Avril Lavigne and EMF Weapons

In my first conspiracy blog post, I prove that Kent State football player Jason Bistko was murdered remotely using satellite dish weapons.  I proved the murder by identifying a pattern of conduct attributable to the U.S. government through which a conspiratorial agreement could be inferred.

The markers of conspiracy were evident in Bitsko’s jersey numbers -- #66 and #54 – which had clear symbolic meaning.  In addition to the jersey numbers, Bitsko’s death occurred on 8/20/14, which also had clear symbolic meaning, referring to the Pareto theorem, or ‘80:20’ rule.   The date 8/20 was also significant in that it showed pattern and continuity with the death of Dimebag Darrell (who was born on 8/20/66) and the events in the stalking campaign to which I was victim during my time as a student at Kent State University.

In the current post, I further elaborate on why 8/20 was a significant date for me.  

If you have read my post on Bitsko’s death, you may recall that I mentioned that something significant happened on 8/20/13, the day I moved out of my first apartment in Kent, OH.  This significant event was a so-called ‘electronic bee sting,’ which I eventually discovered was caused with satellite dish (or ‘EMF’) weapons.  The fact that the bee sting was caused by a satellite dish was demonstrated over a course of conduct ranging from August 2013 through August 2015.

The story below recounts the sequence of events involving 8/20, through which the U.S. government communicated, through course of conduct, some of the ways they were able to manipulate behavior using waves from a satellite dish.  By showing me they could manipulate the behavior of animals and small insects, they showed me how these same principles could be applied to manipulate the behavior of humans, including large populations.

Recall that weapons capable of remotely interacting with the organism were pursued as early as the 1960’s in sub-project 119 of MK Ultra, and further, that Kent State University admits to using electronic harassment to retaliate against victims of stalking, sexual assault, and discrimination.  Further, Obama's Presidential Commission on bio-ethics tacitly legitimized the testimony of a large number of different targeted individuals claiming to be victim to electronic harassment using satellite dish weapons.  These weapons are real folks, regardless of what the police and media tell you.

The course of conduct through which the U.S. government demonstrated some of their satellite dish weapons capabilities is described below.

Sequence of Events:

In early to mid August 2013, I experienced a bout of hypochondria, in which I feared that I may have been allergic to bees.  Worried, I asked mother if I should get tested.  My mother said no. 

Approximately 2-3 weeks later, as I was moving out of my apartment complex on 8/20/13, I got stung by a bee nearly directly in the jugular vein – the second bee sting in my life (the first had occurred in early childhood).
I did not develop an allergic reaction to the bee sting, as I had feared, and it appeared the location of the sting was intended to convince me that I had received an injection of bee venom in a location that would send the fluids directly to the brain and surely cause a reaction if I were allergic.

I was dazzled by the synchronicity.  It appeared as though I had just received an ‘allergy test from God.’  It further appeared that God was signaling that he was protecting me by keeping me from harm.

Pattern and Continuity in Mass Media: Avril Lavigne Releases Music Video Referencing Me

On the same day as the bee sting, 8/20/13, Avril Lavigne released a video on YouTube for her song titled ‘Rock N Roll’. 

The song shares the same name as one of my songs from my college rock band which was also named Rock & Roll, a version of which was published on the web as early as 11/24/2009.

The day 8/20 Becomes a Significant Date in the Stalking Campaign

After the miraculous bee sting, from that day on, 8/20 acquired a sort of religious significance for me.  I suspected that the government was somehow responsible for the bee sting, but I found more comfort in the idea that it was an act of God intended to show me he was protecting me. 

Two years later, around 8/20/15, the government confirmed that they indeed caused the bee sting and further revealed the secret about how it was caused (read on).

About three days after moving out of the apartment complex on 8/20/13, and receiving the bee sting, I moved into a new apartment complex in Kent, with the address, 6600 Alpha Drive.  

For the next year in Kent, residing at the 6600 Alpha address, I was tortured with non-stop harassment by the police, who were stalking me with their snitching ring, on apparent command of the U.S. government.

After residing at the 6600 Alpha address for a year, on 8/16/14, nearly one year after the bee sting, I graduated from Kent State with a PhD and returned home planning to pursue litigation against Kent State for subjecting me to 12 years of non-stop violence.

On 8/20/14, about four days after returning home after graduating, I got word on the news of the death of Jason Bitsko.  I immediately noticed that the date of death was 8/20/14, which was exactly one year after the bee sting.  I also noticed the jersey numbers 66 and 54.  Recall that the number 66 showed continuity with my final address in Kent, 6600 Alpha Drive.  Further, the number 54 showed continuity with Bar 145, a nightclub where I was stalked by the police with their snitching system.

Just like with the bee sting on 8/20/13, I was puzzled by the above coincidences evident in the death of Bitsko on 8/20/14.  There were two hypotheses: (1) I had uncovered the workings of God, or (2) the government had caused all the above coincidences.  I suspected it was the government, but once again, my lack of an explanation, as well as my desire to find comfort in the belief in God, led me to continue entertaining the God hypothesis.

Stalking Resumes in Home Town

Now living with my parents again, starting in August 2014, I began to get re-acclimated to my home town.  Soon after arriving home, I noticed that a lot of deer had begun congregating in the neighborhood.  I found the coincidence puzzling, once again, and wondered how all the deer got into the neighborhood.  

Of course, deer are known to carry ticks, which themselves are known to carry Lyme disease.  I made a mental note of the Lyme disease threat and planned to take extra precautions when outside to accommodate.

Strangely, by mid-2015, I noticed in the news that the pop star Avril Lavigne had contracted Lyme disease, which she was reported to have contracted from a tick bite.  I was saddened by her injury, but did not make much of it at the time.

By August 15th 2015, I was closing in on another 8/20, and wondered if there would be another significant event.  Remember that by this point, 8/20 had developed a quasi-religious level of significance for me.

On 8/15/15, I was getting restless at the house, and wanted to go for a walk in the woods in the Cleveland Metro Parks. 

I drove to the Metro Parks, parked in the lot, got out of my car, and walked a short distance into an uncovered field towards the woods.  There were no tree branches over top of me.

After walking about halfway into the field, I suddenly thought of Avril's Lyme disease, got afraid of ticks, and returned to my car. 

I got back into my car and pulled out of the lot. 

When pulling out of the lot, I felt a burning sensation on my side, which I thought must have been a cigarette burn. 

As I felt the burn, I simultaneously saw a deer in terror running frantically down a hill in front of me. 

I looked down at my shirt and was surprised to see a green caterpillar on it where I had felt the burn. 

It seemed impossible for a caterpillar to have gotten there.  I had only gotten out of my car and walked a few yards into an open field that was uncovered by trees.  It is unlikely that the caterpillar climbed up my leg, or somehow got in my car. 

After observing the caterpillar I then pulled up a tight fitting shirt and saw a bee sting.  It was not a cigarette burn, but a bee sting up my tight fitting shirt (both an undershirt and a tight polo).

The bee was in the car on the back window behind me.

I was somehow struck at the same time by both a small green caterpillar (which somehow got on my shirt) and a bee (which somehow got up my shirt)

In awe, I drove around town for a few minutes then returned home. 

In my driveway, as I opened the car door to get out of my car, I looked at the ground at my feet and saw giant ball of bees that appeared to be mating on the ground. 

I quickly tried to photograph the amazing sight on the smart phone but did not have time.  The bees flew away.  Although I could not catch a photograph, the ball of bees looked like this, only far more impressive:

Photo taken from Internet (other bee sting photos and deer photos taken myself)

Notice that the key to getting these photographs taken was the fact that I recalled the fact that Avril had contracted lyme disease and that deer were in the neighborhood, which caused me to return to my car in fear of ticks.  Otherwise, I would have walked through the woods, rather than return to my car, and possibly not snapped the photos.  This illustrates just how sophisticated the behavioral manipulation is in mind control situations.

The Solution:

So how did the government cause all the above phenomena? 

My family communicated the answer through innuendo by hanging the following contraption in our garage around the time the above “bug” phenomena were observed:

The innuendo message was clear: the bee stings were induced using a beam or waves from the satellite dish (or ‘EMF’) weapon in order to draw the bee towards the target of the waves.  

It appears they are able to use satellite dishes to re-create wave frequencies matching the wave frequencies of substances to which the bugs are drawn (as seen in the fly trap), which they can use to induce magnetism.

Months after the second bee sting, the government took credit for the bee stings, and confirmed that the original sting on 8/20/13 was indeed ‘health insurance’ (what I had originally perceived as ‘divine protection’) by sending me an email from healthcare.gov at 8:20 AM.  The email was sent on 12/15/15.

It was around this time in late 2015 that I also learned the meaning of 8/20 from a supermodel, Miranda Kerr, who cited the Pareto Theorem, or 80:20 rule in some of her videos.

Avril Lavigne Victim to Felonious Assault by U.S. Government

And just as the government caused my bee sting, it appears that the government is responsible for the tick bite from which Avril Lavigne contracted Lyme disease. 

Remember that Avril’s song Rock N Roll, an apparent reference to my song Rock & Roll, was released on 8/20/13, the same day I received my initial bee sting when moving out of my first apartment complex in Kent, OH. 

This coincidence, releasing the song that mirrors mine on the same day of the electronic bee sting, suggests a link between Avril and the electronic bee sting, which was later manifested when she reported having contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite in April 2015.  Her electronic tick bite was roughly analogous to my electronic bee stings, in other words.

Significance of the Caterpillar -- An Admission of 'Project Monarch' Trafficking

Now what about the caterpillar that I was struck by on 8/15/15?  Why was I struck by the caterpillar, and what were they attempting to communicate? 

The caterpillar attack appears to have been caused by the same wave-induced satellite dish magnetism.  Further, the fact that they drew the caterpillar all the way up there suggests that these weapons are extremely powerful.

The significance of the caterpillar became evident about 9 months later on 5/10/16, when it appears the government used the weapons to lure a butterfly to my driveway (with the nine month time lapse from  8/15/15  to  5/10/16 being a significant number, suggestive of the gestation time of the human offspring). 

I returned home on 5/10/16 and noticed a butterfly plastered to the driveway with wings spread.  The butterfly laid stationary and appeared to be glued to the driveway so that I could capture a whole bunch of different pictures.  The butterfly appears to be an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

It was not a Monarch butterfly, but quite obviously, the butterfly was a reference to the CIA’s Project Monarch.

The caterpillar on 8/15/15 and the butterfly about 9 months later on 5/10/16, suggested that I was indeed being trafficked in Project Monarch.

A New Crime Solved By Pattern:

Now recall that as we saw in the Bitsko and Menza posts, solving one crime often led to the solving another crime through the uncovering of a pattern or modus operandi.

Recall the bizarre death of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, which occurred shortly after he contracted a rare disease known as necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) from a spider bite.

Since we now know the government can cause bug bites, and we know that they most likely used a tick to assault Avril Lavigne, is it possible that the government caused the spider bite that infected Jeff Hanneman?

It appears quite likely --

First of all, consider the fact that the death involved a strange and unusual affliction, ‘necrotizing fasciitis,’ caused by a spider bite (an unusual way to die). 

Second, consider the absolutely heinous and loathsome nature of the disease – ‘flesh eating bacteria’ – a most horrible way to die.

Third, then consider the band Hanneman played in, the macabre thrash metal band Slayer, that wrote song after song about death and destruction.

Fourth, notice Slayer’s lead singer, Tom Araya’s bass guitar is shaped like a spider, and Hanneman, ironically died of apparent complications from the disease contracted from the spider bite.

So quite obviously there is symbolic significance to this death, which is often a sign that someone is trying to make a point.  This death may not have happened naturally.

The coincidences just keep rolling in – Jeff Hanneman, the writer of metal epic ‘Angel of Death,’ a song about the horrors of Nazi concentration camp scientist Josef Mengele, was murdered in sadistic fashion as punishment for spending all those years glorifying death.

It appears, no doubt, that the government may be responsible for Hanneman’s case of necrotizing fasciitis, just as they appear to be responsible for Avril’s Lyme disease.


The implications of the phenomena with the bugs and animals are profound:

If they can find a wave frequency that attracts bugs then could they not find wave frequencies that attract humans?  Recall the picture of those bees mating.  Could we not send wave frequencies down toward a particular human that induces urges to copulate with that person in individuals in the surrounding area? 

By extension, could they not do the reverse?  Could they not find wave frequencies that repel people from a target?  It appears highly plausible that law enforcement has weapons that can do just that, all so they can violate your rights undetected.

Now imagine you were a business owner and the government decided they wanted to put your establishment under.  They could just have their scientists zero in on the business and create a mushroom cloud of wave frequencies that convinced everyone in radius to avoid your establishment.

Now consider this -- ever notice how those radio waves seem to be ‘everywhere’?  It appears quite plausible that the government could engage in a sort of population control by emitting waves down on the population of an entire city, getting them to think one type of thought, or inducing this affective state or that affective state.  

Consider the Milwaukee Riot on August 13th 2016.  This could have been induced by sending waves down to cause agitation, inducing the riot (in addition to the use of agent provocateurs).  
Quite obviously, this is great power the government has in their hands, and it does not appear that this power is being wielded responsibly.  It is due time that the government openly admit the existence of these weapons, and establish a system for policing their use that provides avenues of redress through the formal judiciary channels for people that have been injured due to their misuse.

‘Till next time.


  1. Help. I'm currently being gangstalked as of 29 June 2018. I was walking to a local deli when I noticed a red car with a license plate of my birth date on it. The car had the darkest tinted windows imaginable and I got suspicious. I started filming them when a woman got out. I looked inside her car when she was away and saw a little girl in the backseat. She got back and told me to stop being a creep. I told her to stop stalking me. When she threatened to call the police I punched her in the face. She started crying and her nose was bleeding. The girl in the car got out and approached her and I shoved her away. When I looked back up a gang of people were around me, fellow gangstalkers that I've seen before. Keep in mind, I live in a small town and was quite shocked to see fellow faces were gangstalkers. I pulled out my taser and tased one guy. I quickly ran to my car and drove home. A few hours pass and I watch the news. It said that there was a warrant out for my arrest. I'm currently posting this while sitting in the safety of my attic. I'm frankly quite scared and don't know what to do. I know the government wants me because I'm too smart and aware of their schemes. Please help. I've been hearing sirens and seeing people walk past my house. Please help me.

    1. Hello, person who posted this comment. My name is Joseph Shahem. I am seeing your comment about two years later. I don't know if you will ever read this, but somehow you will. I can't really help you but I am also being gangstalked. I am in the same boat as you and as Stephen.


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