my active resistance to the girl who was the primary beneficiary on my trafficking during this time period (2007 to 2011).

While ‘hiding out’ in the relationship with the police snitch, I was able to observe the town from a distance to measure my stigmatization and gauge my status.  It seemed I was facing some pretty severe abuse and rejection, which I attributed, among other things, to the purported false homosexual classification. 

Still attempting to ‘fight back’ against the false label, I wondered if my institutional classification (and the pattern of abuse I was suffering) would change if I uploaded the sex blog onto the web as ‘proof’ I was straight to fight back against the defamation.  Feeling like I could take the risk in the relationship, I secretly posted the blog to the web at some point to observe the effects.  I recall, after posting it, not knowing what would happen, and wondering if I would be arrested.

Now, I don’t know for sure if the blog was the catalyst, but discovery pending, I believe that shortly after I posted the blog, I read a headline in the Daily Kent Stater that seemed to be targeting me specifically.   The headline read something to the effect of “Graduate Student in Sociology…” then notified the reader of the mass shooting.   

This was the Steve Kazmierczak shooting at Northern Illinois University on February 14th 2008.  My heart skipped a beat when I read that his name was Steve and that he was an M.A. student in sociology, like myself.    Further inquiring, I read that he also had a fascination with Nietzsche’s philosophy, like myself (with Nietzsche being part of the inspiration for the mission at the nightclubs to disprove the defamatory homosexual flagging).  

The synchronicities between me and Kazmierczak marked the Northern Illinois shooting as the start of a 'mirroring' dynamic characterized by reflecting my personal attributes back at me in news stories and other pop culture events so as to stalk me and signal conspiracy. 

The shooting also marked the start of call ‘call and response’ stalking dynamic characterized by me doing something and then observing a response in the mass media that appeared to be linked to my action, with the event in the media often mirroring me in some respect.  

While the call and response dynamic is suggestive of a causal link between the two events, the correlation is entirely illusory.  I eventually deduced that the government had merely caused and manipulated my behavior down to the date and time I completed a significant action, and that they were simultaneously able to align the completed actions with the behavior of someone else they were also inducing.  In other words, they were able to feed Nietzsche to both of us, get both of us into a sociology graduate program, and induce me into posting the sex blog posting around the time that they induced Kazmierczak into carrying out the shooting.

After observing the shooting, I exclaimed in a graduate seminar, something like, “hey did anyone hear about that mass shooting about that guy named Steve?!”  People looked fearful in response, and did not reply, as if they were aware of something they weren’t allowed to talk about.  They no doubt knew they were being told to carry out manipulations on me.  Whether or not they knew the meaning or purpose of the manipulations remains unclear, but I suspect that yes -- they knew they were trying to induce criminal offenses.

Hoonah Alaska Shooting by John Marvin and Links to Esteban Santiago and Sutherland Church Shooting

The plot further thickened at another point in the relationship with the police snitch -- 

At one point, my younger brother had recently acquired a girlfriend that also appears to have been a pre-arranged relationship since the girl was a music major and played the clarinet which I also played for four years in middle school.  The two of them were students at the same college, and both were studying to be teachers: my younger brother in the field of mathematics, and the girl in the field of the music.

One day, we were at my grandmother’s house, and we were sitting around the dinner table.  Each of us had the respective girls we were dating at the table.  We were discussing the job market for high school teachers, and the difficulty in finding a position as a teacher was raised.  The girl then introduced the topic of Hoonah Alaska, and mentioned that she was considering taking a job as a music teacher in the small town of Hoonah, Alaska.  My younger brother also expressed interest in possibly taking a position there as a math teacher.  Both parties eventually agreed to take the jobs in Alaska. 

I was instantly concerned.  Alaska was far away, and seemed dangerous.  Specifically, there was a large population of bears that could pose threats to humans, and further, Alaksa was a ‘gun culture’ where most people owned guns, and further where I suspected there was likely a mob rules mentality that comes with frontier culture. 

Hoonah Alaska Put on Map with Mass Shooting

My family was dismissive of my concerns about saftey, but my concerns were ultimately validated, however, soon after.  Just before their trip, shots rang out in Hoonah.  I got notice in the news of a mass shooting in the small bum funk town of Hoonah Alaska.  Two police officers were killed which represented a substantial proportion of the local police department.  As a result of the incident, this town that few people would have ever even heard of, was finally put on the map with a mass shooting incident.

The shooting was carried out by a John Marvin, whose name resembles my younger brother’s name – John Mullet.  John Marvin and John Mullet.

Further inquiring, I discovered that John Marvin had a friend named Stephen Warford, which resembled my own name, Stephen Mullet (with ‘W’ being an ‘M’ upside down).  Stephen Warford and Stephen Mullet.

Hoonah Shooter, John Marvin and best friend, Stephen Warford (photo not available) mirroring me (Stephen Mullet) and younger brother John Mullet in name.

Obviously, the stronger piece of evidence here is the fact that my younger brother had planned to take the job in the little-known town of Hoonah Alaska and just prior to his trip, a shooting occurred.  Of course, the fact that I had a premonition through my fear of gun violence was another point suggestive of conspiracy.  The mirroring in names, however, seals the deal and proves that this shooting was a false flag.

‘Stephen’ and Alaska Become Recurring Themes in Mass Shootings -- Sutherland Springs

From the Steve Kazmierczak and Hoonah shootings onward, it became evident that a Stephen was often showing up at the scene of the crime --

While inquiring into the mass shooting epidemic in 2014, I noticed another shooting that showed synchronicity with the Hoonah shooting.  This was a lesser known shooting, the Sutherland Spring Church shooting, carried out by Devin Patrick Kelley.

After Kelley finished the shooting he was pursued on the road by a Stephen Willeford, who had a gun and fired shots at Kelley.  Kelley was later found dead in his car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The name of the man who hunted the shooter down, Stephen Willeford, of course, resembles Stephen Warford (the man linked to the Hoonah shooter).  Again, here we see another link to the Hoonah Alaska shooting and another incidence of a 'Stephen' showing up at the scene of the crime.

Stephen Willeford whose name resembles Stephen Warford from the Hoonah shooting -- 'Stephen' is somehow always showing up at the scene of the crime.  

Later on, we will see that Stephen Paddock and Esteban Santiago represent additional instances of  ‘Stephen’ showing up at the scene of the crime.  In the case of Esteban Santiago, he was also from Alaska, solidifying the links to the Hoonah shooting (and myself).

And let’s not forget -- we just saw that both Ke$ha and Taylor Swift had songs making references to the name Stephen, which suggests that these artists were foreshadowing events yet to come with their music by marking ‘Stephen’ as a significant name in pop culture (with me being the 'other' Stephen referenced by these artists). 


After the school and police released me from the relationship with the snitch in 2011, I was harassed by a closeted bisexual academic advisor from late 2011 through 2012.  The adviser made a whole bunch of threats at me in our meetings within the context of sexually harassing statements and some racial statements suggesting that he was discriminating against me because I was a white western European male. 

There was also a pattern of fraudulent conduct carried out by the adviser intended to injure me with misguidance.  I was under the impression that the adviser was going to help me establish myself as a scholar in the field and that we would publish together.  As it turned out, the adviser had no intention of giving me a career in academia.  The reason I was there was because the university wanted to traffic me in the Mk Ultra program (presumably in exchange for some benefit) while also using me as a sexual commodity for a select few girls on the favored track they wanted to pamper.  They then planned to have the adviser viciously harass me and attempt sexual assault on me and then have the university and police dispose of me with a retaliatory harassment campaign. 

The above plan was all part of the mind control script, and the girls I was trafficked to were all pre-planned beneficiaries on my trafficking that were authorized to commit crimes against me, merely so the police had the ‘excuse’ to retaliate.

The retaliation narrative was all a surface motive, however, with the sex trafficking scheme and false flag being the true intention.  My fortune had been pre-determined in advance, and the victimizations and subsequent retaliatory harassment campaigns were all just pretexts intended to meet the requirements of established policies and procedures of law enforcement, which typically require an 'excuse' to leverage the resources for violating someone's rights with a victim 'neutralization' campaign.  The real motive, however, was to sex traffic me as a commodity and human guinea pig, effectively treating my looks as a public resource.

The Cloud 9 Image Created; Pop Culture References Ensue

Towards the end of 2011, as I was in the process of being harassed by the adviser, I was writing a new song.  I wanted the song to be the epitome of my creative merger of styles that involved blending my classically influenced finger-playing background with my electric heavy metal sound that was influenced by the Scandinavian melodic death metal scene.  The goal was to sound like Iron Maiden (and the derivative In Flames) but on a single guitar.

For the song, I wanted to enhance my format a bit by including artwork with my song postings.  I eventually purchased an abbreviated version of Adobe Photoshop and began working on some artwork.  Some of the distress I was experiencing from the harassment was expressed in the gloominess of the Cloud 9 image.

Here’s the song and image –

There were a number of other separate inducements intended to get me to post the image with the song.  One of these inducements was a stalking incident involving a female student in the program who 'let her hair down' and posted a gloomy picture on Facebook as an apparent means of communicating to me that she was being harassed during her dissertation phase as well.  Her action (and she was indeed a snitch) led me to conclude that I could partake in the department culture by posting a corresponding image myself.  My situation, however, was unique and I was subsequently disposed of post-graduation whereas the this female was given a seat in the discipline. 

Cloud 9 Image Mind Controlled

I eventually discovered in what appears to be mid-2015, that the song Cloud 9 and its corresponding image were mind controlled.  The evidence of mind control is evident in the fact that in Fall 2002, exactly 9 years prior to the posting of the Cloud 9 image in Fall 2011, the first snitch they forced me to date left a MS Paint drawing on my hard drive that foreshadowed the Cloud 9 image.  

This was one of a number of different MS Paint drawings she left behind, apparently as part of the mind control program.  I was told that the drawing was significant at a number of points throughout my 12 years at Kent State.  

Here’s a comparison of the two photos –

Notice these photo’s bare some structural similarities –

First, notice that both of them are self-portraits.  Second, look at the split down the center of the face, apparently emphasizing the duality of existence, as was the topic of my MA thesis.  Third, look at how the ‘light’ (or the ‘sun’ in her case) is in the upper right hand side of the photo, which creates the ‘split.’  Then consider this – my song was called Cloud 9, which was posted to the web in Fall semester 2011. The girl’s image was created nearly exactly 9 years prior to mine in Fall semester 2002.  My image was created nine years later, and it somehow ended up being named Cloud 9. 

I can tell you how they got me to name it Cloud 9, but that’s beyond the scope of the post.  I will say, however, that to get me to create the image they needed to isolate me and make my life so miserable I had nothing better to do than sit around drunk taking pictures of myself in the dark in my bathroom mirror looking for ways to get attention.  Some of the more subtle manipulations, such as how they controlled the content of the photo itself, remain a mystery.

Further evidence that the Cloud 9 image was mind controlled is evident in the symbolism in the image, which appears to make reference to the Illuminati ‘eye,’ the crucifixion of Jesus, the dualism of Diego Rivera’s ‘Man at the Cross Roads,’ and Leonardo DaVinci’s Ventruvian Man.

The various images invoked by the Cloud 9 image.  The painting in the lower left is called "Man at the Cross Roads" by Diego Rivera.

Cloud 9 Computer Hacking Hoax

After posting the distinctive image to the web in late 2011, I was eventually forced to take it down by my academic adviser, who harassed me in the meetings while also making some threats suggesting that he wanted me to take the social media empire down to prove my loyalty to the program.
I wondered if the Cloud 9 image was not too distinctive, or too intimate, to use.  I began adding effects in Photoshop to water down the intensity of the original.  I planned to use the new version for any subsequent uploads.

After creating the photo, however, I knew I could not use it, for the government had hacked my computer and inserted phallic and sexual imagery into the photo when I was in the process of re-creating it.  See the exhibit below.  They thus forced me to keep the original around as the 'true' image.

The incident proves that my computer is being hacked --most likely by the government.

Cloud 9 References in Pop Culture

The Cloud 9 song served as a sort of anthem to my own FBI take down, and received many references in pop culture.  I will try to run through some of these below.

Here’s one in Katy Perry’s song Wide Awake --

Here’s one in Avril Lavign’s song “Sippin on Sunshine” --

Here’s one from a song called “Planes” by Jeremih (featuring J. Cole) –

Here’s an apparent haircut that celebrities were using to signal their participation in the campaign against me –

And some additional celebrities featuring hair styles resembling the Cloud 9 haircut --

Here’s an apparent ‘kitten’ that was used to stalk me on social media.  Was it a genetic manipulation in utero?  The color scheme on the cat even appears to resemble the Cloud 9 colors...

Of course, having a ‘Two-Face’ thingy is a sign that you might be in the Monarch Program –

Sensitization to Mass Media – Sam Mullet Amish Beard Cutting Case

So by late 2011 I had posted the song Cloud 9 and its corresponding image to the web.  As stated above, the image was mind controlled to show continuity with the image the girl produced exactly 9 years earlier in 2002.  The image itself appeared to intensify my adviser’s harassment, and he appeared to take the image as an excuse to start threatening me more viciously.  This harassment was clear intimidation in the free exercise of constitutional rights since the Cloud 9 image represents a prima facie case of freedom of expression.

By the year 2012, the harassment from the adviser became increasingly aggressive and threatening.  The adviser had been uttering, veiled, direct, and indirect death threats at me in the meetings for over 7 months by about March 2012, and I was becoming increasingly worn down by the harassment.  The adviser further was placing me in fear of kidnapping by feeding my lies that I was ‘under investigation’ by the FBI when in reality I was being victim to Cointelpro style harassment and retaliation.  The alleged cure for the felonious assault inflicted by the snitch ended up being just an elaborate kidnapping strategy intended to neutralize me as a legal threat.  

By this point, in late 2011, my adviser was trying to sensitize me to the news to help carry out the agenda for the Mk Ultra program. I recall noticing stalking in the news, but did not think much of it.  The adviser, however, became angry and said to me: “pay very close attention to what those news articles are telling you.” I continued ignoring the articles and he became angry, saying: “do you know how many resources we’ve spent on this?!  You’re going to be victimized by this…” 

The adviser was engaging in what is referred to in the gang stalking literature as a process of sensitization.  By sensitizing one’s victims, the police are able to be more stealthy, since the person will have learned how to observe the subtle threats and innuendo, through which the FBI makes their threats.  The sensitization to mass media stalking was necessary for me to cooperate in the Mk Ultra style 'mind control' medical procedure to cure me of the felonious assault perpetrated by the previous police snitch and also to be fully seized by the stalking.

The Sam Mullet Amish Beard Cutting Case

One of the significant news stories the adviser was referring to was for Sam Mullet, the purported ‘cult leader’ behind the bizarre Amish beard cutting case that received substantial press coverage in late 2011 through 2012. The cult leader caricature suggested that they were referring to my Cloud 9 image which appears to have a cult like appeal.

You may also notice that Sam Mullet, the perpetrator, has the same last name as myself, and also the same initials.  This is no coincidence. This synchronicity was manufactured.

Sam Mullet is intended as a metaphorical parallel to myself, and he was prosecuted by Steven M. Dettelbach, who has the same initials as myself only in a different order (SMD and SDM).  

On a side note -- Steven Dettelbach is a strong physical doppelganger of a figure who had been assigned to me as part of the Mk Ultra program to serve as my rival figure.  I cannot show the comparison, however, for privacy concerns...

The Sam Mullet story hit the news around the time I was released from the extended 3.5 – 4 year relationship with the ugly police informant that sexually assaulted me 1,000 plus times or more.   After the break-up, the police, acting in ‘protect the institution’ mode went after me hard core, and were trying to entrap me on crimes they could use to arrest me, bring me in, and try to use to neutralize me as a legal threat.  They failed miserably to entrap me, much to their dismay.

Notice the irony is that the Sam Mullet prosecution by the government was intended to stalk me, and Sam Mullet resembles Uncle Sam!  They're the perp...

In short, the Sam Mullet prosecution, whether justified or not, appears to have been done to stalk me.   And here’s the truly shocking part: the Sam Mullet prosecution was planned.  That’s right, they had it planned all along.  They were scheming against this guy for years, and somehow they had a crime ready to charge him with shortly after I was released from the relationship with their informant.

Foreshadowing of the Sam Mullet prosecution is evident in an email with the police informant they forced me to date for 4 years where we joke about the idea of her getting an Amish bonnet to wear.  Notice she flags the email as "very important" to signal it as significant.  Also notice the date: 2/19/2009, well before the Sam Mullet prosecution.  I've removed the girls name from the photo. See image below:

Now recall that this relationship was with an FBI informant, which suggests that this was no coincidence.  They had the Sam Mullet prosecution planned years in advance and they had reasons other than justice in mind for doing it.  And there is even more circumstantial evidence in this situation proving the Sam Mullet prosecution was planned that I am not showing you due to privacy reasons.  Trust me though.  What I'm saying is true...


By March 2012, the things began heating up and the stalking became so intense, I was in fear of being murdered.  I was scheduled to attend a conference with my adviser, and did not feel entirely safe being in that sort of situation with him.

While he was generally well-behaved during the conference, shortly after my return he resumed making threats at me and eventually made a strong implied quid pro quo threat that he was planning to fail me out of the program if I did not put out.  In response, I immediately threatened litigation in June 2012 and was ultimately retaliated against.  

The retaliation was like murder and involved forcing me into a 'gas chamber' level of solitary confinement where I have remained now for six years or more.  I was immediately ostracized from my discipline and forced to navigate the dissertation phase of the program nearly entirely on my own with little-to-no help from faculty.

Within the context of the isolation, I was seized by a campaign of stalking I was told was necessary to cure me of the felonious assault injury caused by the female snitch.  The government showed me they could remotely track, follow me, discern my intentions, and get to where I was going before me and tell the people I came into contact with not to do business with me or assist me in seeking my life, liberty, property interests.

The above pattern of conduct made it impossible to even risk getting a job without leaving myself vulnerable to the possibility of losing everything in a matter of months.  I was thus 'kidnapped' by continuous coercion and forced to seek a way out through the courts or by confronting the perpetrators in law enforcement directly.

James Holmes Shooting -- Circumstantial Evidence of False Flag

At the height of the retaliation in July through August 2012, James Holmes carried out his mass shooting.  

It was from March 2012 through December 2012, however, that a stalking pattern of conduct involving the number 22 can be observed that proves that the government induced two highly significant mass shootings: those of James Holmes at the Batman movie and Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook.

Both the Adam Lanza shooting and the James Holmes shooting are false flags induced by the government to put the gun control and mental health issues on the agenda.  The evidence is apparent in the fact that the dates, circumstances, and features surrounding the shootings are entwined.  A number of striking synchronicities are present that appear to be manufactured.  Specifically, much of the continuity involves the number 22, which tends to recur in the dates and circumstances surrounding the attacks.

While it is unclear what the police's fascination with the number 22 is, it appears to relate to the legal significance of the number '2', which is significant in the fact that it represents the number of events necessary to establish a pattern.  And a pattern is just what we're going to observe here: a pattern involving the number 22 that recurs as part of the Illuminati code and can be used to implicate the government in a number of mass shootings, homicides, and terrorist attacks.

The circumstances behind the Holmes and Lanza shootings are entwined, and suggestive of conspiracy...

While I discovered all this evidence years after 2012, I will present the stalking sequence of events as if I had known it all along.  The sequence of events introduced the number 22 as a significant number in the Illuminati Code, and served to link the Lanza shooting with the Holmes shooting, and also to tie the shootings to pop megastar Taylor Swift and the death of the actor Heath Ledger. 

The number 22 is clearly a significant number in the Illuminati Code (read on)...

James Holmes Shooting and Adam Lanza Shooting Entwined: the Number 22

The stalking sequence of events establishing 22 as a significant number is as follows --

In early 2012, I was in the process of being harassed by the academic adviser while being led to believe I was being trained for a tenure track position in academia.  

We had been making plans to attend conferences in order to present the research we had been working on.  One of these conferences was in San Diego California.  The conference began on 3/22/12.  

The significant part about the date is that it began on the 22nd day of the month. The other significant part about the conference is the fact that it occurred in San Diego which is the home town of James Holmes, the Batman shooter.

The date of the conference on 3/22/12 in James Holmes’ home town of San Diego, CA, suggests that someone recommended scheduling the conference on this date and that this person was acting on command of someone with advance knowledge of the James Holmes shooting.

Exactly one month after the conference on 3/22/12 in James Holmes’ home town, Adam Lanza had his birthday on 4/22/12.  The date occurred on the 22nd day of the month, and was exactly one month after the academic conference.

So Adam Lanza had his birthday on 4/22/12 which was exactly one month after the conference in 3/22/12 in James Holmes’ home town of San Diego, CA.

Exactly one month later, on 5/22/12, another significant event occurred.  James Holmes, in preparation for his shooting, purchased a firearm – a Glock .22 -- which once again establishes the number 22 as significant.  This event marks another significant date on the 22nd of the month (now a straight 3, 4, 5, sequence of numbers).

Further marking the date 5/22/12 as significant is the fact that it correlates with the FBI’s phone number for their Cleveland, OH field office, which begins with the number 216-522-1400.  Cleveland happens to be my home town.

The James Holmes Shooting at the Batman Movie

On 7/20/12, James Holmes carried out his mass shooting at the movie the Dark Knight Rises, which was the latest film in the Batman series. 

Holmes had a wide assortment of ‘exotic’ weapons gear and appeared to have raided an army bunker given the extent of his fire power, which suggests he was being aided and abetted somehow. 

Further, Holmes’ apartment was booby trapped in a manner suggestive of criminal sophistication, which is further suggestive of some form of assistance.

Consistent with his attack on the Batman movie, Holmes uttered statements claiming to be the ‘Joker’ who is of course, the fictional arch enemy of Batman in many of the comic books and movies featuring this superhero.  

From here on out, the Joker MO became a recurring theme across various mass shootings and within pop culture. 

Further evidence of a conspiracy to induce Holmes is evident in the meanings attached to the name ‘Holmes,’ which of course resembles the detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (perhaps as a reference to the detective work I’m doing here).

The Ledger and Taylor Swift Link: Evidentiary Significance

The sequence of events involving the number 22 (with significant events on 3/22/12, then 4/22/12, then 5/22/12) also served to link the Holmes and Lanza shootings to other Mk Ultra celebrities.  These links to other celebrities confirm that the '3-4-5' pattern with the 22’s was significant and not random. 

Consider the fact that Holmes’ fascination with the Joker links his shooting to the death of Heath Ledger on 1/22/08, who died while playing the Joker in the Dark Knight.  Again, this link confirms that the pattern of 22's is significant, and likely that Ledger, who died on 1/22, while playing the Joker, was no doubt murdered.

The Ledger death thus appears to be a ‘first predicate act’ in a serial killer style MO that involves both the Joker and the number 22.  Since both Holmes and Ledger are linked to the Joker and both the Ledger death and the Holmes shooting evince a pattern of 22’s (that is, the ‘22nd’ day of the month) then this suggests the pattern is not random, but intentional.    I am indeed onto something when identifying the 22’s.

Then let’s not forget the link to Taylor Swift (who features a song '22') and James Holmes.  In addition to Swift featuring a song named 22, both Swift and Holmes share the same birthdays on 12/13 --

Notice the similarity in Holmes' and Swift's eyes and the angle of their mouths on the adjacent sides.  It appears someone else saw the synchronicity as well...

So Taylor Swift is known for her song 22 and the Holmes shooting evinces a pattern of 22’s.  The fact that Swift is linked to the number 22, and the fact that there are so many incidences of the number 22 surrounding Holmes’ shooting, suggests that I am indeed uncovering a significant pattern and that it was not random.

Synchronicity Between Holmes and Myself

Looking at synchronicities between myself and James Holmes the first thing to notice is that he was a PhD student in neuroscience.  I was a PhD student in sociology at the time studying mental health and psychological disorders.

Showing apparent synchronicity with Holmes, several years after Holmes carried out his shooting, the sociology department at Kent State established a specialty in neurosociology, which allows students to study associations between social processes and neuroscientific measures of brain function, such as the results of EEG tests. 

One additional point of synchronicity was evident in the fact that shortly before the shooting, Holmes, like myself, was reported to have failed a key examination in his graduate program.  Just recently, I too, had failed my initial dissertation prospectus defense through the fraud of my adviser. I was fraudulently told the proposal would pass at the defense, but was then failed outright by the committee who harassed and bullied me while I gave my presentation. 

Lastly, when I finally reported my victimization to the FBI after graduation in 2014, the date of my phone call was on 7/20/15.  This date was on the three year anniversary of the Holmes shooting.  The explanation for the synchronicity?  The FBI induced me into making the phone call on 7/20 to take credit for the Holmes shooting.

The James Holmes shooting was no doubt a false flag.

Sandy Hook Shooting by Adam Lanza

The James Holmes shooting also bore some additional striking pattern and continuity with the Adam Lanza shooting, which supports both of them as false flags induced by the government:

First -- Lanza carried out his shooting on 12/14/12, just one day after Holmes’ birthday on 12/13/12.

Second -- the Dark Knight Rises (the movie debut at which Holmes shot up the theater) is reported to feature a reference to Sandy Hook on a map presented in the move. 

Third, James Holmes and Lanza show blatant continuity in the fact that both parties were presented as extremely mentally ill, and featured delusional and deranged looking eyeballs that tended to appear as though they were popping out of their heads.

Fourth – both shootings occurred in the year 2012, in close temporal proximity (about 5 months apart), and were entwined in the pattern of ‘22’s’ described in the second on Holmes above.

Both the Sandy Hook shooting and the James Holmes shootings were false flags.  Case Closed.


Throughout 2013 and 2014, I was slowly inquiring into the retaliation offense and what was going on at the nightclubs in downtown Kent, specifically, trying to figure out what had been done to completely destroy my life, and turn it into a prison cell with near solitary confinement levels of torture coupled with stalking to boot.

This was the discrete retaliatory due process manipulation that occurred after I threatened litigation against the closeted bisexual adviser for an apparent quid pro quo sexual advance that amounted to a threat to dismiss me from the program if I did not engage in sexual relations.  The threat occurred shortly after he fraudulently failed me outright with no explanation at my initial dissertation prospectus defense and then highlighted that I would only have one more chance to pass the prospectus defense and only one chance to pass at the final dissertation defense.  After I threatened litigation, the school retaliated with an abduction that amounted to solitary confinement levels of isolation.

My goal during this second round of escapades at the nightclubs was to determine the nature of the due process manipulation, particularly, just how the police were seemingly able to control my every interaction, cause everyone in town to stay away from me, and reduce my life enjoyment to zero overnight.  While it was easy enough to see how they could have me harassed in the workplace it was less easy to see how they could control how people interacted with me at nightclubs or around town when it seemed the people I should have been encountering would be random and my exact location would be less easy to detect.

I eventually uncovered that the police have extensive ties to the community through the COPS program, and that they were able to control a large mob, sending them to the various clubs on any particular night, following me around town, stalking me at each establishment.  Further, the police no doubt have formed strong ties to management and staff at any given club, any private business, or other corporation, to keep tabs on that enterprise, get stakes in it, and control the behavior of that organization, essentially over-riding the free market.  I suspect that the classic 'protection' arrangement applies, with the police agreeing not to harm the business in exchange for services rendered through the COPS program.

Eliot Rodger, the Isla Vista Shooter

By the time it was revealed to me that, no doubt, I was being consciously stalked at the nightclubs, Eliot Rodger had just recently carried out his mass shooting in Isla Vista.

Rodger Carried out his rampage on May 23rd 2014 in Isla Vista California.  Upon inquiring into the shooting, I learned various details that suggested I was being targeted  by the news story. 

Specifically, as seen previously, it seemed Eliot Rodger mirrored me to some extent in his biological profile.  Rodger, for instance, had numerous problems with women, was sex starved, and a virgin.  While I was not a virgin like Rodger, the authorities sex starved me as part of the trafficking campaign, and further, caused problems in my relationships with women, by ordering girls to abuse and reject me, stigmatize me with defamation.

To cope with the problems the government caused us, both me and Rodger turned to the seduction literature.  The media discusses Rodger as being a reader of the pick-up artist literature (like myself) and alleges he had no success with it.  

While I had some success with the seduction literature, it was ultimately used as part of the sex trafficking campaign, and my ability to exploit the knowledge was impeded by the police, who were still controlling all my sexual options.  I never really got to ‘test’ the ideas of the seduction literature since my ability to be a cause of my own life outcomes and exert effects on my environment had been stolen from me as a result of the liberty violation.

So me and Rodger showed some surface similarities in biological profile.  Upon further inquiry in about late 2014 to early 2015, I discovered an additional synchronicity that confirmed Rodger was significant.  

You may recall that Rodger was the son of assistant Hunger Games director, Peter Rodger.  In late 2014 to early 2015, I received a tip-off on an episode of Dr. Phil that featured a gang stalking target named Matt Barasch.  This target believed he may have been trafficked in a program similar to a modern day Hunger Games.  The statement seemed significant.

Upon checking out Hunger Games on television, I discovered that the lead protagonist, Jennifer Lawrence, featured a mole in the same location as myself, right behind her right jaw line.

Since Lawrence was the protagonist, and I’m assuming the winner of the Hunger Games, this coincidence was a tip off that I too was the lead ‘protagonist’ of whatever mind control program was being run, and that I would also 'win' the competition.  Indeed, the true extent of my influence suggests that I am, in truth, the superior one. The true Alpha male.  See my previous blog post for more details.

Links between Rodger and Sandy Hook

Recall again that Rodger was the son of assistant Hunger Games director, Peter Rodger.  There is a link between Hunger Games and the Sandy Hook shooting that suggests that both shootings were false flags:

Hunger Game’s author, Suzanne Collins, has a home near Sandy Hook, CT.  Adam Lanza blasted up an elementary school in Sandy Hook. This link provides evidence that both shootings were false flags induced by the government.

Same Last Names -- Jerad and Amanda Miller Shooting

As seen with the Sam Mullet beard cutting case, the Hoonah Alaska shooting, and the Steve Kazmierczak shooting, similar names are one of the ways the government has signaled stalking, or conspiracy.  An additional instance of similar last names being used to stalk me was evident in the Jerad and Amanda Miller shooting, which occurred in June 2014. 

Similar Names Signaled a Stalking Tactic with Miller Light Seduction Ruse

This date was about one year after a significant stalking (and seduction) incident involving a Miller light bottle in June 2013 that signaled the month of June to be a significant month.  The incident also further signaled similar last names as a ‘mirroring’ tactic used to signal stalking.

The gag of the Miller Light Ruse (in short) was to have a female bartender try to seduce me with a Miller Light Bottle, by handing me the bottle, to insinuate that Miller and Mullet, were ‘pretty much the same last name.’  There was a coded “I love you” message as well in the bottle.  If you compare the names Miller and Mullet, for instance, you might think, 'well, first you change the ‘I’ to the ‘U’ then there’s two ‘L’ – ‘oh, I love you!’

After the incident, the month of June subsequently became a month of interest, with numerous deaths occurring in June, such as a series of deaths in the Kent State community, including one of the death of a notable Kent State VCD professor (read on).

Further -- after the Miller Light bottle stalking ruse in June 2013, from then on out, similar last names (and first names) served as a marker of conspiracy, which included references to me in the names of many of President Donald Trump’s cabinet and inner circle.

June 2014 -- The Shooting of Jerad and Amanda Miller

One of these significant events in June was the CiCi’s shooting by Jerad and Amanda Miller, which occurred on June 8th 2014.  The shooting showed numerous synchronicities with myself and other shootings.

Most significantly, the shooters exhibited the same ‘Joker’ MO established by the James Holmes shooting, and the death of Heath Ledger.  The shooters, Jerad and Amanda Miller are pictured in various press photos wearing Joker costumes.  This MO matched James Holmes, who called himself the Joker.

Further, following the Miller Light stalking ruse, and the ‘mirroring’ MO, Jerad and Amanda Miller featured the last name Miller, which was ‘pretty much the same last name’ as Mullet. Jerad also featured a girlfriend that was significantly fatter than he was – just like myself with the previous police snitch I had been trafficked too.

There were additional points of synchronicity that were significant, and irrefutably confirm this shooting as a false flag, but I cannot reveal the details now for privacy concerns.


My college days finished up with the revelation that something significant was going on with the mass shootings and that it was somehow linked to me.  Further, I had just discovered that celebrities may have been stalking me, with the first celebrity being Avril Lavigne, who I just discovered featured a song titled Rock N Roll, which appeared to mirror a song of the same name I wrote in my college rock band, only spelled 'Rock & Roll.'  See my previous post on Avril Lavigne for a more in-depth discussion of my evidence in support of my allegation that Avril was making references to me in her work.

By the time I returned home in August 2014, it became evident that that the stalking had followed me home and that what was occurring in the media was following me.  Upon my arrival home, the government quickly re-established continuity with Kent in my home town by having me stalked at convenience stories, gas stations, retail outlets, my home, public parks, the road, and a local gym.

To force my compliance with the campaign, I also encountered a vicious campaign of domestic violence that made it impossible to do anything else other than comply with the mind control program.  The domestic violence is described in some depth in my previous blog post.  The goal was to force me out of the house each day to view vanity plate stalking on the road to plant thoughts in my head teaching me how to cure myself of the felonious assault.

In addition to the above, and more significantly, one of the ways I was re-sensitized into compliance with the mind control program was through stalking in the mass media.  Upon my return home, the government presented a series of news articles on television featuring Kent State that stalked me that was intended to re-pattern me into compliance with the stalking campaign in my home town.

The mass media stalking became one of the largest and most significant sources of innuendo instructions on how to receive the stalking cure and also to carry out the false flag mission that government is planning to have me carrying out, which appears to involve publicly exposing their mind control apparatus.

Jason Bitsko, Kent State, and Mass Media Stalking

The initial stalking sequence in the news upon my return home in August 2014 is presented in detail in the first ‘conspiracy theory’ blog post on my blog where I present highly conclusive evidence that Kent State conspired with the U.S. government to murder their own football player, Jason Bitsko for press coverage and also to carry out the May 4th shooting to secure a historical legacy.  

In the current work, I will provide a summary of the key findings described in the initial posting.  Be sure to view the original blog post for a full presentation of evidence.  I will provide just an abbreviated summary here.

Stalking Sequence of Events

I returned home on 8/16/14 after graduating with a PhD in sociology.  Several days later, on 8/20/14, I got word in the news that a Kent State football player had died in his sleep.  The cause was a purported enlarged heart.  The date of death showed synchronicity with a significant event that happened one year prior that was suggestive of divine intervention but was really a satellite dish weapons manipulation.

Inquiring into the death, I noticed something significant – Bitsko’s jersey numbers were puzzling, and indeed were intended to communicate messages to me.  The first significant number was jersey #54 (his Kent State jersey).  This jersey was a reference to the bar I was gang stalked at in Kent, Bar 145. 

The authorities were transporting me to this club nightly under the impression that I was going to be cured of the felonious assault there.  To transport me there by fraud, they would simply send emails at times, such as 5:14, 1:45, etc, or find other ways to flash combinations of these numbers to communicate me to go to the bar. I was being stalked at the club and around town with chance encounters at various locations with cute female bartenders so the plugging of the number 54 was an extension of that reinforcement process.

Inquiring further, I noticed that Bitsko featured an odd jersey number at his former high school, some ‘Wayne.’   The jersey number was 66, which was an obvious reference to the Biblical 666, or the number of Satan.  The number 66 was further signaled intentional and significant.

After noticing that the jersey numbers seemed significant, my suspicions became further enhanced as I noticed additional instances of these numbers popping up that also seemed deliberate.

Links to the Jersey Numbers and Other Events

The first synchronicity I noticed was that the number 66 was a clear reference to my address in Kent at the apartment complex I resided my last year in town.  The address was 6600 Alpha Drive.  I had just moved to this location after being harassed out of my previous residence, which was no doubt done to get me to the new address as part of the stalking campaign to distribute the evidence to me so I could later blow the whistle as part of the false flag.

Eventually another significant incidence of the number 66 emerged in pop culture -- 

On September 13th 2014, Kent State took on Ohio State in a football match, and was crushed.  The score of the game was 66 to 0 with OSU winning.  The score showed uncanny synchronicity with Bitsko’s jersey #66 and my address in Kent my last year in town (6600 Alpha).  The game score highlighted that sporting events may be rigged using satellite dish weapons (mind control) to control the outcomes of these games.

Another instance of the number 145 being plugged was with a legal case that began in late 2014 about a girl with an emotional distress dog that was discriminated against by not being permitted her dog in on-campus housing.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) eventually awarded a 145k settlement to the girl.  The 145k settlement once again signaled that the stalking cure process initiated at Kent Bar 145 would resume in the mass media in my home town, and also, that the U.S. government was behind the phenomena in the news.  Notice that that 145k settlement corroborates my testimony about being gang stalked at this club.

Bitsko Death a False Flag

Taken together, the facts suggest a conspiracy among government officials and Kent State to murder their own football player, Jason Bitsko.  They could have made it all fluffy teddy bears and emotional distress dogs, but quite obviously, death garners more attention, and Kent State wanted press.  They wanted to promote their community development project and present their university as a rising force on the national stage.

Death of Dimebag Darrell a False Flag

Through the course of being stalked in the mass media, I inquired into other events, such as other deaths.  Through this process, I found that a sort of code was emerging, which I call the ‘Illuminati Code’ that signaled to me that the government was murdering innocent civilians. Many of these deaths tended to link to the numbers evident in Bitsko’s death, such as 66 and 54.

One of these deaths was the death of Dimebag Darrell, who died by gunshot wounds inflicted by former U.S. Marine, Nathan Gale, while he was performing in Columbus, OH, at the Alrosa Villa.

And so many of these shooters have ties to the government and often, the military.  Hmm...

Inquiring into Dimebag’s death, one sees some patterns in the numbers that suggest this was a false flag attack, and that Nathan Gale had been induced by the government into carrying out the attack through mind control methods.

The first significant synchronicity: Nathan Gale was born on September 11th 1978.  The birthday, of course, instantly invokes notions of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks on the Word Trade Center.  The birthday suggests that Gale may have been selected for the attack due to his date of birth, which served as the government’s serial killer style way of taking credit for their own work (which includes the 9/11 attack itself).

Next – looking at the date of birth for Dimebag himself, one sees some significant synchronicities.  Dimebag was born on August 20th 1966.  

The death of Dimebag is clearly linked to that of Jason Bitsko...

The first thing to note is that August 20th – the day Dimebag was born – was the day Bitsko died.   The next thing to note, is that the birth year, 1966 matches Bitsko jersey #66, with both being references to Satan.  Next, the birthday 1966 is further significant.  This was the year the Church of Satan was founded.  The exact date was April 30th 1966.

The day the Church of Satan was founded further showed synchronicity with myself.  I was born on April 30th 1984.  April 30th is a European holiday known as Walpurgisnacht, which is a sort of ‘second Halloween” in many central European countries.  The Church of Satan was founded on my birthday, April 30th, which also links me to Dimebag (and I am also a guitarist that is quite accomplished).

Additional Deaths Linked by Pattern

The numerical pattern observed in the deaths of Bitsko and Dimebag appear to represent a significant pattern to which other deaths can be linked.  Showing synchronicity with Bitsko, many of these people died of Heart Attacks at age 54 (matching Bitsko’s cause of death and his jersey #54).

The government truly is a serial killer.  The deaths are as follows --

Tom Petty Died of Heart Attack at Age 66

One of these deaths is the death of Tom Petty, who died on 10/02/17 at age 66 of a heart attack.  This death, of course, is linked to Bitsko jersey #66, Dimebag’s birth year 1966, and my former apartment address 6600 Alpha Drive.

Additional evidence of conspiracy is evident in an embedded joke.  You get it? Tom Petty and the heart breakers?  Of course, the heart attacks were induced by satellite dish.  Did they burst? 

Vinnie Paul Dead at Age 54

Another death was that of Vinnie Paul Abbot, the brother of Dimebag Darrell, and the dummer for Pantera and Damage Plan.  Vinne Paul died of a heart attack at age 54.  The cause, like Bitsko, was reported to be an enlarged heart.

John Ritter Dead at Age 54

Actor John Ritter is reported to have died on 9/11/03 of a heart attack at age 54.  Of course, the age 54 shows continuity with Jason Bitsko’s jersey #54 and the fact that it was a heart attack.  The death date on 9/11/03 further confirms the death a homicide, most likely perpetrated by satellite dish.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Following this same pattern of numbers observed in the  Bitsko death, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, known most significantly for playing the falsely accused Christ figure in the Green Mile, died of a Heart attack at age 54.  Of course, my own victimization, which involved falsely persecuting me as a known innocent, and scapegoating me for the crimes of others, makes me a ‘Christ-like’ figure as well, fitting the same pattern of mirroring me in false flag operations.

J.T. Walsh

Finally, an additional death following this same pattern is that of J.T. Walsh, who tended to play ‘creepy’ characters, and also died of a heart attack at age 54.  This pattern of numbers, again matches Bitsko, John Ritter, Vinnie Paul, Tom Petty, and Michael Clarke Duncan above. 

No doubt – the government has an MO of killing people at age 54 by causing heart attacks.  Just look at all the murders solved simply by observing patterns.


By Spring 2015 I had finished my first affidavit recounting my harassment experience at Kent State, and began seeking an attorney to represent me.  This pursuit of legal counsel was to no avail, however, for I discovered that the legal profession had been seized from me by my captors in law enforcement.  I found that I was being rejected outright by every attorney in town, with two bar referral lines telling me the same line: “we don’t have any attorneys that handle cases like these…” even though all I had told them was that it was a harassment case against a major state university.

The fact that the bar referral lines used the odd language of "cases like these" suggested that there was something unique about my case and that this was more than just a case of institutional harassment and retaliation.  The situation communicated that I was being forced to continue on with the stalking procedure, which was still being carried out under the promise that the police were curing me of the felonious assault injury they themselves had caused me using their own snitch, and that I was being forced to participate.  

Discovery of Project Monarch and Mk Ultra

It was shortly after discovering that I had been blocked from accessing the legal profession in Spring 2015 that I discovered the CIA programs known as Mk Ultra and Project Monarch.  When I discovered the Monarch Program, which partly involved sex trafficking and the creation of sex slaves, everything just clicked.  

Monarch explained everything --  

I had been told that I was being taught an extraordinary sex trick, and had previously just been sex trafficked into two long term relationships with girls working for the government.   

The discovery of Project Monarch explained my role in the program – I was a ‘sex slave’ and the sex trick was being used to mark me as a slave, and also to make me into a sex slave Manchurian candidate.

The Monarch program further seemed to explain the fact celebrities were being used on me.   It appeared they may have been grooming me to eventually become some form of celebrity, and that I would eventually become wealthy and famous.

As time went on, it became clearer and clearer that there was a ‘false flag’ they were looking for me to carry out and that I had been seized until this operation had been completed and my handlers in law enforcement decided it was time for me to be released.  I thus continued cooperating in the stalking campaign, periodically calling the legal profession to check for attorneys while laboring towards my contingency plan of pro se litigating the U.S. government.

Supermodel Stalking

By this point, in Spring 2015, I had acquired a smart phone, which I was using to gather evidence, and also view pop culture media, through which I was on the receiving end of stalking communications, and coded messages, intended to coach me on how to get the cure.   I discovered that celebrities were partaking in the apparent ‘mind control’ cure and that I appeared to be a person of some prominence in pop culture.

As stated, the cure involved teaching me an extraordinary sexual ability, and thus, I naturally gravitated to lingerie models and other supermodels to view while I engaged in the actions I was coached on to cure myself of the injury.  I quickly noticed stalking in the web content of a number of prominent supermodels.  It appeared that the celebrities the police knew I would gravitate towards had been recruited to participate in the purported stalking cure. 

Karlie Kloss

One of the most notable was Karlie Kloss.  Kloss herself featured a pattern of small moles on her face that mirrored my own.  I eventually determined that Kloss had most likely been selected for fame, and raised to prominence to partake in the program being run on me, and that her high net worth, brainy persona, and socially respectable public identity were intended to mirror back myself as a PhD holder and one of the largest gang stalking targets in the nation.

Kloss periodically does mirroring and makes reference to me in some of her videos.  This past summer of 2018, I received a message on social media from a female operating under Karlie’s name.  It was unclear if it was the real her, but I believe that it was, although they made sure they would be able to pass it off as me being contacted by some fraud operating under Karlie's name if necessary in order to prevent me from using the encounter as evidence.

Behati Prinsloo

While I do not follow Behati Prinsloo much in the news since she does not appear to do much ‘stalking,’ she appears to have been at least partially selected for fame based on a mole resemblance, like Karlie.  The southern African (Namibia) supermodel Behati Prinsloo features a mole behind her right jaw line like myself and J Law (who has already been linked to me through Rodger).

You may recall from the Eliot Rodger section above that Jennifer Lawrence also featured a mole in this location.  Confirming the link between me, Behati Prinsloo, and Jennifer Lawrence is their similar physical resemblance.  See the comparison below.  Both celebrities appear to have been selected based on the mole synchronicity with me, and further, I am correct in classifying them next to one another.  

Remember, both celebrities are also linked to other pieces of evidence.  Jennifer Lawrence is linked to Eliot Rodger and Bahati Prinsloo is linked to Candice and Karlie Kloss.  These links suggest the mole synchronicity is deliberate and that I am correct in linking them together.

Candice Swanepoel

Being from South Africa, Behati Prinsloo, is similar to Candice Swanepoel, who is also from Southern Africa (this time the actual ‘South Africa’).  Candice did a little stalking here and there.  In the image below, you see that Candice appears to have had access to my hard drive (or was in contact with someone else that did) and got to make a reference to my ‘Cloud 9 B sides,’ which were some of the images that did not ‘make the cut’ for the final Cloud 9 image.

Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton appears to be the model selected to represent the ideas on duality I wrote about in my Master’s thesis. 

Erin, like myself, appears to be intended as a two-face type persona, and a possible ‘Monarch’ slave.  We share a similarity in the excess tension on the one side of the face, which almost appears to be a disfigurement.  The left side of Erin’s mouth typically raises a little higher than her right when smiling.

Erin’s two faced defect mirrors my own.  I was given a ‘slaves branding’ intended to create a ‘two faced’ person, representing this archetype.  My two face branding is depicted in the exhibit below.  Notice how the right side of my face appears different than the left.


Currently, as part of the mind control procedure, I am being taught exercises to help correct my face, making it more symmetrical, and making the right side equal to the left.  See below.

The face in the middle represents an exercise I'm being made to perform to correct my two face

Thus, both me and Erin fit the 'Two Faced' archetype which serves as an MO the government is using to signal their work through the Monarch program.  The 'two face' branding appears to reflect early interest in multiple personality disorder as a mind control tool among early researchers.

Erin Heatherton’s two faced persona extends to her modeling career, and her portfolio shows a diversity of different persona’s.  Erin is often noticeably heavier or skinnier in some shoots versus others, suggesting that she’s being forced to alter and adjust her body weight in order to represent the chameleon-type personality construct described in my M.A. thesis.  Heatherton is supposed to be an application of the ideas in the thesis. 

Erin Heatherton met me at Bar 145 in Kent. An estimate of her net worth, an approximate 145 million, was listed on the internet as an apparent admission of the encounter, although the 145 million net worth turned out to be a fraud intended to provide evidence of the Bar 145 encounter and also to make me feel stupid for being rude to her at the club before I knew who she was.

Taylor Swift

By about Spring 2015, I discovered pop megastar Taylor Swift, and eventually confirmed that she was consciously including references to me in her work as part of the mind control program. The Feds directed me to her work by posting videos of her on my social media homepages.  I, of course, viewed the media, which contained the eye catching references to me.  I will review just a few of these references here.  Be sure to check out the original post on Taylor Swift for a full overview of the references.

Doppelgangers in Taylor’s Social Milieu

One of the first tip off’s that Taylor was being used to stalk me, was that she appeared to have a number of different doppelgangers in her social clique that mirrored back me and people I knew. 

The most obvious one was Karlie Kloss, who, as shown below, featured the similar pattern of small moles on her face that resemble my own.

In addition to the Kloss friendship, I also noticed that Taylor appeared to have a best 'guy friend' in the pop star Ed Sheeran who physically resembled someone of significance in the campaign against me.  Specifically, Sheeran appeared to be a 'doppelganger' resembling the step-brother of the girl I was forced into an extended sexual relationship with by the guidance counselor in 2002.  It appeared that this resemblance was an insinuation that Taylor would be a future sex partner, and that the powers that be were planning an arranged marriage for me and Swift.

I cannot publish a photo of the Sheeran doppelganger for privacy reasons, but note that both Taylor's 'best male friend' and 'best female friend' both represent doppelgangers of persons of significance in the campaign against me.  These coincidences suggests deliberateness on part of the authorities in selecting Taylor's squad members.

Taylor’s Sex Partners

I noticed that a great many of Taylor Swift’s sex partners tended to mirror back features of myself, and the circumstances of the campaign.  Lucas Till, who Swift briefly dated, for instance, features a mole behind his right jaw line, in a similar location to my own.  Till played the love interest in Swift’s video for her song “You Belong with Me.”

Further confirming that Lucas Till was indeed a reference to myself is evident in the fact that the opening scene in the “You Belong with Me” video is a reference to a scene in the movie American Beauty, which features actress Thora Birch, who is also distinguished in the small moles on her face, which are similar in character to my own.

Another one of Swift's partners that appears to have gotten the benefit of dating Swift all to create a synchronicity with me is Jake Gyllenhaal, who features a mole resembling Cindy Crawford's above the left side of his lip.  

While this is in a different location than my own, the mere presence of a mole is often enough to signal conspiracy, so long as other indicators are presents.  In this case, Swift has provided an abundance of references to me in her work, and had previously featured Lucas Till – who she dated briefly -- in her ‘You Belong with Me’ video.  

These coincidences clinch it – the Jake Gyllenhaal and Lucas Till relationships were arranged to stalk me with fraud by trying to get me to think that Swift would be a future sex partner.  Of course, you’d have to be a fool to rely on that promise from a celebrity like Swift.

Mass Media References in Swift's News Stories

It became evident that much of the stalking was merely being done by the media, who appeared to be taking great liberty with Taylor’s reputation, using her name and likeness liberally to stalk me in the news, including a news story making another reference to my Cloud 9 image.  See exhibit below.  Notice the ‘split’ between Swift and Hiddleston confirms that it is my Cloud 9 image illustrating the dualism concept that is being referenced.

Another news story that targeted me and also featured Swift was a story about a Professor Green, who is a London based rapper with a real name, ‘Stephen Manderson.’  This name, of course, resembles my name, Stephen Mullet.  In the article, the rapper, Professor ‘Green’ claims he would not date Swift because she is too promiscuous and also because she would not have time for her. 

Around the time this story was posted, I too had made a few comments similar to this (but not the same) through my cell phone to the police, who have detained me incommunicado and tortured me for the past 6 years while highlighting their ever-watching eye through my cell phone mic, which they have turned into a roving bug and used to harass and stalk me through privacy invasion.

You’ll note that not only is Manderson's name similar to mine, but that his stage identity also appears a reference.  He fancies himself a professor and I have a PhD in sociology (and could have been a professor).  He also picks the color ‘green’ to identify himself, which matches the green Cloud 9 image, which of course, features myself (who has a PhD).  

So we have Professor Green and ‘Dr.’ Green (in reference to the Cloud 9 image below):

Reference to My Web Content

Another notable reference involved a scene in her music video for the Bad Blood video where she makes reference to my Cloud 9 image illustrating the dualism concept apparent in my M.A. Thesis.  See the previous post for details illustrating how I confirmed it was a reference to my Cloud 9 image.

One of the first references I noticed was that she made a reference to the voice recorder threat I made in a blog post to defend myself against the advances of the closeted bisexual academic adviser way back in 2012.  The reference to the voice recorder blog post was in the deluxe edition of her 1989 album, which contained the odd inclusion of ‘voice memos’ as bonus tracks.  She makes reference to the voice memos and her voice recorder practice in a number of different interviews.

Here's a side by side of the post and the reference on the 1989 deluxe edition --

There are many more Taylor Swift references I could post, however, the above will have to suffice for now.  Be sure to check out my full post on Taylor Swift for a full glimpse of the references.


After discovering Project Monarch and Mk Ultra in Spring 2015, I shortly after began to unravel the mystery of the shooters: they appeared to be Manchurian candidates in the mind control program known as Mk Ultra, and it’s sub-program, Project Monarch, and were induced into carrying out their attacks by the government.

During this phase of time, there were a number of shootings that served to conclusively communicate that the shootings were deliberate.  This was done through highly smoking gun instances of mirroring.  There were also a number of celebrity deaths that tended to follow the same pattern of mirroring me while also exhibiting circumstances that tightly correlated with my own actions within the mind control program.

Dylann Roof Shooting

By mid-2015, things were heating up.  I had just discovered Project Monarch and confirmed that the government was inducing the shootings and that the synchronicities, or coincidences, were being manufactured by mind control.  I continued partaking in the mind control program, and checking the news regularly looking for stalking and other clues as to what was going on and my purpose in the program.

As stated, by June of 2015, I had concluded that the mass shooters were Manchurian candidates induced by the government through mind control.  After the discovery, seeing all the stories about deaths and shootings in the news became torture, since I began to see them as no doubt caused by the government.

One of the first shootings I conclusively confirmed as being induced was that of Dylann Roof.  Dylann Roof tended to mirror personal information about my older brother and to a lesser degree myself.  Further, the stalking circumstances surrounding his shooting exhibited a ‘call and response’ dynamic that was suggestive of conspiracy.

Stalking Course of Conduct as ‘Proof’ of False Flag

The sequence events is as follows --

Traumatized by the discovery that the government was behind the shootings, and feeling like I had to do something about the situation, on what appears to be June 17th 2015, I was in my car talking to my captors in government through my cell phone turned roving bug.

I had just discovered the foreshadowing of the Cloud 9 image in the MS Paint Drawings by the first girl they had me date (who was aiding and abetting in my trafficking).  The foreshadowing involved incidences of the number 9.  For example, the Cloud 9 image was foreshadowed by the girl's drawing made 9 years prior.

So I was in my car on June 17th 2015, describing the above synchronicities in some detail.  I was exhilarated and emboldened by the discovery of the coincidences involving the number 9.    I then began angrily chastising law enforcement over the shootings I had recently discovered they were behind.   I said, through my cell phone, “stop the shootings… stop the shootings… stop the shootings!”   This incident occurred on June 17th 2015.  

The next day, rather than stop the shootings, I awoke and saw the newspaper headline on the coffee table.  This was the shooting at the Black Methodist Church perpetrated by white supremacist, Dylann roof.  The headline announced 9 people had been killed in a mass shooing, which represented another incidence of the number 9.   Of course, I had just been pointing out coincidences involving the number 9 to the police in the car the day prior.  

The fact that 9 people were killed, and I had just been pointing out incidences of the number 9 to the police in my car the day before, suggests that the police were somehow able to control the number of people that Roof killed, suggesting that their mind control capabilities are extremely advanced (and as we will see later, they appear to even be able to do this with false flag bombings as well).

Proof of False Flag – Synchronicity with My Older Brother and Myself

In addition to exhibiting the 'call and response' dynamic, the Dylan Roof shooting also showed synchronicity with my older brother and myself --

Dylan Roof is reported to have the middle name “Storm.”  My older brother Paul had a gray childhood cat named Storm. 

My older brother’s birthday is on June 17th 1982.  Dylann Roof carried out his shooting on June 17th 2015. 

The number of years between my brother’s date of birth and the Roof shooting is 33.  On December 15th 2016, Dylann Roof was convicted of 33 counts of hate crime.  In the stalking campaign, the number 33 had been assigned to signify God (and 66, or 666, had been used to refer to the Devil).

Dylann Roof physically resembles my older brother, featuring moppy blonde hair and a long face, like my brother in his formative years.  

Finally, Roof’s birthday is significant.  Roof was born on 4/03/94.  My birthday is 4/30/84.  See the synchronicity?  Not only was Roof born in April like myself, his birthday 4/03, resembles 4/30, in that it reduces to the numbers 4 & 3 – or ‘43,’ which is one of my lucky ‘birthday’ numbers which the FBI would use to signal that a reward was near.

It appears that they were trying to insinuate that the synchronicities were works of God.  But this is absurd.  The government did it, otherwise they would not be so afraid to answer for their crimes when I attempt to show them my evidence.  Notice the above synchronicities are too smoking gun to be by chance, especially considering all that I had gone through (the fact that I had been seized for trafficking in an unspecified government program) that gives me the authority to conclude that something is going on.

Vanity Plate References To Roof Shooting

Additional admissions that the FBI induced the Roof shootings are evident in a campaign of vanity plate harassment they subjected me to from mid 2015 through 2017 --

Here’s a plate that reads “STORM6,” an apparent reference to Roof’s middle name and my older brother’s childhood cat.

There is also one that makes reference to the date of the Roof shooting (June 17th) and also my own name, Stephen Mullet, and my initials, ‘SM.’   The plate reads “SM617,” which appears distinctive enough to conclude that it is targeted.  Recall that my birthday (4/30/84) was also referenced by Roof’s birthday (4/03/94), suggesting a link between me and 6/17, which is my older brother's birthday and the day Roof carried out the shooting.

Oregon Shooter – Christopher Harper Mercer

Shortly, after the Roof shooting, there was another significant shooting on 10/01/15 in Oregon at Umpqua Community College.  Now this shooter resemblance is extremely smoking gun –

Christopher Harper Mercer, the shooter, features a severe mole defect in that he has a diagonal line of moles down the right side of his face, which appears an exaggerated version of my own.  The pattern does not show up in his primary press photos, and appears to have been concealed by the media in order to withhold the discovery from me until Christmas 2018.

And I did check, those are real, and not photo-shopped in to hoax me.  As you can see from the exhibit below, they are obscured from the dark in Mercer’s primary photo that was being circulated by the press.

There was apparently a photo being circulated that showed Mercer without the mole pattern and a lighter shade of skin.  Sources claim that CNN photo-shopped them out in a press photo.  Again, it appears I am the reason they were concealed (they wanted to delay discovery).

This is someone else's exhibit...

Modus Operandi Evidence in Oregon Shooting

The shooting was further distinguished in the fact that Mercer exhibited a unique MO.  In the course of carrying out the bloody rampage, Mercer juxtaposed contrary elements (light and dark) in the process of killing his victims.  This was an apparent application of the ideas in my M.A. thesis, which was reflected in the mind control induced ‘Cloud 9 image.’

The contrary elements can be seen in the fact that Mercer asked his victim’s their religion as he killed them.  When a victim respondent they were Christians he said that they would go to Heaven.  The MO appeared to match his last name, ‘Mercer’ (mercy from Mercer), which fit the Feds’ MO of communicating meanings using the names of the shooters (e.g., James ‘Sherlock’ Holmes).

The MO of mixing light and dark, or contrary elements, as described in my M.A. thesis, is further reflected in Mercer’s race.  His mother is black, but Mercer himself appears to be a lighter shade, suggesting that he may be of mixed race.

Mercer's mother.  Is Mercer a mix of light and dark to make for another application of my M.A. Thesis?
My Master’s thesis, and the Cloud 9 image is thus reflected in Mercer’s race, as well as the MO he carried out at the shooting (asking for religions).

Doppelganger Reference Not Shown

In addition to the above synchronicities, Christopher Harper Mercer was one of the more impressive Doppelgangers of someone known to me, although I cannot reveal the identity of the person or their photo for privacy concerns.  There is also something else significant about the last name “Mercer” that shows continuity with the campaign, which I also cannot reveal here for privacy concerns.


In addition to inducing mass shootings, the FBI also appears to have a habit of killing celebrities.  As shown above, the FBI killed Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, Tom Petty, Michael Clarke Duncan, John Ritter, J.T. Walsh, Heather Ledger, and more.  From April 2016 to April 2018, I confirmed that the government slaughtered the celebrities Prince and Avicii.  I also strongly suspect they murdered Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, Lemmy Kilmster, Sharon Tate, Rosemary LaBinacha, Mac Miller, and more.  

The government clearly slaughters celebrities like it’s their job.  In the following section, I provide evidence suggesting that the government conspired to murder Prince and Avicii, as well as Christina Grimmie and a California Police officer.  Further, I present suggestive evidence that the government was behind the Fort Lauderdale shooting by Esteban Santiago, the Santa Fe shooting by Dimitrios Pagourtzis, and the Orlando Shooting by Omar Mateen.

Prince, Avicii and the Santa Fe Shooting

Two celebrities that I have conclusively proven to be murdered by our government are Prince and Avicii, both of whom are musicians, but whose work tended to have an artistic flare.  As with most of the murders solved in the current work, the proof of homicide is evident in a pattern of conduct that correlated with my own actions, and also the mirroring of my personal features and attributes in the celebrities themselves.

Stalking Sequence of Events

Here’s the story of the death of Prince --

I had originally posted my song and image Cloud 9 to the web in late 2011. I eventually had to take it down, however, after my adviser coerced me into taking my entire blog empire down under threat that he would fail me out of the program if my loyalties appeared to reside elsewhere.

I sorely missed my social media empire, and eventually began trying to rebuild the empire in the first half of 2016.  In April 2016, I began re-building my Youtube channel.   

I began by posting an alternate picking demonstration that showcased the guitar skills I was developing as part of the mind control program.  I also re-posted my song Cloud 9, which was the best application of the musical blend of styles I was attempting to create during my time at Kent State.

The significance of Cloud 9 is evident in the fact that it represented the point at which I debuted myself as ‘not just a musician, but an ‘artist.’’  

I re-posted Cloud 9 and its artsy symbolic image on 4/20/16.  The next day – on 4/21/18 -- the ‘artist’ known as Prince is reported to have died.   

The punch line appeared to be that I had mortally upstaged Prince, and that there was a ‘new artist in town.’  I wondered if the government was not grooming me to take over the ‘Prince’ role in the music industry -- that is, that they would eventually make me about the level of Prince within the music industry. 

Mirroring Evidence

In addition to the 'call and response' dynamic, mirroring and other synchronicity was evident in Prince himself as a celebrity --

As I have already demonstrated, the government has been stalking me by mirroring my mole defect.  Prince mirrored me in the fact that he had a mole on his face, and the mole was a significant feature.  While I do not feature one in the same location as Prince, the mere fact that he had a significant mole is suggestive that I was being targeted.  The evidence of homicide was not conclusive, however, until the death of Avicii some two years later on 4/20/18.

Stalking Sequence Continues – Avicii Dies Exactly Two Years Later

While I knew that Prince was murdered merely because I had course-of-conduct proof as a gang stalking target, I did not have enough evidence to conclusively prove it to a layman.

Two years later, on 4/20/18, I got notice that another musical ‘artist’ had died.  This was the Swedish electronic music producer Avicii.  The death occurred on roughly the 2 year anniversary of Prince’s death and on exactly the two year anniversary of the Cloud 9 re-posting (re-posted on 4/20/16). 

Of course, the date 4/20 has many different significance's, including being the day Adolf Hitler was born, the day of the Columbine shooting, and also national pot smoking day.

Mirroring Evident in Avicii

I knew the death of Avicii was significant, since it occurred on 4/20, which itself is a significant date.  Further, it was also a ‘celebrity death,’ which the FBI had already established themselves as having a pattern of causing.

The clincher, however, was that I eventually discovered that Avicii, like Prince, featured a mole pattern similar to myself and also my celebrity ‘doppelganger’ Karlie Kloss.

More Synchronicity Revealed by School Shooting – Santa Fe, Texas

Immediately, after discovering the mole coincidence, I wrote a blog post proving the death of Prince and Aviccii to be homicides perpetrated by the government.

Two days after I posted the above blog post to the web, I got notice of another shooting, this time at a Santa Fe Texas High School.  The shooter was named Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

I noticed that the shooter, Pagourtzis appeared to exhbit some synchronicity.  Specifically, he made reference to my birthday, April 30th in an apparent Facebook posting where he posted a picture of a shirt that read “Born to Kill.”  April 30th is my date of birth, and it appeared that I was being targeted in the news story (and by the shooter) with the posting. 

While I abhor the Nazi’s, I learned that Pagourtzis was a Hitler buff, and this reminded me of the fact that 4/20/1889 was the day Hitler was born.  Prince and Avicii were killed on roughly 4/20.  Further, the day Hitler died was 4/30/1945.  April 30th is the day I was born.  So Hitler died the day I was born, and Hitler was born the day Prince and Avicii died.   

So did I upstage Hitler as with Prince?  Again – we see the same implied message with Hitler as we did with Prince:  the ‘rise of a new Prince.’  This message, of course, is a reference to the fact that I was born on April 30th and Hitler died on April 30th.  Conversely,  I posted Cloud 9 on 4/20, and Prince died on 4/21.  ‘The rise of a new Prince.’  See?

Of course, the concept of a Prince and the ruthless dictator Adolf Hitler invokes notions of Machiavelli’s work The Prince.  Further, Hitler was a failed artist before he rose to power as chancellor of Germany, further linking Hitler to ‘the artist known as Prince.'

Whoa – that’s a lot of coincidences!  But highly conclusive!  See the graphical representation below to illustrate all then links…

Christina Grimmie & the Orlando Shooting – the 22 Year Old Killer Strikes Again

On June 10th 2016, a particularly tragic death occurred, the murder of Christina Grimmie.  Christina Grimmie was especially beautiful, and appeared to be a young rising star.  She was murdered by Kevin Loibl a white male with body dysmorphic disorder who had been in the process of trying to improve his appearance to appeal to the star.

I learned of the death of Christina Grimmie when I was inquiring into the Pulse nightclub shooting by Omar Mateen in order to assess whether it was a false flag.  While I knew without a doubt that it was, a full analysis is beyond the scope of this article. 

When inquiring into the Pulse Nightclub shooting, however, I noticed the conspicuous murder of Christina Grimmie, which occurred just two days prior to the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and in the same area.  The murder was a tipoff that something was awry.  The death signaled that the Devil had reared his head in Orlando Florida in June 2016. 

Notice once again, we have the pattern of deaths and mass shootings in the month of June as seen in the Dylann Roof and in Jerad Miller.

Mirroring Evident In Loibl

The death of Christina Grimmie was the tip-off that Orlando was a false flag.  It was blatantly obvious because the killer mirrored me in some respects.  He was a white male with body image disturbance, who had been recently trying to improve his appearance.  

Recall that I have been undergoing a process to cure myself of a felonious assault, which also entailed correcting a disfigurement I suffered as part of a plan to give me a two faced ‘slaves branding.’  The process also entailed exercises to improve general physical symmetry, and create endogenous muscles (muscles within the body), to 'sexy up' my posture and make me better looking.

The fact that Kevin Loibl was a white male with body insecurity further mirrored back my mole defect, and it was blatantly obvious that the killer, Kevin Loibl, with his pasty white skin, was intended as a mirror image of me as an archetypical white male.

Particularly striking was the fact that his primary press photo tended to mirror back a bad photo of me.  The photo was taken way back in my undergraduate years, when I had longer hair.  In the photo, I featured a receding hairline, and neglected to do an ear taper, which really detracted from the overall appearance.   Loibl, in his primary press photos, further featured a receding hairline like myself, and would have benefited from an ear taper in order to balance out the look.  Here’s the photo showing the resemblance between me and Loibl.

So clearly – you can see there is some mirroring here.   Even the referencing of one bad photo is enough to for the stalking victim to process that he is being targeted.

Number Synchronicity – the 22 Year Old Killer Strikes Again

After noticing the most standout details (the body image problems and the physical similarities), I noticed that the numbers surrounding the death were significant. 

Most notably, the pattern of 22’s observed in the Holmes and Lanza stalking situation recurred in the Grimmie situation -- 

Grimmie was age 22 when she was murdered, which, if you recall was consistent with the 3/22, 4/22, 5/22, etc., pattern in the dates surrounding the Lanza and Holmes shootings.

In addition to the fact that Grimmie was age 22 when she was killed, there was another synchronicity that served as a tip-off that the shooting was planned --

Grimmie had appeared on the show The Voice, and the host, Adam Levine, who is married to supermodel Behati Prinsloo (see ‘supermodels’ exhibit above), claimed that he planned to sign Grimmie to his music label named 222 Records.  

So there you have it – Christina Grimme was no doubt murdered by a male who was induced into carrying out the murder by the government.  As stated, the number 22 played a central role in the murder of Grimmie, and was apparent in the circumstances surrounding the James Holmes and Adam Lanza shootings.  The number 22 was also evident in the date surrounding the death of Heath Ledger, who died on 1/22/08.

Police Officer Murdered by 22 Year Old Killer – Taylor Swift Signals Awareness

By the time I discovered Christina Grimmie had been murdered, it was becoming apparent that the number 22 was a significant number in the Illuminati code, and that it was being used by the government to signal some of their extrajudicial homicides and terrorist attacks.

Another death linked to the number 22 and (‘222’ specifically) occurred years after the Grimmie murder with the death of Police Officer Delbert Pickney, who died of an apparent heart attack during a hike on 2/22/18.

Of course, Taylor Swift features a hit song 22, and as an apparent indication of her awareness of the 22 year old killer, Swift carried out a stalking ruse in the news that served to communicate that she was aware of the ‘22 year old killer’ MO.

Facts Suggesting Conspiracy

The date of the police officer’s death showed pattern and continuity with previous deaths and mass shootings involving the number 22.  The death occurred on 2/22/18 (in apparent reference to the number 22, and Adam Levine’s ‘222 Records,’ and Grimmie’s age of death).

Indicating her awareness to the fact that the 22 year old killer struck again -- this time against a cop (suggesting a source at the federal level of government ) -- Taylor Swift sent a gift to the Los Angeles-based Tustin Police Department.  The gift was a bouquet of flowers and a note that read: “In Loving Memory of Your Dedication & Service -- Taylor Swift.”

So as long as Taylor Sent the letter, it is highly probable that she is aware of the ‘22’ serial killer MO that the government is using.  Of course, it is more likely than not that Taylor had nothing to do with the attacks.

Fort Lauderdale Shooting by Esteban Santiago

As previously stated, starting with Steve Kazmierczak, the name ‘Steve’ became a common name linked to mass shootings, and it appears to be done to link them to me, with all the shooters tending to mirror me in other respects as well.  This pattern of ‘Stephens’ appears to be done in recognition of the fact that I am one of the largest gang stalking targets in the nation, if not the world.  

With the Fort Lauderdale shooting, the pattern of Stephen’s remained the same.

On 1/6/17, Esteban Santiago, shot up an airport in St. Lauderdale Florida.  Esteban is the Latino form of Stephen.  Esteban Santiago was even linked to Alaska, which links him to John Marvin, and indirectly to myself through the Hoonah Alaska connection (see above). 

Even more suspicious, Esteban Santiago even claimed to be victim to government mind control and claimed government agents were attempting to force him to fight for ISIS in a report he made to an FBI field office in Alaska.  

No doubt – his allegations are true, but the FBI quite obviously conspired with the courts to conceal the due process breach from record, and unjustly convicted a man on falsified evidence by Breaching Brady and concealing the force used on Santiago to induce the attack.  While severe punishment was in order, a lighter sentence could have been administered and the corrupt government officials that were complicit in his actions could have been tried alongside him.


By April 2017, the domestic violence situation that law enforcement had ordered to restrain my liberty and force my compliance with the mind control program intensified.  I had run out of money and was losing faith in the government’s motives for the stalking cure campaign and began wondering if the promise of a cure for my injuries was all a fraud.  I was on the verge of financial devastation, with a student loan running that I was being prevented from paying back.  The loan was being used as a gun being held up to my credit report placing me in fear of damaged credit.  Further, I was still being seized by complete and total isolation, outright rejection, and ostracism that was so debilitating as to make life unlivable.

I had no choice but to try and get my older brother arrested on domestic violence charges if I had any hope to recover.  In December 2016 I filed a domestic violence report with the police, who I already knew were ordering the violence to be done anyway.  The police did nothing as a result of their obvious involvement, and even tried to arrest me by running escalation attempts on me in the police encounters, which appeared to be attempts to harass me into assaulting a police officer (the entrapment attempts failed).  My family then retaliated by threatening eviction and tried to have me evicted for filing the report.  I began planning a counterclaim to counter sue my family for lost earnings and other damages.

About 5 months after the filing of the initial report, the police unlawfully evicted me from my parent’s house in late April 2017 without a court order and without any cause.  They kidnapped me without justification and assimilated me into the welfare system (no charges ever filed).  The kidnapping was done in retaliation for the domestic violence report, and my laboring towards a counterclaim, which would have sued the police, various Kent State officials, and my family for damages caused by a domestic abduction.  The police appear to have been trying to protect my family and themselves from having to answer to a counterclaim in the event that I was evicted formally.

After being evicted, I found my way to a crisis shelter, and met with social workers and got assimilated into the welfare system where I eventually acquired housing and a monthly stipend from the government.

Manchester Bombing after Ariana Grande Concert

At the shelter, the government signaled that all was going as planned.   There was another terrorist attack that fit my ‘Illuminati Code’ or the stalking pattern,  or ‘RICO’ pattern, that the government established through the course of stalking me. This was the Manchester Bombing after the Ariana Grande concert in England, and the 22 year old killer made another appearance – this time a major one.  

The first thing to note is that I immediately knew it was significant since it happened after a concert.  The attack was further aligned with my arrival at the crisis shelter, which again suggested that it was significant.

Inquiring further, I immediately noticed it matched the MO of the 22-year old killer.  The cognitive process of me making links between events and synchronicities began to happen, and I immediately knew the mind control process was occurring, and this was part of the stalking campaign.

The synchronicities surrounding the Manchester Bombing were uncanny, and this pattern and continuity signaled the attack as a false flag operation being induced by the government.  More interesting, the terrorist attack, would have no doubt involved the British government themselves, suggesting that the US and Britain are for the most part, ‘one and the same’ government.

Evidence Suggesting the Manchester Bombing was a False Flag

The synchronicities demonstrating the 22-year old killer were as follows –

The date of Manchester Bombing was 5/22/17.   This date was on the anniversary of the date James Holmes bought his Glock .22 gun: 5/22/12. 

The date on 5/22 showed continuity with Adam Lanza’s birthday on 4/22/92. 

Further, the date showed continuity with the date (3/22/2) I attended the academic conference in James Holmes’ home town of San Diego, CA (3/22, 4/22, 5/22).

Amazingly, the number dead at the Manchester Bombing was originally reported as 22, and was later raised to 23.

Showing continuity with the body count was the age of the bomber and the age of pop star Ariana Grande.  The bomber, Salman Abedi was age 22.  Ariana Grande’s was age at time was 23.  

Of course, Ariana Grande is a competitor of Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift features the song 22. 

The date of the Manchester Bombing, 5/22/17, showed synchronicity with the phone number of the FBI Cleveland Field Office: 216-522-1400.  Remember, I am at the center of all of this as one of the largest mind control and gang stalking targets in the nation, if not the world, so this synchronicity with Cleveland makes sense. 

The Manchester bombing was no doubt a false flag. The FBI is a terrorist organization.  Case closed.

And the cops admit to complicity in Manchester by innuendo...

A Shot-Out From Katy Perry

After getting wind of Manchester it became evident that the campaign was proceeding as planned. This was further signaled by a shot-out on national television from Katy Perry.

The plug from Katy Perry was comforting since my life seemed to have hit an all time low, yet here Katy was to give me an up-lift.  The shot-out occurred on a talk show called Cubby and Carolina. 

The name ‘Cubby’ confirmed the statement was targeting me, because the name Cubby was what I named a cat I adopted with one of the police snitches I was forced to date.   The name was a tribute to the fact that a Tiger cub would be cooler, but I would have to settle for a house cat.

The cat quickly became a covert celebrity and received a number of different references in pop culture.

Here’s the cat and a reference to him on the show True Blood –

After getting the cat, the Feds stalked me by flashing pictures of a jet white cat whenever they wanted to signal someone's affiliation with the stalking campaign, or that a piece of media contained stalking.  The white cat became a sort of icon, with my cat developing cult-like significance --

So what was the shot-out? Well, I told you above that Katy Perry made a reference to Nietzsche’s philosophy in her song “I Kissed a Girl” in her lyric: “you’re my experimental game, just human nature…”  This lyric is designed to false light me in the event that I publicize the reference.  I assure you, as I’ve stated, I’m fully straight and have never so much as fantasized about homosexual activity.

As stated above, the lyric “you’re my experimental game, just human nature…” is a reference to the book gay science.  This is a work in which Nietzsche described experimentation as a way to achieve eudemonic well being, or personal happiness.  He was not referring to homosexuality, although Katy apparently saw homosexual experimentation as an apparent means to exercise the Nietzschean way of life.

Katy confirmed my allegation that the song lyric as significant in the shot-out, which involved the interviewer asking her who served as the inspiration for the song.  

Katy replied that there were “many muses to that song…” 

I knew instantly that I was one of them, because I was often referred to as "the Muse," with the police even showing me a vanity plate on the road that read Muse 43 (with 43 being a reference to my birthday on 4/30/84). 

So what do I mean by saying I was a ‘muse’?  Well, you see, the government has monetized the crime of stalking.  One of my roles within the mind control apparatus was to serve as a sort of creative stimulus, and the government would have the celebrities and news outlets create movies, music, new stories, and other media with express intent to stalk me.

In addition to making a reference to me, Katy signaled her awareness to the Manchester bombing and its nature as a false flag.  In her shot-out, she claimed that she was a little "shit-stirrer at that age.

What age was she at that time?  To what age was she referring?

Well let’s see – Katy was born on 10/25/84.  Her album with ‘I Kissed a Girl’ on it was released April 28th 2008. 

So about 22-23.   And how many people died at the Manchester bombing?  That’s right, about 22-23.

Technically Katy was 23 years old at the release of her album in 2008, but presumably the song would have been in the works a while before that, making her about 22-23.

Further, me and Katy Perry are roughly the same age, with me being born 4/30/84, and her being born 10/25/84.  So I was about 22-23 at that age, and she's apparently insinuating I was a little bit of a shit stirrer as well (although I disagree).

That’s right – Katy Perry knew that Manchester was a false flag.


By June 2017 while I was residing in the transitional housing system, it became evident that the government was murdering Kent State students with some regularity, and that many of the deaths tended to occur in the month of June.

As previously discussed, the month of June is a significant month, with false flags, including mass shootings and other deaths tending to occur in June.  We have already seen that the Jerad Miller shooting, the Dylann Roof shooting, the Orlando shooting, the murder of Christina Grimmie, and other deaths occurred in June.   

Why June?  It appears unclear at this point what the significance of the month of June is, but there have been a number of key references to ‘June’ in the stalking campaign thus far:

As previously discussed, there was a Miller Light Bottle seduction incident in June 2013.  This Miller light stalking incident foreshadowed the Amanda and Jerad Miller shooting (‘pretty much the same last name’ as my last name Mullet).  This shooting also marked another incidence of the Joker MO. 

In addition to the Miller Light bottle stalking in June 2013, there was a snitch named June that I met in the Summer of 2011 with whom I had a fairly lengthy web relationship. 

Notice she indicates she is a stalker by claiming she has a 'folder' on me...

Further, the month of June  also appears related to the voice recorder posting I made in June 2008 where I defended myself against a harasser by threatening to voice record him.

A Pattern of Deaths in June at Kent State

By June 2017, the Feds made the pattern of deaths in June blatantly obvious by causing some 4 to 5 deaths in the Kent State community in a time frame of just a few weeks.  One of these deaths was the strange death of Tyler Heintz who died on June 13th 2017 of a strange overheating condition after football practice.   Another student, Devin Moore, died some 6 months later in December 2017 of a similar overheating condition while playing basketball. 

Two strange overheating deaths in one year?  Sounds deliberate – likely a satellite dish based procedure to cause death by hyperthermia.  It is likely that Kent State – as a government body and ‘arm of the state’ – is complicit in the deaths, or at the very least aware of them and is doing nothing about it.

June 2018 – The Death of Christopher Darling

By April 2018, it became evident that the government was not going to release me from the civil rights kidnapping without me getting my hands dirty.  After discovering once again that I needed to fight back in attempt to defend myself from being kidnapped and falsely imprisoned by the state, I decided that I needed to begin publishing my evidence on the web.

The reason I needed to go public was to protect against false arrest.  The police had shown all indications that they were planning to conceal the force used on me if they ever managed to induce cause for arrest, which forced me to publish evidence of the due process breach on the internet to enforce my rights if they ever sought to criminally prosecute me.

The police thus showed all indications that they planned to breach the Brady Rule, a rule that requires that the state release all exculpatory evidence to a defendant and his attorney in any criminal trial.  While I have never been arrested, they have been trying to entrap me for years, and given my behavioral track record, if they ever managed to induce cause for arrest they would have no doubt had to 'rape' the crime out of me to be successful.

In short -- the DOJ had not been cooperating with my requests to get the situation straightened out, and had been pretending as if my rights violation did not exist, and was extorting me by harassing me, compelling self-defensive reactions, and then threatening to arrest me while concealing the force used.  I was given no choice but to fight back by publishing evidence of the due process breach on the web.

The Creation of a Web Empire

In April 2018, I began posting my testimony and evidence to the web.  Eventually, I got to the point of proving in a post on 5/16/18 that the musicians Prince and Avicii were murdered by the government.

Seeking to further enforce my rights against the state, I eventually sought to further expand my web empire where I was carving an identity for myself as a conspiracy theorist and independent scholar.  On June 8th 2018, I posted my website www.theindividual21.net to the web. 

Nine days later I got notice in the news that on June 17th 2018 a Kent State VCD professor had died unexpectedly.  This one struck a little too close to home.  

The death was for Christopher Darling, who was an artist and VCD instructor at Kent State.

Of course, I had previously shown you above that there was a pattern of murdering artists, starting with Prince and Avicii.  Recall that I had re-posted my song Cloud 9 to the web on 4/20/16, and Prince died the day after.  In my blog post I claim that it was as if the coded message was ‘the rise of a new prince’ or ‘there’s a new prince in town.’  This same pattern was repeated with Christopher Darling.  The fact that the death occurred on June 17th, 9 days after I posted the website on June 8th 2018, was an obvious reference to the Cloud 9 image, which was plastered on the site as the backdrop.

Synchronicities Evident in the Death of Christopher Darling

Christopher Darling showed a number of striking coincidences with myself –

First, Christopher Darling was reported to have been from South Euclid, OH, which was my home town.   

Second, Christopher Darling died on June 17th 2018, which is my older brother’s birthday, and the same day as the Dylann Roof shooting 3 years earlier (with Roof resembling my brother).  

Third, Darling was an artist – a VCD professor at Kent State – and I too had posted a website with art photos on it.  

Here’s my website.  Here’s Christopher Darling’s website.

Notice both sites include artwork photos...

More synchronicity suggestive of conspiracy is the fact that Darling’s funeral was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  My older brother’s first name is Paul.
Darling was also the winner of a Paula Rhodes Award for Exceptional Achievement in Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  My mother’s name is Paula.  Paul and Paula.

It looks like this homicide had been planned for years and they planned to manufacture these synchronicities.  The Paula Rhodes Award years prior appears to have been the tip off.  

The correlation between me and Darling is thus entirely illusory – they are manipulating me down to the minute into performing actions and then they create synchronicity by causing the other events they had planned afterwards.  

In the Roof shooting, for instance, I was saying “stop the shootings, stop the shootings…” at about the same time Roof was carrying out his shooting.  I then read the headline the next day, and it seemed they were responding to my statement, but the shooting was happening at about the same time I was making that statement, and further, Roof would have had to have been planning the shooting long behind the perceived catalyst event.

In other words, they are exploiting the concept of a ‘spurious association’ to create the illusion of a causal link between the two events when really law enforcement was the cause of both.

Another Christopher Darling – Additional Evidence of Homicide

Upon inquiring into the Darling death, I discovered there was another person named Christopher Darling from California that died on 7/20/11.  This date, 7/20/11 was exactly one year prior to the James Holmes shooting.    

The California Christopher Darling (death on 7/20/18) died of necrotizing fasciitis, which was the condition suffered by Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman prior to his death from liver complications.   The Christopher Darling from California further died just the day before his birthday on 7/21/71.  This death of the Christopher Darling from California, again, suggests that the deaths of both Christopher Darlings were planned.

I had previously alleged in a blog post on 4/22/18 that Jeff Hanneman had been deliberately infected with necrotizing fasciitis by the government.  I alleged that Hanneman’s affliction showed continuity with Avril Lavigne’s case of Lyme disease, which also appears deliberate. 

The discovery of the second Christopher Darling death in California on 7/20/11 further provided confirmation that Jeff Hanneman was intentionally infected with nectrotizing fasciitis, and also that the government had planned the James Holmes shooting that occurred on 7/20/12, which was exactly 1 year after the death of Christopher Darling from California on 7/20/11.

The government was 'admitting' to all three (James Holmes, Christopher Darling KSU, and Jeff Hanneman) by creating the link to Christopher Darling in California.


By about late 2017, I was still wrapped up in the transitional housing system.  I had previously stopped checking the news for false flags, but on October 1st 2017, I decided to start checking the news again.   Waiting for me was another mass shooting – the largest in American history. 

Las Vegas Shooting – Stephen Paddock

This was the Las Vegas shooting at the Country Music festival by Stephen Paddock.  Having now known that all the shootings mirrored me, the first name ‘Stephen’ of the shooter, immediate signaled that it was most likely a false flag.  This observation followed the same pattern of ‘Stephen’ or ‘Steve’ tending to show up at the scene of the crime, as was seen with Steve Kazmierczak of the Northern Illinois shooting, Esteban Santiago of Fort Lauderdale, Stephen Warford in the Hoonah Alaska shooting (see above), and Stephen Willeford of the Sutherland Springs shooting.

Evidence Suggesting Conspiracy – Ties to the Government

It is clear from Paddock’s employment history that he was a Manchurian candidate.  Paddock had a history of working for the U.S. government, and worked for the government for over 10 years.   Over this period he had stints working for the U.S. Postal Service and then the IRS and then the Department of Defense (DOD).

So he had ties to the government.  The truth is, he had some other ties as well -- ties to the FBI.  His father was a purported career criminal, and on the FBI's most wanted list, and his younger brother Bruce Paddock was recently brought in on child pornography charges.  These sorts of ties to law enforcement are blatantly obvious in their significance: the Paddock family no doubt are informants for the FBI. 

But you may recall how the media vilified Paddock’s father as a career criminal.  How could the FBI be bad when they are vilifying a criminal?  This fact does not mean anything.  It’s a cover for their true nature, which is to recruit criminals into an organized crime racket through their informant system, and use the criminals to rule the streets with thuggery, carry out ‘hits’, and otherwise terrorize the population through the routine commission of crime.

The hard core mobster, Whitey Bulgar was a career criminal and gangster guilty of murder and other high crimes.  He was also an FBI informant being authorized to carry out these crimes.  He and his FBI handler, John Connolly, both went to prison for racketeering, murder and other crimes.  Being a career criminal is often a sign of working for the FBI – especially when you somehow are on the most wanted list but are somehow always at large, like the elder Paddock.

The younger brother of Paddock is quite obviously an informant as well.  As stated, he was recently brought in on child pornography charges.  But why did it take so long?  The answer is simple: he was an informant being permitted this as a vice.  One type of arrangement goes like this – the police bring a guy in and say something to the effect of  ‘we’ll delay incarcerating you in exchange for your services as an informant, but you need to keep committing crimes, so we have an excuse to bust you at any time.’

In essence, the criminal informants trade their liberty rights for a get-out-of-jail free card. The cops want the ability to arrest them at any time so long as it suits them, and further, they want to always make sure they can coerce the informant into keeping their mouth shut about any dirty work they witness while working as a career criminal for the police.

The above reflects one of the typical informant arrangements that the police offer criminals.  They sign up to be criminals working for the police.  And that’s exactly what Stephen Paddock appears to have been.  He was an FBI informant.  

It’s unclear how the FBI induced the attack, but I would not be surprised if Paddock merely volunteered for it, didn’t care if he died, and had an FBI handler right there next to him goading him on.  He may have also been brought in at some point on a major crime, then arranged a death sentence for himself around age 60 (through the shooting) to extend his life with an informant arrangement.  As we've seen the FBI routinely kills people, and they could have easily pitted him with a dilemma that caused him to choose between going out with a bang and carrying out the shooting, or being killed in his sleep by a satellite dish (which they would have no doubt demonstrated the capacity of using).  

Mind control may have been used, but in Paddock's case he appears to have had a great life going for him, and had strong ties to the government.  He does not appear to have been induced.  In many cases, it further appears possible that many of the shooters were simply entrapped on conspiracy to commit a terroristic act and were allowed to carry it out, as suggested by this article in The Gaurdian.  Again, some people just might not care if they die.

Links to My Situation -- Additional Evidence

Other than the fact that Stephen Paddock and myself both share the same first name, there some additional points of interest --

Inquiring into the shooter's background, I learned that Paddock was a conspiracy theory buff.  I too had become a conspiracy theory buff as a result of my persecution, which involved largely behind-the-scenes manipulations that could only be inferred from the circumstances.

Additionally, as is the case with so many other false flags observed, there was a link to the death of Jason Bitsko which established some of the key symbols in the Illuminati Code --  

The link to Bitsko is evident in the fact that one of the responding officers on the scene, one of the one’s that pursued Paddock in his hotel room, had the last name Bitsko.  This officer was Joshua Bitsko, and some of his body camera footage has been released on the web.  What are the odds that an officer with the last name Bitsko would respond?  That’s right – it was deliberate.  Vegas was a false flag.

The Joker MO

Now you may be aware that the FBI has been using a Joker MO.  It is clear in the case of Holmes and the Miller’s that the Joker appeared at the scene of the crime in both these cases.  However, in the case of Stephen Paddock, the Joker also makes a covert appearance in the color of his hair in his primary press photo, where he is depicted boozing it up on the town.  See below.

Nikolas Cruz – Parkland Shooting   
This next shooting links all the way back to the Steve Kazmierczak shooting on Valentine’s day, February 14th 2008.  Again, the Steve Kazmierczak shooting was very first shooting I identified that appears to be clearly linked to myself through the mirroring tactic.

On the 10-year anniversary of the Steve Kazmierczak's shooting, on February 14th 2018, Nikolas Cruz shot up Marjorie high school.  The fact that this shooting was on the anniversary of the Kazmierczak shooting, suggests that both Cruz and Kazmierczak were impeccably timed down to the very day and times they carried out the attack.  Both, no doubt, are false flag terrorist attacks induced by the FBI. 

As with other shootings, the Nikolas Cruz shooting was foreshadowed in a stalking incident by the government.   The foreshadowing involved an incident where Karlie Kloss, my celebrity lookalike, made a reference to me in a cameo she did for YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, who produces comedy sketches on YouTube.

This stalking incident was one of the instances where I got convincing evidence that Karlie was consciously stalking me – that she was not being induced or manipulated into creating the synchronicities with me in her work, but that she most likely familiar with me as well.

In the video that was published on YouTube on 11/23/17 – about 3 months before the Cruz shooting -- Singh carries out a sketch with Karlie Kloss.  The video features a female with a mole on the front left side of her neck-- just like Cruz. 

I used to have a mole on the right side of my neck in a slightly different location, although it has since been removed.  The common denominator was mole on neck.  Again, as seen so many other times, similar mole locations, or even the presence of a significant mole, are being used to signal conspiracy.

When the Cruz shooting happened, one of the first things I noticed, of course, was the mole on the front left side of his neck.  The mole mirrored not only the girl in the Singh video, but also a number of other prominent public figures, including serial killer Ted Bundy, whistleblower Edward Snowden, and actor Josh Hartnett.  

The many types of Monarch slaves, or Manchurian candidates...

The common denominator was ‘mole on neck.'  The other common denominator was this – all the people pictured are people that could be defined as Manchurian candidates, or ‘slaves’ in the Project Monarch program, all of whom had some sort of ‘false flag’ operation they carried out that served some political agenda. 

In short – the Parkland shooting was clearly a False Flag operation induced by the FBI.

Travis Reinking

This one’s a short one.   On 4/22/18, Travis Reinking killed for 4 people at a Tennessee Waffle House with an AR-15 rifle.   The significant point about Reinking is that he was alleged to have a delusion that Taylor Swift was stalking him. 

This story broke just two days after I had alleged on the internet on 4/20/18 that Taylor Swift was being used by the FBI to stalk me by having her put references to me in her music videos and also by trying to seduce me on road using vanity plate references to Swift.

The fact that the Reinking story broke just two days after I made the Swift allegations fit the ‘call and response’ stalking dynamic, and signaled to me that the shooting was planned. 

This was no doubt intentional stalking.  Reinking was induced into carrying out the shooting just two days after the FBI manipulated me into writing the blog post.  The synchronicity represents yet another instance of the FBI manipulating me into doing one thing one day, and then aligning that with something they had planned someone else to do.

Why did they wait two days after my blog post to manipulate Travis into carrying out the shooting on 4/22/18?  Simple – 4/22/18 is Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter’s birthday.  They wanted to create this synchronicity and thus induced Travis on this day.

Mirroring Evident in Reinking Shooting

As a result of the press coverage of Travis Reinking, which presented him as a delusional erotomanic stalker with a pathological obsession with Taylor Swift, I of course, felt like I was being blackmailed.  I suspected that Travis was indeed being victim to similar sorts of gags I had been, which were being done to try and discredit me as a crime victim, and that Travis merely erred in believing that Swift was physically stalking him on the ground.  Travis even said he believed the police were involved, so the allegations are plausible that the FBI was using Swift’s media to seduce him.

So Travis mirrored me in that he believed Taylor Swift was stalking him.  As seen previously, mirroring is a common tactic the government has been using to signal conspiracy and stalk people.

Further mirroring became evident in the fact that Travis had a ‘mole-looking’ disfigurement on his face, which tended to mirror back a small mole I had on my right temple.  See below.

As seen previously a striking mole similarity tends to be conclusive in determining whether a shooting was  a false flag, when taken in connection with other evidence.  No doubt about it, Travis Reinking was a Manchurian candidate being manipulated by law enforcement. 

And as we see from the press coverage of the trial, the government is covering all of it up and the courts are involved.  I have made a number of attempts to reach out, present my evidence, and get the FBI officials responsible for the shooting prosecuted alongside Travis, but have not received any responses to my inquiries.


Finally, the moment you have been waiting for, evidence suggesting that the U.S. government conspired to induce the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Testimony of William Rodriguez

Now, it has long been alleged that the government was behind the September 11th terrorist attack.  These allegations are based significantly on the testimony of William Rodriguez, a World Trade Center janitor that is reported to have helped people evacuate the building on the day of the attack.

While in the process of evacuating residents Rodriguez witnessed explosions, which were indicative of a separate controlled demolition of the building independent of the damage caused by the planes.  The bombs were apparently detonated as the planes hit the building, so that the government could carry out a collateral agenda of demolishing the aging World Trade Center building, while simultaneously manufacturing the pretext for the invasion of the Middle East. 

Rodriguez subsequently sued the Bush Administration for conspiracy under federal RICO statutes for damages resulting from the attacks and defendants’ alleged pattern of racketeering activity.

September 11th 2001 – Links to James ‘Eagan’ Holmes

While there are videos illustrating what appears to be a controlled detonation, these videos are not entirely conclusive.    Quite simply, the observations in the videos that are attributed to a controlled detonation could have been anything.  It could have been interference in the video, it could have been damages from the planes themselves, it could have been random noise.

The evidence I am going to cite here applies irrespective of whether there was a controlled detonation or not (and this does appear to be a plausible hypothesis).  It is clear, however, that the U.S. Government no doubt conspired to carry out the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  

The evidence involves links between 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, mass shooter James Eagan Holmes, the Joker modus operandi, and the city of Eagan, MN.  There are also a number of general undisputable facts about the nature of american social structure that, when considered, make it highly improbable that the attack occurred at random -- most significantly, the fact that we live in a surveillance state where virtually no crime goes undetected by the intelligence apparatus.

Signs of Looming Catastrophe in Eagan, MN

The facts are as follows --

The FBI actually had a clear tip-off that Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 conspirator that never made the flight, may have been conspiring to fly planes into a skyscraper.  They had received a report that was initially investigated, but the FBI was ordered to abandon by higher authorities in the U.S. government.  

The tip was from a flight instructor in Eagan, MN who tipped the FBI off to the possibility that Moussaoui may have been planning a terrorist attack using air planes and that he may have been planning to fly one into a skyscraper.  The tip turned out to be credible, and the 9/11 attacks eventually happened.

Now, the FBI is guilty of negligence here minimum.  The true offense, however, is far more severe.  The FBI is in fact guilty of full criminal complicity in the attacks.  The facts suggest that blatant criminal intent indicative of a conspiracy involving the highest levels of government to deliberately slaughter 2,996 American civilians in the 9/11 attacks.

There is No Way the Hijackers could have slipped through the Cracks Given Surveillance Technology

If one considers the following ‘undisputable’ facts, then it is impossible for the government to not be guilty of negligence minimum in the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

First of all, contrary to what the FBI presents in the media, U.S. society is not the Wild Wild West.   It’s a surveillance state.  We don’t have privacy.  The FBI presents the situation in the modern United States as if we are still living in the Wild Wild West.  They claim they are not at fault because they had to get a court order, respect everyone’s rights, go through the motions, etc.  The truth is that this is never the way it actually worked.  

The above 'wild wild west' presentation is merely the way it was presented post-9/11 so that that the FBI could get lawful justification to do what they already had been doing criminally– spying on U.S. civilians unlawfully.  The result was the U.S. Patriot Act, which greatly loosened the restrictions on government spying.

Edward Snowden reports being able to eavesdrop on any phone call at the click of a button.  Snowden reports have massive surveillance capabilities to surveil web browsing of suspected terrorists.  Further, the FBI can eavesdrop on private conversations by converting cell phones into ‘roving bugs’ by merely turning the microphone on unbeknownst to the target.  All of this can be done at the click of a button. 

The point is -- all it would have taken was a few wiretaps and the FBI would have been able to tell if the hijackers were serious about carrying out a terrorist attack.  

And the FBI hardly needs a court order.  Had they found cause for concern they could have just flashed their badges and said ‘national security’ and gotten it all done that way, or they could have extra-judicially carried out an operation to thwart the attack, or even assassinate the terrorists to prevent the attack.

That said, it would be absolutely impossible for the terrorists to get away with what they were doing under the nose of the U.S. government’s surveillance apparatus.  No crime in American society goes undetected by the U.S. authorities.  This attack went off because the government wanted it to go off.

Goal-Oriented Nature of the September 11th Attacks

Additional circumstantial evidence suggestive of deliberate conspiracy on part of the government to carry out the 9/11 attacks is evident in the fact that both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. established a dual legacy in Iraq, with Bush Jr. getting to 'finish what daddy started' by toppling Saddam Hussein and conquering Iraq.

Of course, the 9/11 attacks served as Bush's excuse for the war, and without the attacks, Bush would not have had justification for the invasion.  Bush thus had motive for wanting the attacks, and the government had this incentive for conspiring to carry out the attack on it's own people.  The government got to make Bush a legendary American president, invade Iraq to seize its oil supplies, and establish an additional foothold in the Middle East.

The coincidences are too improbable to have occurred by chance: how convenient that Bush got to finish what daddy started and at the right time.  What are the odds that this would have happened at random?  While it is possible that a spontaneous terrorist attack could have occurred, this is unlikely when one considers the timing.  The attack occurred right after Bush took office, and it gave him an excuse to establish a dual legacy in Iraq with his father.  The attack was planned by our own government to justify the war.

Not Just Negligence, But Conspiracy – Links to James Eagan Holmes

As mentioned above, the FBI was aware that Zacarias Moussaoui was seeking flight lessons, and had received a tip that he may have been planning to fly planes into skyscrapers.    

What was the name of the city at which Moussaoui sought his flight lessons?  It was a small suburb of Minneapolis known as “Eagan,” Minnesota.   The name of this city, Eagan, MN just happens to match the middle name of James “Eagan” Holmes, the batman shooter that shot up a theater at the debut of the Dark Knight Rises.

Now – James Holmes had been calling himself the Joker.  I have previously shown that 'the Joker' represents a modus operandi the government is using to signal their work in society, and they showed me this by stalking me in the mass media and embedding jokes in the stalking gags.

So – it looks like Holmes had been the target of gang stalking by law enforcement, and that he may have been led to believe he was the embodiment of the Joker persona the government was using as one of their modus operandi’s.

Now, years later, shortly after the James Holmes shooting, there was an incident in Eagan, MN --  

A man named Thomas Michael Casper was arrested by police in Eagan, MN.  The man appeared to be victim to a police take-down, had encountered financial problems and was cursing out the police, and calling himself the Joker when the police had seized him.  Of course, the Casper situation mirrors the James 'Eagan' Holmes situation in that both called themselves the Joker and Casper's home town, "Eagan, MN," has the same name as Holmes' middle name.

Was Casper induced into a psychological break-down from harassment?  Why would he be calling himself the Joker?  Why would he be cursing out the police?  And why would he coincidentally be from Eagan, MN, the city that matches James Holmes’ middle name, and also the city at which Zaccarias Moussaoui sought his flight lessons?  The solution?

The police targeted Casper to provide a stalking admission that they were behind both the James Holmes shooting and the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The facts confirming this hypothesis are as follows --

First -- the police signaled James Holmes’ middle name, ‘Eagan’, as significant by inducing someone in Eagan into believe himself to be the Joker – just like Holmes.  They proved themselves as having an unnatural interest in Holmes' middle name by targeting someone in Eagan, MN.

Second -- why was Eagan significant?  Because that’s where Moussaoui sought his flight lessons and that’s where the FBI got the tip that should have secured suppression of the terrorist threat.  The city of Eagan is thus ‘sacred’ in a sense and it is likely that James Holmes was at least partially selected because his middle name was Eagan.

Third, you might ask, ‘how do we know Thomas Michael Casper didn’t just identify with James Holmes because he was from Eagan, and James Holmes had the middle name Eagan?’ 

This question leads me to my last point –

You’ll notice that Eagan man’s last name was ‘Casper’, which appears to be significant and intended to communicate something.  Do you see what it’s trying to communicate?  That’s right, Casper, like the ghost.  The police targeted Casper because his last name was significant and could be used to communicate something.  Do you see the ghost? 

The government killed 2,996 of its own civilians on 9/11/01.


Once again, I have done the impossible.  I have proven convincingly that the U.S. government is behind nearly every mass shooting and terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and even those occurring in other nations.  Considering the sheer number of shootings, terrorist attacks, and homicides I have proven in this post, and then considering all those I have not yet addressed but have confirmed to be manipulated, we can reasonably infer that the US government is orchestrating the socio-political and cultural order through the strategic manipulation of events, including major terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, high profile legal cases, and more, in order to control the unfolding of history as we proceed towards the New World Order, and the utopian one world government.
In this 89 page document, I have shattered the sacred beliefs of the American ideological system.  Liberty is a lie.  The American dream is a lie.  Capitalism and the free market are lies.  America is fundamentally a planned economy and social order.  The powers that be have merely deceived the public into believing that the socio-political order is being governed by the invisible hand.  In reality, it’s the government that controls everyone’s fortune.  The government has determined everything you are, everything you have ever accomplished, and everything you will ever accomplish.  This restraint upon the liberty rights of the populace appears to be accomplished through ties to the education system, workplace, interest groups, and other social outlets through the COPS program.

How to Govern – 

What are the implications of this sad state of affairs?  What should be done?  As stated in the introduction, social and economic planning is a necessary evil.  A fully free market is untenable for the sake of security.  Imagine taking a strictly hands off foreign policy and letting the world economy develop in accordance with the will of the invisible hand.  What if the economy crashed?   What if a rival nation developed itself and eventually took over?  Planning and control of the market and the political landscape is thus necessary for the sake of security.   Planning is necessary to ensure the long run survival of American culture and civilization.

The issue then becomes, who’s plan?  Who gets to determine the plan and control the unfolding of history and its direction?  Who gets to decide the ideological focus of the nation, and the form society will take once the New World Order is established?  How should the social order be governed at present?  How should we make decisions about who gets what?  What content should be in the mass media?  What values should people hold and what should they be doing to extract a sense of meaning and purpose from life?

Implications for the Economic Order

At present the government is ruling the country all wrong.  They are killing us, causing unnecessary suffering purposelessly with sadistic intent, for no other reason than to sow terror and justify their own existence.  As Julian Assange alleged in the introductory quote, the business model of the FBI (and all government organizations) involves extracting tax from civilians, and this, ultimately is the goal of the mind control apparatus, and the terrorism.

The government is robbing the populace blind for the sake of a big government model that relies on excess taxation to sustain itself.  While the current work is not a case for small government model or the cutting of welfare expenditures, the issue at hand is that senseless spending for the sake of spending, and to merely hand out jobs has run rampant, and there needs to be downsizing, and a re-evaluation of cost-effectiveness.  The money is not being spent on necessary functions if the government has to ‘create terrorists’ so that they can arrest and prosecute, and also justify increased taxation and expansion.  If the government needs to create problems to justify their existence, then the money is not being spent appropriately.  Spending needs to be confined to those areas that produce genuine utility, or yield a pay-off in economic, practical and hedonic value.

The use of violence to extract tax dollars is plainly evident in the 9/11 terrorist attack.  The simple fact is this – the U.S. government slaughtered nearly 3,000 American citizens, all because they wanted to steal your money and raise their own power in relation to the average civilian.  They did this in the most primitive manner possible – they commit an act of violence.  They killed some 3,000 civilians and created a convoluted explanation to conceal the true reality that they were behind it.  They said that terrorism was the cause and claimed that law enforcement and the government needed more power, and of course, more taxation, if the violence was going to stop. 

The reality was that a mere primitive form of oppression was at work: the policing institution killed a whole bunch of civilians and said pay up and we'll stop killing.  They then stole their money and put it in the hands of government officials.  This is not a government that can be trusted with your tax dollars.  The people are being robbed blind.

The same situation applies to the mass shootings.  Once again, the government is doing violence to the people, and are asking for more power, and more tax dollars to feed the policing apparatus.  They want to invade your privacy, and they need more tax dollars for the intelligence agencies to do it.  

Once again, the same primitive pattern of control is being used – the government is killing its own people, and threatening to do it again if we don't subordinate ourselves to the will of the police, and hand over the additional tax dollars, and surrender additional rights.  

It is clear that governments that do these sorts of thing don't have your best interests in mind.  They're trying to exploit their own civilians.

Again, if this is the case, then money is obviously being spent when it does not need to be spent.  The government is victimizing us and they are using the police to do it.  The institution of law enforcement needs to be downsized and more money should be spent protecting us from external threats.  A true estimate of ‘natural crime’ needs to be measured and the tax dollars need to be allocated accordingly. The excess spending on the policing apparatus then needs to be cut.

The same process should apply to other sectors.  Big spending is senseless.  There are numerous members of government that merely collect a paycheck while rendering little in the way of useful services.  We need to be spending on things that produce actual value.  Careful scrutiny and economic cost-benefit analysis needs to be behind every dollar the government chooses to spend.  

Any time it seems money is not yielding a big return on investment then the spending needs to be cut and the workers downsized into a welfare class.

At present, law enforcement creates more problems than they solve, yet always seems to be seen as a necessity even though we are paying them to kill and victimize us.  The excess expenditures on domestic law enforcement need to be cut.  The deliberate creation of crime and terrorism needs to stop, and then we will be able to measure the true need for cops over and above the natural inclinations of man to will the good and behave lawfully in his dealings with others.

Excess spending can also be seen in the welfare sector.  Contrary to conventional belief, however, it is not the welfare recipients that pose the burden to the system.  It is the myriads of people with liberal arts degree’s collecting a 50k salary for performing no useful service when the welfare recipient collects just a fraction of that sum.

An easy way to downsize would be to cut the number of welfare workers as well as their salaries, then subsume them into a welfare class making some 15k cash-value benefits.  That way, an economically efficient welfare class is created that saves money over and above the welfare worker receiving a 50k per year payout for performing no useful function.  The saved tax dollars can then be re-invested in things that create value.

The welfare class then serves as a reserve labor force and everyone gets the benefit of the means of subsistence by downsizing the excess welfare workers performing no useful function.  For the price of 1 welfare worker, 5 people could be housed and fed for the same price.  Again, we need to re-evaluate how we spend and measure cost-benefit appropriately.  

The people do not pay taxes for some people to collect a sizable paycheck from the government -- ‘just because’ -- even though they provide no useful function to society.  The numerous government workers collecting large paychecks for performing low skilled labor with little value are not naturally entitled to more than the welfare recipient who earns far less for performing the same function within the system.

Implications for the Socio-Political and Cultural Order

In addition to extorting tax from the public, the government had other motives for the 9/11 terrorist attacks that led them to plan and carry out the false flag. They had plans to bring the nation to war they needed to fuel for the fire.  They wanted you to hate middle easterners.  They wanted to bring derogatory racial epithets into common parlance with respect to these groups.  The wanted you to enlist in a fury.  They wanted to deceive you as to the purpose of the mission.  They wanted you to think they were doing it because Middle Eastern women are forced to wear rags.  These justifications are pretexts.  The true motives resided elsewhere.

All the deaths on 9/11 could have been spared if Bush simply said – we’re doing it for the oil.  We want to colonize to enrich the mother country.  We want to increase interdependence among nations and push towards a global and unified New World Order.  There was no reason for murder, but the government wanted to create drama.  

In short -- the government wanted to rule from a standpoint of emotion rather than a standpoint of reason.  The government wants you to watch celebrities and other citizen getting murdered by them to terrorize you.  They want to create drama.  They want history to read like a fiction novel.  They want you to live in fear of crime.  

This is why they feed you stories of serial killers they themselves created and stories of cops shooting innocent civilians for no reason, just to intimidate you (all of which were pre-meditated homicides by the way).  The government wants you in fear so that you can be take advantage of, and they can continue violating your rights by spying on you, stigmatizing you unjustly, and exploiting you.

None of the above is necessary, however.  Rather than rely on this overly backwards, emotional, and Romanticized notion that we needed to go on crusades against ‘evil doers,’ (which is why they carried out 9/11) we could have united as a single society and ruled ourselves from a standpoint of rationality.  Rather than deceive ourselves as to our motives, we could have simply said, ‘we’re doing it for the oil and want to increase trade with this region.  These people aren’t playing ball, so we need to invade to get our economic needs as a country met.’  Instead the government slaughtered 3,000 Americans, singled out Bin Laden as a scapegoat, all so they had a good work of fiction to write in the history books.

The government could have offered incentives to people to enlist in the army, and increased and experimented with other marketing strategies, and done it that way.  Instead, they relied on emotion and said – we want to create drama.  We want to create a story.  The government could have gotten on stage, and talked to Americans like they were autonomous citizens that could think from a standpoint of rationality.  They could have appealed to reason to get people to sign up for the military.  Military service is a calling for some sort of people, and in many respects a reasonable personal choice for many Americans given their life circumstances.

Guiding Principles -- a New Set of Values

So the powers that be have failed – they killed people.  We need to downsize government as punishment for their crimes against the public.  That means more power for the people and private markets and less power for the wigs in government.   While there will be planning, the planning needs to be done through a democratic process, and the public needs to be involved in the making of the plans.

There is no need for violence, and society should be structured based on principles of reason.  Free trade, enterprising, hedonism, enjoyment, indulgence, collective exuberance, individual self-actualization, and a high standard of living for all, should become the norm, free of fear, terror and suffering, inflicted by corrupt government officials that sought power so that they could drink from the civilian chalice unpunished and extract benefits from the common citizen.

Of course, there needs to be control.  The question then becomes, who gets control.  The government needs to admit they are controlling history, and openly reveal their plans to the people.  The people then get to collectively decide on the direction of the ship, and the form society will take as we proceed towards the New World Order.  The solution is simple -- more power to the people and the free market, and less power to government is in order.

It is clear from my analysis that the government, particularly law enforcement and the intelligence community, has done nothing but routinely victimize the citizenry with crimes against humanity, and thus deserves a status reduction.  The population thus gets an increase in power in relation to the government.  The government serves the needs of the people.  As of now, the government is acting as though the people are objects for the gratification of public officials.  The people need to be in control.  The people get to decide the form the New World Order will take.

The corruption needs to stop.  It is time we demand change.  Write to congress and other government officials.  Tell them you know they are behind the shootings.  Demand action. Tell them you will not tolerate corruption and misconduct at the hands of law enforcement.

It is time to put a stop to the terror.

Stephen D. Mullet, PhD


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  3. Dude some of this seems legit and some of it looks like paranoia. The only true question I have is, why you? Why would they go through such lengths for you? What makes you so special

    1. Thank you for acknowledging that much of it appears legit. I assure you, however, that ALL of it is legit. The reason you may be reluctant to believe that something as simple as a pattern of numbers in a news article cannot be intentional is because you still have yet to accept that what your 3rd grade teacher told you about reality was a lie. The press is not free in America. The government actively controls the media to manipulate the public. This is the norm not the exception. We're no different that we present the media in Russia, North Korea, or China as working.

    2. As for your second question. You might note that the pattern of stalking me by mirroring the mole patterning seems strange. I was told long ago that they wanted to run a false flag operation where someone proved the government guilty, and this was one of the ways they could think of how to do it. The mole pattern comparison exhibits tend to be the most convincing pieces of evidence, so it makes sense.

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