Celebrity Stalking Vol. 2: The Murder of Skylar Davies

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted last--  

My most recent post, 'False Flag Terror...', published on December 31st 2019, documents most of the significant events in the gang stalking campaign against me spanning the years 2002 through 2018.   It summarizes how I came to discover that the U.S. government routinely practices extrajudicial homicide and false flag terrorism on the civilian population.  

The content in 'False Flag Terror...' traces all the way back to 2002 when I started college and was informed by a university guidance counselor that I had been selected for trafficking in an unspecified government program, right after she coerced me into an extended sexual relationship with a female police informant with a demonstrable threat of false arrest (among other threats). I went on to be brutally harassed and tortured for some 12 years at my university, eventually facing vicious retaliation in mid-2012 by law enforcement after I rejected sexual advances in the workplace from a professor, which were accompanied by weekly death threats against myself and family members.

During the period of retaliation beginning in 2012, I discovered that the program referred to by the guidance counselor in 2002 resembled some combination of the CIA's Project Monarch and Mk Ultra programs (mind control), and that the retaliatory harassment I was facing marked the start of a more intense phase of the mind control program, in which the government began torturing me and initiated a procedure intended to cure me of an unspecified injury they had a female police informant cause me from the years 2007-2011, during an additional sexual relationship in which I was held in slavery against my will for the benefit of another community policing informant.

By early 2018, four years had passed since I graduated college with a PhD, yet I was still seized by the long period of retaliation for rejecting the professor. The police had continued the harassment at my housing locations by having me domestically stalked and abducted by community policing informants residing in the same buildings as myself.  Gainful employment was made impossible, and years of unemployment began racking up.

By this point, it had become clear that I had been blocked from accessing both the legal profession and the courts.  The government had arbitrarily decided I was not someone that was allowed to seek redress for wrongdoing through the court system.  Likewise, all my bureaucratic complaints and police reports were ignored, denied outright, or falsely investigated and dismissed as unfounded, despite my conclusive video evidence proving a pattern of domestic abuse and harassment at my housing locations, including recordings of me being subjected to death threats, physical assaults, noise harassment, forcible confinement and transport, and more.

After exhausting my institutional remedies and seeing that litigation was made impossible, I was given no choice but to exercise my first amendment right to peacefully assemble in attempt to free myself.  I thus turned to social media in order to picket for my release through public exposure of the government's crimes in attempt to compel intervention.  Throughout most of 2018, I was in the process of writing and uploading the initial series of blog posts recounting my experiences being gang stalked and uncovering that the government routinely practices extrajudicial homicide on the civilian population. 

After starting a Twitter account in mid-2018, I found that the mind control program had resumed on social media and that I was being stalked en masse by celebrities, influencers, and other social media personalities on Twitter and elsewhere.  It appears that the bulk of prior events in the gang stalking campaign were all leading up to this point where I began establishing myself as a social media figure exposing government misconduct as part of the targeted individual's movement.  In fact, it had eventually become clear that exposing the government's gang stalking apparatus was exactly what they wanted from me at this point in their program all along.

The Current Post

The current post serves to keep the reader apprised of the events that transpired from January 2019 through mid-2020.  As stated, it was by this point that I had recently begun developing my fledgling web empire exposing government misconduct, and I had become acclimated to getting gang stalked on social media, rubbing elbows with celebrities and other low-level social media personalities on Twitter.

After getting re-patterned into compliance with the mind control program, the year 2019 culminated in a larger stalking ruse through the press involving the celebrities Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish (with Swift having been involved long prior). The stalking situation with Swift and Eilish involved the murder of an Australian Instagram model, Skylar Davies, in December 2019, who was reported to be a ‘superfan’ of Eilish.  About two months later, in February 2020, Swift used the details of the murder to make a veiled death threat at me through the press at the NME Awards in Britain.

Billie Eilish posing with 'superfan' Skylar Davies, the civilian murdered by the U.S. and Australian governments

In the current post, I provide an official summary of the above events:  

I begin by reviewing Taylor Swift's prior pattern of stalking conduct.  I then provide an overview of the social media stalking that occupied the bulk of the year 2019.  I finish by providing a summary of the stalking situation involving Swift and Eilish and the evidence suggesting Skylar Davies was murdered.

Factual Background: Taylor Swift’s Pattern of Stalking Behavior

I had previously established in my initial post “Celebrity Stalking Vol.1: Taylor Swift” that Taylor Swift was a government informant, and that she was under control of the establishment, and that she had been recruited to stalk me throughout the course of performing her work. 

One of the most significant pieces of evidence supporting Swift's involvement in stalking me was her highly publicized BFF relationship with supermodel Karlie Kloss, who is my celebrity doppelganger.  Kloss and I share a physical similarity in the presence of two small freckle-like moles in a similar pattern on the front of our faces.  Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss had a significant friendship from about 2013 to 2018, but eventually had a falling-out.  The falling-out appeared to be because the friendship was fake from the start, and intended to symbolize both parties’ involvement in stalking me.

Why is Karlie Kloss, who symbolizes me, regarded as Taylor's best friend?  Because much of Taylor's success is a reward for her involvement in performing gang stalking and mind control work as part of the government's unlawful racketeering enterprise, and I myself, am one of Taylor's primary gang stalking targets as part of her work for the government.  Her activities (on the apparent others) tend to involve stalking people to compel allegations by them, which the government then fraudulently labels 'delusional' in order to discredit them and seize them unlawfully for psychiatric confinement. 

Another significant piece of evidence confirming Swift’s involvement in stalking me was her former sex partner, Lucas Till, who, like Kloss, features a mole in a similar location to my own.  In this case, Till features one right behind his right jaw line, which is in roughly the same spot as myself (prior to getting it removed in early 2019). 

Lucas Till plays Taylor’s love interest in the ‘You Belong with Me’ video.  Due to the similar mole location, Lucas Till was intended to serve as my proxy as part of a seduction strategy, so that Swift could make indirect professions of love from afar in the video.  One of the ways they confirmed that I specifically was being targeted in the video was by making a reference to the window scene in the movie American Beauty, which starred actress Thora Birch.  The reference to Thora Birch was intended to draw an additional parallel to myself due to the small freckle-like moles on her face.

As a final piece of evidence illustrating Taylor's involvement in gang stalking me, this next exhibit shows the same practice of mirroring the small pattern of moles on my face.  This time, the person used to stalk me by proxy is Nick Jonas, who is the brother of Taylor's ex, 'Joe' Jonas.  Notice Nick Jonas features a similar pattern of small moles on the side of his face as myself.  

The coincidence suggests that 'Joe' Jonas was selected as one of Taylor's boyfriends (who are all pre-planned by the way) because of Nick Jonas's resemblance to me.  But what is being communicated here?  The coincidence is intended to reflect the fact that Taylor's current boyfriend, 'Joe' Alywn (re: 'Joe' Jonas), was intended to resemble my younger brother 'John' in his formative years.  The resemblance is vague and not highly apparent, but is evident mainly in Alwyn's moppy blonde hair, which is similar to my younger brother's hair in his teens and college years. To confirm this interpretation of 'dating the brother', Nick Jonas even appeared on stage with Taylor at one point during her 1989 tour for a performance of his song 'Jealous' (which I was not, but I guess it highlights their intentions).

In sum, Taylor is pretty much always including small but significant gestures in her work to stalk me, but much of it is too subtle to be worth mentioning.  Around Christmas 2019, however, in honor of the Christmas season, Swift became substantially more overt in her stalking, and engaged in some risky targeting that resulted in me accumulating some additional evidence in support of my stalking victimization in the mass media.

Social Media Stalking

As I’ve stated, the government has been trafficking me in an experimental mind control program resembling the CIA's Mk Ultra and Project Monarch Programs.  For the past 6 years, the stated goal has been to cure me of various injuries the government has caused me over the years, most significantly, an injury caused by a female police informant in the year 2007 when I was a university student. 

By early-to-late 2019, I had gradually come to be more reliant on social media (as opposed to the mainstream press) to receive the stalking treatment as part of the mind control program.

The increased reliance on social media began when the FBI induced me to start a Twitter account in mid-2018.  Through Twitter, the government was able to subject me to targeted communications from a vast array of low-level celebrities, models, and social media personalities.

For months, I basked in all the cute gestures and other flirty attention I was receiving through the Twitter news feed, all at the hands of the government’s ‘community policing’ program, which somehow seems to have every celebrity, Instagram model, and other mainstream social media personality under its wings as an informant.

The most common tactic used to signal that a person was being used to stalk me was to have them use a technique known as ‘mirroring’ to get my attention.  One of the most common patterns was to have the person post something that dealt with duality to mirror my green and black duality photo that serves as my website backdrop.  My M.A. thesis also dealt with the topic of duality, and I eventually inadvertently became of sort of symbol for the philosophical system.  The image below is the piece of artwork that is typically referenced.

One of the most common forms of duality symbolism used to target me was the ‘split’ hairdye, as shown in the image below –

Here is another example of duality imagery from Playboy model Khloe Terae, who stalked me with duality face paint on Halloween 2019 -- 

Playboy model, Khloe Terae references Mullet's duality photo in Halloween stalking incident...

Another pattern was to mirror-back my duality image by starkly displaying the colors green and black in the Twitter news-feed to signal that a person was targeting me --

There would often be more subtle signals, such as the presence of a mole alongside the duality imagery (or the green and black colors), that would signal that a person was indeed targeting me.  After getting my attention with the mirroring, I would then be compelled to take a closer look at the post and see that some other veiled message was being communicated, often in the text of the posting.

December 16th 2019: Taylor Swift Makes an Appearance

The process of routinely scanning the news-feeds on social media continued for nearly a year while I took-in the veiled communications as part of the mind control stalking procedure. 

For the time being, the high-level celebrities remained low-key.  There were numerous mid-level 'supermodels' involved in targeting me on Twitter and elsewhere, but Taylor Swift and the other 'mega-stars' toned down the rate and intensity of their stalking. 

All that changed, however, on December 16th 2019, when Taylor Swift made her return for the debut ceremony for her new movie ‘Cats’ -- 

December 16th 2019 was a big day evidence gathering-wise.  I awoke that morning and noticed that an informant involved in targeting me had started a unique Twitter thread dedicated to posting pictures of the duality hair dye above.  

I had been collecting pictures of the duality hair dye (or the ‘split’ hairdo) as they were posted in the news feed, but prior to December 16th 2019, my collection of photos was still rather small.  That changed after the girl's tweet, which raised my stockpile of evidence substantially.

To illustrate, prior to December 16th 2019, my collection of duality hair dye photo’s was comprised of the following –

After December 16th 2019, my collection went to about this size (and still growing) –

As one might imagine, gathering all that evidence made for a busy day, and most of my day was spent taking screenshots of the various postings on social media as I tried to gather as much evidence as possible from the duality hair dye thread. Again, the key here was to find the more distinctive cues alongside the duality hair dye suggesting that I specifically was being targeted (e.g., green and black duality hair dye, or a similar mole pattern alongside the duality hair or the green and black).

As the day was coming to a close, I got my reward for all my hard work.  As I was doing my rounds scanning the news for any stalking from the high-level celebrities, I discovered that Taylor Swift paid tribute to the duality hairdye thread on Twitter with her own piece of ‘duality’ apparel. 

In this case, it was the ‘duality’ dress that she wore at the ‘Cat’s’ premier on December 16th 2019.  The dress was intended to mirror my green and black image. Recall that December 16th 2019 was also the date of the duality hair dye thread on Twitter, which suggests the informant that started the thread was working for the same group of people (i.e., the FBI) that arranged for Taylor to wear the duality dress.

As the reader can see from the image above, Taylor’s dress is clearly a duality dress and features a distinctive 'split' down the center, reflecting the duality concept.

The give-away that the dress is targeting me, however, is the shape of the black section.  The black section of the dress is triangular and appears roughly the same shape as in my photo.  The shape of the black section mirrors the green, triangular section of my duality image.

The dress is no doubt intended to represent the photo.  Try matching-up the triangular sections.  It's a perfect fit.

The reader will also notice that the black section is roughly one-fourth of the total area of the dress.  This proportion also mirrors the green section of my duality image, which is about one-fourth of the total area of the image.

There is no mistaking it, the dress is targeting me specifically.  As they say, the devil is in the details, and in this case, once you observe the above details, it becomes clear that there can be no doubt the dress is targeting me specifically.

Taylor Poses with Pop Star, Billie Eilish

Shortly after I discovered the duality dress from the Cat’s premier, I also noticed that Taylor Swift had performed another significant gesture the week prior. 

On December 12th 2019, Taylor Swift posed with the pop star Billie Eilish at the Billboard Music Awards: Women in Music event. 

The gag is that the 'darker' Billie Eilish is supposed to symbolize me...

Billie Eilish, of course, is distinguished by her distinctive green and black hairdo.  The green and black, of course, mirrors my own green and black duality image, which serves as the backdrop for my website, www.theindividual21.net.

Further confirming I am being targeted with Eilish's hairdo --

Eilish’s green and black hairdo was a recent acquisition at the time of the event.  She is reported to have gotten the hairdo in November 2019.  In addition to being green and black, Eilish’s hairdo was originally reported to be called a ‘Mullet.’  Mullet, of course, is my last name.  The green and black coloring, along with the ‘Mullet’ style, confirms that I, specifically, am being targeted: it’s the Mullet with the green and black.

The plot further thickens -- 

Recall that Taylor wore the duality dress the same day I received all the duality hair dye evidence on social media.  

Billie Eilish herself could also no doubt be considered a duality girl.  She herself is gender ambiguous and dresses in a masculine style reflecting a dualistic mix of masculine and feminine.  She even has a line of ‘unisex’ apparel in her merchandising line, further reflecting the duality concept of both male and female.

In short, there can be no mistaking it.  Billie Eilish has been introduced as a new celebrity in my group of celebrity followers.  

Events Posted on Social Media, Billie Eilish Superfan Winds up Dead

Immediately after discovering the above stalking gestures, I quickly posted the evidence on social media. The post was made on Facebook on early December 17th 2019.  I posted side-by-side comparisons of Taylor’s duality dress and my duality image.  I also posted the photograph of Billie Eilish and Taylor posing together. 

About 9 days after the above social media post, a Billie Eilish ‘superfan’ wound up dead.  The death was for Skylar Davies, and it occurred on December 26th 2019.  I discovered the death when scanning the news the day after. 

The death immediately struck me as linked to the fact that I had just posted the evidence of stalking by Swift and Eilish on my Facebook page some 9 days prior.  The insinuation was that I too was a ‘superfan’ and that Skylar's death was intended to vicariously intimidate me with a death threat for exposing Taylor and Billie's stalking.

I checked the article on Skylar Davies' death and immediately found that I was indeed being stalked with the article -- 

Consistent with the pattern of mirroring my mole feature, the victim, Skylar Davies featured a significant mole under her left eye.

Mullet and Davies featuring respective mole features...

I also noticed that in the months preceding her death, Davies is reported to have done a photo-shoot with Billie Eilish on April 30th 2019.  April 30th happens to be my birthday.

Additionally, the web-page publishing her death contained advertisements featuring duality imagery, mirroring my green and black image.  The presence of the duality imagery again flagged the death as significant.  The ads appear to have been put there by one of my government cyber stalkers.

Her last name, 'Davies’ mirrors my middle name David.  Further, her initials 'SD,' mirrors the first two initials of my full name, the initials of which are SDM.  

The Evidence Points to Homicide

The presence of all the above synchronicities suggests no doubt that the death was a homicide and that I was being stalked with an innuendo death threat through the murder of Skylar Davies.
It is important to note that the death had been planned at least months, but more likely than not, years in advance.  The photo-shoot on April 30th 2019 is the tip-off.  The FBI had arranged to have the photo-shoot done on April 30th to create the synchronicity with my birthday.  They then induced me into posting the dress stalking ruse on social media by simply having me stalked by Swift and Eilish.  They had planned all along to kill Davies afterward (with satellite dish weapons, likely in coordination with the Australian authorities).

There can be no doubt that Skylar Davies was murdered remotely with an electromagnetic weapon.  Remotely induced cardiac arrest is a perfect fit for the facts: Davies is reported to have died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 19 for no apparent reason.  She was reportedly out shopping on 'Boxing Day' and reported feeling dizzy just moments before her death.  There is simply no reason that this girl would have just dropped dead like that in the absence of foul play.

Taylor Returns for NME Awards

Taylor’s pattern of dress stalking continued into the new year.   On February 12, 2020, Taylor yet again wore an outfit referencing duality.  This time it was a black and white outfit at the 2020 NME Awards in Britain.  The stark contrast between black and white signaled the new outfit was indeed intended to symbolize duality, like my green and black image, and like my M.A. thesis.

Taylor Swift featuring two 'duality' outfits in close temporal proximity.  She's really involved with this duality concept.  There must be a reason.

In addition to the fact that she wore another duality outfit, it was clear I was being targeted since the outfit featured similar proportions in its color scheme as the duality dress at the Cats Premiere.  In this case, the outfit was approximately one fourth white, and three fourths black.  Recall that the duality dress at the Cats premiere was approximately one fourth black and three fourths red.

Taylor Makes a Veiled Death Threat

You’ll note that the NME Awards are distinguished in that the awards are shaped like middle-fingers, apparently as commentary on the fact that exceptional talent may evoke envy in others, such that one might be inclined to give that person the middle-finger.

In this case, the effect of Taylor wearing the outfit targeting me, while holding the middle-finger award, seemed to have personal significance, as if she were covertly giving me the middle finger.

Well, the plot thickens --

The night of the NME Awards, Taylor also did some more stalking.

Taylor is reported to have started a new friendship with a man named Billy Bragg who she mingled with at the NME awards.

Billy Bragg featuring a flesh colored mole under his left eye.
The facts suggest that Billy Bragg was another proxy intended to symbolize me, just like Eilish, and just like Lucas Till and Karlie Kloss years prior. 

The first thing you'll notice is that Billy Bragg features a distinctive mole under his left eye, although it is flesh-colored.  This feature matched the pattern of using people with moles as proxies for myself in order to stalk me by innuendo.

You’ll also notice that his last name is ‘Bragg’ -- like the word ‘brag,’ meaning to boast about something.  The insinuation appeared to be that I was ‘bragging’ by posting the evidence of Swift and Eilish stalking me on social media.

And shockingly, you may also notice that  Bragg's mole is in the exact same location as the one featured by Skylar Davies.

Billy Bragg was intended to symbolize both me and Skylar Davies through the presence of the mole under his left eye

As we can see, once again, someone with a mole was introduced to symbolize me and make a targeted communication at me.  In the case of the above stalking situation, a veiled threat to kill me was being made.  Notice Taylor even features a sinister look on her face in the photo with Bragg, in acknowledgement of the fact that she knows what she's doing.

The underlying message of the Bragg stalking ruse was that it was ‘pointless to Bragg’ about being stalked by Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish when we have examples of superfans like Skylar Davies, who were murdered because of their association with the celebrity.  


There can be no doubt that the U.S. government murdered Skylar Davies.  The synchronicities and targeting apparent in the circumstances surrounding her death are too improbable to have occurred by chance.  Further, there can be no doubt that making a death threat at me was one of the government's goals with the murder.

Given the evidence, I can say without a doubt that Taylor Swift is no doubt aware that Skylar was murdered.  Her awareness was clearly implied from her photo-shoot with Billy Bragg.

Not only is Taylor aware that Davies was murdered, we also have cause to be suspicious of Eilish.  As stated, the April 30th photoshoot with Skylar and Billie was on my birthday.  As a result, we thus have reason to suspect that Eilish may have known in advance Skylar would be murdered.

That said, did Taylor and Billie know in advance that Skylar was going to be murdered?  Further, were Swift and Eilish somehow involved in the murder?  What possible motive might the government have had for murdering Davies?

I have previously alleged a practice of promoting perpetrators within social institutions as a reward for surrendering their liberty to the state by handing dirt over to the establishment through the commission of crime.  The celebrity Justin Bieber has spoken of ritualistic murders and other crimes within the music industry and how they are a pre-requisite for the advancement of new recruits in order to ensure their subordination. 

It is plausible that Skylar Davies was one of these ritualistic human sacrifices.  It is likely that she was murdered to strengthen the government's blood pact with Swift and Eilish in order to ensure their subordination to the establishment and to ensure that they do not use their wealth to challenge the status quo.  There can be no doubt that the government has both these parties in their back pocket through involvement in corrupt activity, and that like so many other celebrities, they had to pay a stiff price for the wealth and fame that were given. 

‘Till next time…

Two additional occasions where Swift wore the colors green and black to make reference to my duality photo.  Notice in the case of the dress on the right it is unmistakable.


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